s:i like him a lot

About Kim Jonghyun

As far as we (the fandom) get to see what mnet wants us to.

I think Kim Jonghyun is an amazing person.

His self eestem must be low tho (he cried yesterday on the broadcast when he saw the #1 was for him). 

As a person with low self-eestem I know that feeling, you never feel like you’re worth of the best, you live by caring and putting others first. You just don’t want anyone to feel as sad/bad as you did or still do at some point.

I hope the show and the value everyone is giving to him makes Jonghyun love himself more. 

Cause he’s pure heart..

Seven reasons to like Avad:

1) He is not like his father. Actually, he is quite the opposite: doesn’t think that a blood shed can solve anything and always try to find another pacific way to unravel the current mess.

2) He is actually a humble Sun King. We see him in his ceremonial outfit just once, and because there are people in line for official hearing and petitions, then he dress like many other Carja, except for that thing that is probably HZD equivalent of a crown and that Itamen himself is wearing in the game. Avad is also kind with everyone, and pretty down to earth, when his status in game is the equivalent of potus in our world.

3) His personal history is sad, hard, but tinged with hope. He lived under Red Raids insanity knowing that his own father was responsible for that madness. He killed his father but just after trying for the last time to convince him to stop. He became 14th sun king and started a long list of good changes in his reign, abolishing slavery and human sacrifices, and promoting peaceful integration with other tribes. He then started a relationship with Ersa, an Oseram woman chief of Vanguards, but couldn’t openly be with her because his role as sun king didn’t permit it. Then he mourned that woman twice but still didn’t killed her murderer when he had the occasion to have revenge and simply hand Dervahl to Oseram tribes for judgment. In the end we know that he welcome his little brother Itamen in Meridian where he is still doing his best to bring peace and establish a good governance.

4) He does a big mistake in game: asking Aloy to stay with him in Meridian just after Ersa’s death Avad brings cringe level to stars. Aloy has three options, kind, brilliant or hard, to bring back sense to the sun king. It’s pretty obvious that Avad is only trying to overcome his loss searching for strenght outside him. This foot in mouth episode is good because it show us two things about Avad that we didn’t know before: he is actually a really very open and sensible dude, and he is really clumsy despite his sun king status. Someone tend to see presumption in his request to Aloy, but I disagree because he actually hopes that she will stay and asks about it, doesn’t simply take for granted Aloy’s desire to stay in Meridian.

5) He is able to apologize and do it twice along the story: first time with Nora tribe and Oseram for past Red Raids, and then directly, face to face, with Aloy. This is such a big thing for me, used to this world where power people often do whatever they want, and men can’t accept a no from a girl without making a fuss.

6) He is different from most of the characters in the game. Where people are always taking their revenge, of talking about pride, or seeking power, he just does his mess of a job using his good sense and promoting peace in every way possible. Erend wanted revenge over Dervahl, Avad justice.

7) He is actually a cinnamon roll. Hugging his soldier in the end, out of joy for Aloy’s victory is such a lovely thing to do.

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Feel free to add your reasons (and no, sorry, I din’t check my grammar and spelling because it’s summer and now I’m going out!)

Level 0: Uta is straight, “bad boy,” sexee man w/ evil personality

Intermediate: Uta is gay, a little twisted but mostly misunderstood & looking for love

Master: Uta is pan & constantly grapples with destructive feelings, trapped between respecting the weight, passion, and beauty of life and saying fuck it bc death and tragedy are everywhere and hedonism is the only way to survive

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cherry is so cuuuute i can'ttttt~!! ♥♥♥


Fun fact about him.. at first I created him as a joke. He was Terry and Chester’s son in an Sci-Fi Alternate Universe. Where Cherry was created from their genetics in a test-tube. He was half werewolf and half vampire.. but when I told this idea to my senpai she screamed that THESE IDIOTS CAN’T HAVE CHILDREN!!!1 But at the end we made him one of our characters. So in canon he’s just a werewolf who run away from home with his best friend to live adventures :DD