I’m honestly so obsessed with Chad and Gabi. I keep saying that I will keep an open mind for Chad and Abby but fuck Chad/Gabi have such amazing chemistry it reminds me of the kind of chemistry all my favorite soap couples have like they sparkle onscreen and I just wanna drown in them. I really hope they develop a fan base so that they have a fighting chance against Chabby because I need it like air at this point lol

Days 1/17/17

Oh, yeah, it’s new Jade’s first show. My expectations are incredibly low.

Carrie & Austin!!!!!!!! This Prague hotel room set is wicked ugly. The wall color is terrible. They look strange standing in it lol.

Lmao @ Austin’s quick recap of their Anna problem.

Dang, Steve, chill out for a second lol. Good thing Marlena is there to talk him off the ledge.

SHAWN!!!!! I wish Shelle had their own story. :(

Hi, Eric. He has a house? Kinda looks like the Ava hotel room set to me? After watching Queen Sugar, I have a new found thirst for GV lmao. I never got the appeal until I watched him on QS tbh. Now? Yum lol.

Oh, thank goodness, Eric called her “Aunt Hope.”

Good lord, this Hope flashback montage is going on for a looooong time.

It is weird seeing Paul with all of these people lol. Not a bad weird, but it’s pretty obvious he’s a stand in for John because DH was injured. Also, it’s delaying Paulson fluffiness haha.

Idk if GG or AP are strong enough actors to play any of the subtext that should exist between Rafe & Austin. We’ll see lol.

Did Kayla get these 2 morons an apartment???? It kinda looks like the loft set? Well, it’s kind of a mash up of the old loft set and the Safe one. I wish they’d bring back the sliding door. I loved that lol. Kay, I love you, but paying the kids’ rent is a terrible idea. Paying for Joey wouldn’t be odd, but paying for Jade? Come on, give the kids jobs, Days! We don’t need to see them work; just say they do lol.

Omg, Ciara lives there too??? Wasn’t she supposed to live with Claire & Theo? Oh, please don’t tell me all 5 of them are living in one apartment.

I spoke too soon! There is tension between Austin & Rafe! It’s not subtexual tho…it’s textual lmao.


Soooo, Jade is back to being a jerk. At least, she has a reason to be a jerk this time? Also, this Jade seems less cartoony in asshat mode than the last one.

How long as Eric been out???? He didn’t call his mother?!?!?? LOL

How long are we giving this apartment situation with these dumb kids? Lol. Why couldn’t they give the loft to Paul? Or Sonny? Or JJ? Or all 3 of them together? I’ve enjoyed the Johnson cousins’ friendship lately. Add Paul and I’d be a very happy girl. :)

Jade’s going to make Joe & Kayla lunch? She’s done being a jerk today, I guess lol.

Joe is still upset he murdered Ava lol. Just wait, honey, your free pass is about to expire.

I think I like that Kayla is encouraging Joe to focus on himself and not only on Jade and his guilt.

Uh oh, Anna shot Steve. Austin: “Where’s Paul? Did she shoot him too?!?” LMAOOOOOOOO. The way he said that line was hilarious.

Rafe: “…guns blazing-”
Anna: “I only had 1 gun.”

Anna shot Steve because it was difficult to aim her gun while holding Tony at the same time LOL IM CRYING

Ew, Eric is sewing up Hope’s wound.

This Anna/Austin/Carrie stuff is freaking priceless. :)

Austin: “I wonder if room service has handcuffs.” Kinky lmao.

Shawn, please convince your little sister to go to school. Putting off college is the opposite of what Hope would want ugh.

Uh oh, the police are knocking on Eric’s door!

Aww, Paul called Kayla to tell her Steve was shot. Anything Paulson-adjacent makes me happy haha.

Ooooh, Rafe found a clue! It’s a key! I wonder what it unlocks! A safety deposit box, perhaps lol.

Not a terrible ep. I actually enjoyed it overall. :) No Deimos and Hope was unconscious for part of it lol. Eric’s back, Anna is hilarious, and CS & BB are super handsome lol. Oh, and a new set! Too bad it’s being wasted on the children lol.


Billy Flynn interview with Social News XYZ filming for the 13000th episode.

Days 1/16/17

Ugh, I really liked Claire before Days made her so annoying lol.

Yay, Justin & Adrienne today! Aww, he brought her food.

Ugh, I really didn’t need to see Deimos’ hissy fit again. Also, how did Andre start this fight? Like seriously? Deimos stole Andre’s property. Kinda twice lol. And he, understandably, wanted it back and Deimos refused, so Andre retaliated. Deimos should blame himself or Eduardo or that creepy Myron dude lol.

Not that I want him to show up, but where is Lucas? Lol. Is this still Adrienne & Lucas’ room?

Days, you really don’t need to try so hard to make Justin & Adrienne cute/sweet. They’re the supercouple in this half-assed triangle; you don’t have to push lol.

Omg, I’m so over vapid Claire.

So, Valerie’s “date” is Kayla lol.

Is Deimos seriously pretending like he has the moral high ground with Chloe? What an asshole.

Can people stop speaking for Sonny? Thanks. It’s weird that he’s even in this scene, so maybe let him speak instead of just awkwardly standing there? Lol.

Wow, Nicole just stood up for Chloe. Fucking finally.

Deimos, stfu. None of this is your business and it certainly isn’t Sonny’s either, so Chloe doesn’t have to tell all of you jack.

Way back when Freddie said he’d shared a scene with pretty much everyone on canvas, I wondered how/why Sonny & Chloe would share a scene. I regret even wondering lol.

I think I like Valerie’s dress lol.

Jfc, Claire, enough with the fucking phone!

I am Chloe right now lol. “Because you threatened to kill someone.” And omg, her “wtf?!” face is perfect lmao.

Chloe didn’t attack you, you fucking loser. Jfc, I hate Deimos. Can someone just murdering him so we can all move on?

Aww, a Broe hug!!!!!! Brady is so relieved she’s okay. I’m literally dying for them to get together. Okay, maybe not literally, but pleeeeeeaaaassseeee, Days!!!!!

Yes, Sonny, take your daughter and leave the house. Good plan. :) Maybe take her to see your mom & dad.

Someone wrote a nasty comment about Theo and Claire on her instagram. :( Disgusting, but it’s an important connection to make with Valerie & David’s history and with their son joining the canvas soon.

Wow, Sonny actually brought Ari to see Adrienne & Justin. Aww, Adrienne kissing her two babies. :)

Wait, are Justin & Lucas taking turns escorting Adrienne to her chemo appts? On one hand, sweet. On the other? Ew. She’s not a baseball card for them to trade back & forth. Sonny: “Well, that was weird.” Agreed lol.

Nicole is seriously not ending their engagement. I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed.

OH, I SEE YOU, DAYS. Deimos promises Nicole that be won’t hurt Andre, so then he goes after Chad thru Abby & Gabi, right? Gross.

YES to Nicole & Brady taking care of Chloe when she passed out. Go away, Deimos.

Yep, I like Valerie giving the kids advice after being in the same situation with David.

Aww, Brady offers to drive Chloe back to the hospital. I’m so easy when in comes to Broe lmao.

Oh yeah, Adrienne runs The Spectator lol. Can we see more of her & Jennifer actually doing that?

Omg, shouldn’t Adrienne get to decide who accompanies her to chemo and when? Jfc, enough with this sexist bullshit.

Deimos, do NOT follow Nicole & Brady to the hospital. No one wants you there and you don’t belong there.

Nancy & Chloe!!!! And Holly lol. Chloe, honey, you have to tell Nicole the truth. You’ll regret it if you don’t and it comes out because you know it will lol.

I appreciate Claire’s apology to Valerie. It was long overdue.

Hey, Nicole, stop making this all about you. It’s obnoxious. Thank you, Brady, for actually taking Chloe’s side.

Brady to Nicole: “Tell her (Chloe) I love her.” I’m flailing like an idiot lmao.

Oh, Adrienne wants Justin to stay with her while she falls asleep. My heart ❤️

Aww, Theo tells Val that he’s “not against” her staying in Salem. So sweet lol.

Ugh, Chloe was so going to tell Nicole the truth before Nicole got that text from Deimos. :/ Is it weird that I feel more sympathy for Chloe?

Brady, if I were you, I would cut ties with Deimos on this baby thing. You do not want to get and stay on Nancy’s bad sides. Yikes lol.

Omg, shut UP, Deimos. You know NOTHING about business, you arrogant asshat. This is why he’s going to fail. He’s a petulant, impulsive jackass. Titan needs a business-savvy, cool-headed Kiriakis in charge. Not the ex-con, who knows squat about Titan or the corporate business world or the DiMera/Kiriakis feud.

Wow, Sonny mentions Abby. The other day she was worried about him and today he’s worried about her. Now if we could only SEE the cousins together lol. I’m probably asking for too much, huh? Lol.