Oh wow. 


My Thoughts on H&M for Balmain

Balmain x H&M hit stores today, November 5th, at 8AM online and 9AM in stores. Before you tackle someone to the ground for a $199 sequinned dress, read some reviews!

This collection is awfully repetitive of Olivier Rousteing’s last three Fall/Winter collections. Paying anywhere from $40 to $1900 for low quality mimics of seasons’ past’s hand me downs seems a bit outlandish in an industry where everyone is seeking the most cutting-edge and on trend designs. 

Pictured left above are previous Balmain designs which have now been turned into fast fashion imitation pieces (pictured right.) While some of the H&M collab. pieces are a great thought, the price tag is far too high for something people wore 2-3 seasons ago!

Will I probably try to find the Gold-plated multi-strand choker on eBay for a reasonable price? Sure. But will I pay $600 for something someone paid $99 for five minutes ago? No thank you.