CNBLUE Jungshin 'Priorities'

So I have requests to do but I ended up writing a CNBLUE drabble. Uh, oops. I couldn’t help it, I had to after watching this video. Anyway, I’m still new to this drabble stuff so…practice, practice, practice. I know there aren’t many Boice here, but I’m hoping “if I write it they will come”, lol.

To summarize, Jungshin had a drawing of a head which he filled in with words to show viewers what he’s thinking about these days. I decided to give him grief about his ordering.  

You heard the code being entered into the apartment door and knew it could only be one other person. Someone you were a little miffed at to be honest.

Muffled sounds of shoes being arranged in the entry way and sock covered feet padded toward you. Jungshin peered cautiously around the corner, his smile brighter than usual as he tried to gauge your mood.

“Babe, I’m back.” His eyes dimmed slightly as he noted you weren’t getting up to greet him. To cover the awkwardness he bent down to pet Simba who had trotted up to see his daddy.

“Yes, I see.” you said flatly. “I watched your V app broadcast.”

His shoulders sagged a little and his face fell. “I knew it. Are you mad at me about the things on my brain drawing?”

“Yes, I am. I can’t believe-”

Jungshin came over to the couch and sat facing you taking one of your hands in his. “I was worried about that even while I was filling in the picture. I didn’t want you to be hurt, but we’ve talked about this. We’re not ready to go public yet.” He paused, his voice changing from conciliatory to slightly accusing. “I thought you understood that.”

You sighed and squeezed his hand slightly, “I do, you giant dork. You didn’t let me finish. I’m mad about Simba.”

Surprised, Jungshin sat back a little trying to process what you said. “Simba?”

Nodding and raising your eyebrows in disbelief you gestured toward the dog. “Simba ranked ninth?”

“Well I couldn’t put him above the fans or my job.”

“I know that, but behind shopping? Coffee? Really, Jungshin.” The exasperation clear in your voice, Jungshin was at a bit of a loss with how to deal with the situation. You weren’t normally this touchy.

He tried defending himself, “It was more like a stream of consciousness thing, I didn’t plan it. And I was nervous! It was the first broadcast.”

“I know you can’t put him first but he should have at least been third or something.”

“Before the members?” He asked incredulously.

Finally you relented a bit. “Well, maybe just on the days when Jonghyun is being annoying.”

Feeling some of the tension dissipating Jungshin tilted his head to the side, expression curious, he asked seriously. “Were you really that mad about me listing Simba last?”

“Not mad. More…disappointed? Hurt?” You laughed a little self consciously, knowing it sounded ridiculous to be hurt on the dog’s behalf when Simba wasn’t even aware of the slight. “It’s just, you’re so affectionate and loving with Simba but then to see him place so far down in your list makes me think that, I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t mean as much to you as I thought.”

Jungshin gently tucked a wisp of hair behind your ear, saying softly, “Are you sure this is about Simba?”

Looking at your hands clasped with his on your lap you murmured, “I thought it was. Maybe not.”

“You know that if I could be open about us you’d be first every time.”

“Don’t say that. I don’t want that.” Tiredly you ran a hand across your forehead, not sure how you had come to this point. “I’m not trying to compete with your career or your fans or anything else. I know you love me. I guess I just want to believe you’re not throwing your words around lightly.”

He waited for you to make eye contact with him. Once you did he leaned in for a kiss, then backed only centimeters away to whisper, “Not about you. Never about you.”

You nodded your head slightly, acknowledging his oath, and your lips brushed again at your movement. Not needing any more words Jungshin wrapped you in his arms and leaned you back against his chest snuggling you both into the comfortable sofa, enjoying the peace.

“You put your parents after coffee too. I bet you regret showing them how to use that app, huh?” He groaned and dropped his forehead to your shoulder as you laughed.