s:i like him a lot

About Kim Jonghyun

As far as we (the fandom) get to see what mnet wants us to.

I think Kim Jonghyun is an amazing person.

His self eestem must be low tho (he cried yesterday on the broadcast when he saw the #1 was for him). 

As a person with low self-eestem I know that feeling, you never feel like you’re worth of the best, you live by caring and putting others first. You just don’t want anyone to feel as sad/bad as you did or still do at some point.

I hope the show and the value everyone is giving to him makes Jonghyun love himself more. 

Cause he’s pure heart..

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cherry is so cuuuute i can'ttttt~!! ♥♥♥


Fun fact about him.. at first I created him as a joke. He was Terry and Chester’s son in an Sci-Fi Alternate Universe. Where Cherry was created from their genetics in a test-tube. He was half werewolf and half vampire.. but when I told this idea to my senpai she screamed that THESE IDIOTS CAN’T HAVE CHILDREN!!!1 But at the end we made him one of our characters. So in canon he’s just a werewolf who run away from home with his best friend to live adventures :DD


♡ 好きな人に、ミスタードーナツに連れて行って貰った。 ♡ 彼は「買ってあげるよ」って言ったそばから、すぐドキドキしてしまいました(笑)もうお金を出すところだったので、やっぱりびっくりしました。(≧▽≦)

Today has sucked, like a lot. I fucked up my nails and had to redo them, I’ve been in an emotional funk all day, and the one place I wanted to eat for lunch had to close early for repairs.


Remembering waking up next to this guy I like a lot and hearing him saying “oh good morning beautiful how did you sleep?” It’s memories like that with him that make me smile for the first time all day.