I just finished the first 4 episodes of Because This Is My First Life, and I don’t want to jump the gun here, but it’s gearing up to potentially be one of the best dramas I’ve seen. Here are my first impressions (some potential spoilers):

  • GREAT characters. They’re so specific and so complex and unique and exactly what I crave in a drama. Having both two main characters that are interesting and make me care about them, PLUS side characters that are also complex and interesting and who make me care about them!!! We hit the jackpot here!!
  • The main couple is so different from any I’ve seen in other dramas. They’re allowed to be awkward and flawed, and that’s just going to make it that much more rewarding to watch them grow throughout the story. I love them.
  • Female!!! Friendships!!! I live for them. Ji Ho and her friends are so close and care so much about one another. It’s going to be such a good, stabilizing aspect of this drama, I can’t feel it.
  • Just the focus on the treatment of women in general? Ji Ho’s toxic patriarchal family dynamic comes to mind first. Not to mention how strikingly seriously Ji Ho’s sexual assault was handled while also showing the hypocrisy of how sexual assault is handled in the workplace (I hope we revisit this again in the story). And also how Soo Ji is treated in the workplace by her male coworkers. There’s even more than just these as well, and I can’t stress how refreshing it is to see all this in a drama. 
  • It’s funny!! It’s genuinely funny!!!! The comedic timing is so spot on and it’s due both to how good the writing is and how good the actors are at delivering it. 
  • The Graduate parallels are nice, and it’s not too in your face. I didn’t even really consider them until episode 4 started, but I can totally see it and I love a good parallel, especially one that isn’t often done.
  • It just has that real, lived-in feeling that’s hard for dramas to capture. I’m thinking of like “Fight My Way” type of vibes where the characters just feel so genuine and it just feels right.
  • Kitty is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen in my life. 
  • A NICE soundtrack. This OST is gonna be one of my top favorites. 
  • I just…  love it. I have really really high hopes. This is my favorite type of drama.