“you should have said you understood me”

Let’s talk about 18 episode without ant introduction because we have problems to discuss

things that I’m not okay with:

- Wang So and his behavior

Man, what happened to you? I was okay with him being ruthless and severe but it was part of his character. However, his behavior with Hae Soo is very alarming.

I think he’s completely lost. He thought that he will solve all his problems with being king’s power, he knew that it will be hard but he had no idea that it’s going to destroy him. Somehow, all this stress and pressure started to bring out his darkest side and it’s consuming him. Furthermore, I can see that his fears become stronger as well, he becomes paranoid and impulsive. So has a passionate personality but he’s not hysterical and impulsive person,

The whole situation with Jung killed me. I kind of understand Jung’s exile but not letting him say goodbye to his mother? I thought that So solved his mother issues years ago and accepted that he’s just a woman who gave him birth, nothing more. But he couldn’t help himself from revenge. The scene when he says that he will build a temple, spread rumors that she loved him the most, was creepy as hell (bravo, LJK!) Well, this emotional scar like the one he has on his face will remain forever. I know he is unforgiving but this action was too extreme even or So.

Despite this terrifying scene, SoSoo’s fighting broke my heart because Wang So’s words reminded me again what a traumatized soul he is

And his last words were heartwrenching. He thought she will understand and accept him no matter what as she always did


Gosh, So becoming as cold as an iceberg (our poor ship!)

He gets mad when Soo asked him to let Jung see his mother and says that he won’t forgive her if she helps Jung. Seriously? He forgave her when she broke his trust and he won’t do that if she decides to disobey him and ignore his caprice?

Another thing that bothers me: So is aware how close Hae Soo and Chae Ryung are, he also knows that Chae Ryung is a spy and yet he didn’t tell Hae Soo. Logic? Wang So is smart enough to understand that Chae Ryung death will crush Hae So, he saw with his own eyes what happened with her when Lady Oh was executed, he was there to comfort her and give her support. How he acted this time? He just touched her shoulder and said her to have some sleep. Seriously? Like deal with it, she is a traitor. Real Wang So would never do that, he wouldn’t leave Hae Soo in this poor condition alone with her grief.

- Yeon Hwa

I know that he manipulates (or not? i’m scared) Yeon Hwa and he wants her to lose everything like he did. But his words echoing in my head and it hurts

we can’t ignore parallel with what he said on the festival date

- Hae Soo and her freaking life

Poor soul, what she has done in her past life?

Her dialogue with Ji Mong made me extremely sad, she admits that she waited too long to be happy and she won’t give up so easy. In conversation with Baek Ah for the first time, she says that she loves So

 perfect damn timing

I have only two problems with Soo’s reaction. First of all, girl, why you’re still so idealistic and naive? Why she always forgets that she is in 10th Goryeo?

Another thing, she said that she won’t leave him so many times and still she leaves. Do I blame her? Nope. I would do the same. If So’s character regression continues I will understand her even more. HEARTBREAK

Ah, what a bitter irony that So’s hairpin will help her to leave him.

- Chae Ryung

I’m not okay that show is like: “she has been spying on her friend for years, lying to her almost framed her for crime, but she did that because of love, it’s okay, let’s focus on bad So, it’s all his fault”

To sum it up, I can’t deal with the fact that So who has been through so many hardships has got spoiled by power. How typical and not like him. In 18th episode So I can sense his growing ego which is absolutely unnatural for a selfless and unselfish person as Wang So.

I will just hope that character regression won’t get worse in the next two last (finally, we will be able to live!) episodes

No matter what, I still love our Wolf Prince with all my heart and won’t forget this amazing character, his personality and character development until 18 episode was truly amazing and inspirational. 

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In Hae Soo & Wang So’s defense. There is only so much one can take. Both are in a cut-throat environment where if you don’t change you die. .

I understand Hae Soo wanting to leave the palace. She can’t marry the King and she can’t really stay with him either. She puts up a front and claims she understands, but how long can one stand seeing the person you love with another until you finally break.

In regards to Wang So “changing”. I would say he’s more evolving rather that going through a complete 180. He still is the same person who loves Baek Ah and Hae Soo and is willing to protect them at any cost. He’s adapting to his toxic environment not changing his personality.