s:i like him a lot

Otabek is new bae

Just look at him, we just meet him and we already love him, he is just so pure <3

He looks so lonely

But so cool

and is handsome af

And wants to be friends with Yurio

And he looks so happy with him

And he is polite to other skaters

and hi is clapping for the engagement of Viktor and Yuuri

I just meet him and I love him already waaaaay more than I like JJ, Leo, Guang-Hong, Giorgi and Minami :3

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cherry is so cuuuute i can'ttttt~!! ♥♥♥


Fun fact about him.. at first I created him as a joke. He was Terry and Chester’s son in an Sci-Fi Alternate Universe. Where Cherry was created from their genetics in a test-tube. He was half werewolf and half vampire.. but when I told this idea to my senpai she screamed that THESE IDIOTS CAN’T HAVE CHILDREN!!!1 But at the end we made him one of our characters. So in canon he’s just a werewolf who run away from home with his best friend to live adventures :DD

……I used to feel guilty for talking to him…I don’t anymore,I’m Idk"happy?maybe urs Cus he’s flirting and I’m flirting back.maybe I like the attention
Or that Iike his kisses……
or his touch….
He gives me compliments,it made me feel pretty this morning,we were whispering during class and he sat next to me on purpose……making faces and laughing…..
He made that..face…..then smirked at my face turning soo red…..I haven’t blushed in over a year……
I felt pretty……

I swear I have literally this J*rgen Klopp teacher like we have a good relationship and he likes me and I like him but he’s to me more like a friend or something than a teacher lol. Like I was talking to my friends in the break and then he came from behind and gave this kind of ‘half hug’ you know when you put the arm around someones back. So I just put my arm around his back as well bc I thought it was a friend (who wouldn’t think that?) And then he whispered to me some information that the class will end earlier and I just smiled and thanked him while patting his back LUL