Let’s do this!

1. Xiumin

“ You’re finally home…time to compensate!”

2. Luhan

*waiting for her to unwrap the present he prepared* 

3. Kris

*when the doorbell rings* I’M COMING HONEY!

4. Suho

“Come on, come on! Open all the presents oppa got for you! All of them!

5. Lay

*She will like it, right? She said that’s her favourite group, right? Or was it another one?*

6. Baekhyun

“ I thought you’d be paying more attention to me than the presents….”

7. Chen

“ For the first time you give me somethign I actually like! A Chirstmas miracle, it is!”

8. Chanyeol

“ Where’s my present, baby?”

Y/N: How about we go to the bedroom?

9. D.O

Y/N: Do you like that, oppa?

“ Ugh…yeah…did you knit that yourself? Cause…it’s, uhm, unique.”

10. Tao


11. Kai

“ I missed you, baby. How about I receive a little gift riiiight here?”

12. Sehun

“ Yeah, my girl’s home….wait, that present’s not for me??”

I don’t really know how that turned out, I hope you liked it!

Merry Christmas to you, too!

EXO reaction to meeting a foreign super model in the backstage and finding out she's in love with them

Sorry for the long wait!!! I’ve been overwhelmed with college and stuff as usual, and I forgot I have this pending on my ask box!! Merry Christmas, and hope you like it~!

- Xiumin: *when he sees her* No wonder why she is a super model… Just WOW.

*when she confesses* *screaming internally* Is this one of those hidden camera programs where they joke people?

- Luhan: *when he sees her* Ok, Lu-man, keep calm, she’s just a girl. Even though she looks like a goddess… *nervous*

*when she confesses* Me? You like ME? LUHAN?

- Kris: *when he sees her* *stands at the back while the other members talk to her* *creepy Fan*

*when she confesses* 

- Suho: *when he sees her* *paralyzed* I can’t breathe. Help. She’s too hot.

*when she confesses* *faintly* You what?

- Lay: *when he sees her* *shocked* *staring*

*when she confesses* … Why did your lips stop moving? What did you say? *he got lost staring at her*

- Baekhyun: *when he sees her* Wow, she’s hot… Ok, she’s looking at me. Cute as hell mode on, Baek.

*when she confesses* Wait, wait, wait! What did you just say? *can’t believe his ears*

- Chen: *when he sees her* Well, hey there… How ya doin, gurl? *showing off his guns*

*when she confesses* How can you say you’re already in love with me? We’ve just met. Yes, I was flirting with you, but this is not a Disney movie, you know? *judging* *troll ChenChen*

- Chanyeol: *when he sees her* Breathe, breathe, breathe, oh crap, she’s looking at me. SMILE. KEEP BREATHING.

*when she confesses* Are you sure you’re not mistaking me with some of the boys? *puppyyeol can’t believe it*

- DO: *when he sees her* He-hello… *shy squishysoo*

*when she confesses* Is this the magic of Christmas those idiots always talk about? *oh oh oh is maaagic*

- Tao: *when he sees her* *acts all cool and mighty* So you’re a super model… Tell me more…

*when she confesses* Ok, Tao, keep cool, keep cool, she’s just said she likes you. Nothing more *can’t keep cool*

- Kai: *when he sees her* *shy Jongin appears* Sh-should I say hi… But maybe she’ll think I’m a creep or something… But then she’ll think I’m rude… *doesn’t know what to do*

*when she confesses* Am I dreaming? Did I fall asleep in the bathroom again?

- Sehun: *when he sees her* When they said there would be a super model on the backstage today, I thought she would be Miranda Kerr. She’s pretty, but… *disappointed*

*when she confesses* Still you’re not Miranda Kerr. *still disappointed*

Kris- Merry Christmas


You woke up, feeling excited to spend your day with Kris on his day off on Christmas day, but you were disappointed as you saw the space next to you on your bed, empty. With a heavy heart, you went to the bathroom and brushed your teeth. When you went to the living room, there was a Christmas tree. Surprised, because you hadn’t put it up, you went over and picked up the present that was named for you.

Wear this when I come home. Love you. Kris x

As soon as you read the note, you smiled. You opened the present to see a red, lacy lingerie. You laughed when you saw what was written on the panties. “I’m a Hoe,Hoe,Hoe!” ( I’m sorry this isn’t funny. I made it up and it sucks.)

You went to your bedroom and got changed in them and put a silk dressing gown over it, just incase one of the clingy members (OMG I’M SO SORRY XD) came along with him.

The doorbell rang and you peeped through the spy hole and guess what.

You have to guess XD

Just kidding, you were right. Tao and Baekhyun had came along with Kris, who looked thoroughly pissed but was trying not to show it but Tao and Baekhyun were being oblivious to the fact that it was their day off and Kris wanted to spend it with you.

You opened the door and Kris instantly smiled, knowing what was coming for you two later on. He gave you the flowers he was holding and kissed your forehead, eyes, nose, lips (HAHA TAEYANG. OMG I’M SO SORRY. BACK TO THE SMUT XD ) and one last one on your neck, making the childish ones *cough cough* Tao and Baekhyun gag.

“Hyung, no PDA.” Tao muttered and pushed past into your apartment that you shared with Kris.

“MY POOR VIRGIN EYES!” Baekhyun exclaimed while covering his eyes with his hands and also trying to walk in without slamming into anything.

“Well maybe you should leave then.” Kris muttered under his breath, making you laugh.

“It’s Christmas Kris. Leave the poor babies alone.” You smiled and pulled him inside.

“Do you guys want anything?” You called out to Tao and Baekhyun who had forgotten about the PDA and were now crashing on the couch, watching T.V.

“No thanks.” They both said in sync, without even looking at you, but you walked into the kitchen anyway, with Kris following like a lost puppy (Sorry, I meant dragon.)

You switched the kettle on and Kris lifted you up and placed you on the kitchen counter with ease and started to take your dressing gown off your body when you stopped him.

“Kris, not now. The babies are here.” You kissed his cheeks and got off but Kris lifted you up again.

“I don’t want them here. But I want you. Here. Right now.” He growled and started to devour your lips with his, his hot tongue flicking against yours gently.

Unconsciously, your hands reached down to his manhood, making him groan into the kiss. He broke the kiss and spread your legs open, moved your panties aside while smirking and gave it a kiss before gently licking you. You put your head back and moaned softly, grabbing his blond hair ( CAN I JUST SAY THAT HE IS BACK TO BEING BLONDE AND HE LOOKS SO DAMN HOT) making him even more turned on than he was.

The beep of your kettle made you jump away from each other. You smoothened your gown and made coffee for you and Kris and walked out of the kitchen with Kris looking very uneasy.

You sat down on the couch, next to Tao, and sipped your coffee while Kris was going through his phone while frowning and then smirking.

Then seconds later, Baekhyun’s phone pinged then Tao’s. They both got up in sync and looked at you.

“I have to leave.” Tao started.

“Me too.” Baekhyun said and they both rushed off towards the door.

You looked at Kris in surprise who was smirking evilly and just came towards you while biting his lips.

“Were you the cause of that?” You asked, amused.

“Well, i can’t say no.” He whispered. “Finally, some time alone.” He said and started taking your gown off. “As much as I love you in that, I love you better without it.” Kris smiled and took off your bra, making you blush.

His giant hands were moving in circular motions in your womanhood while he licked your nipples, sending tingles of pleasure down your whole body ( or should i say Jingles cuz y'know it’s Christmas.. and jingle bells…. okay, I won’t do this anymore xD)

He stood up and took his pants off and just entered you, not even waiting for you to adjust to his size, and started thrusting at a steady pace. Your walls clenched around Kris’s manhood as it sent pleasure through your body. You moaned Kris’s name, making him go even faster and make your moans even louder.

“Kris! Darling.. Fuck.. I’m - I’m” You said but got cut off when Kris sucked on your bottom lip. 

“It’s okay baby.” Kris said. His hand rubbed your clit and it made it harder for you to hold back, so instead you came.

And after a few more thrusts, so did Kris.

“Merry Christmas.” Kris smiled and kissed your forehead and you cuddled up against him and closed your eyes and drifting off to sleep.


Kris’s P.O.V~

My phone pinged. It was a message Suho.

You owe me big time. Next Christmas, you’re taking them.