Paul + Sonny || Say You Won’t Let Go

Now THIS could be their song. ❤

Okay, I still haven’t watched Friday’s ep, so correct me if I’m wrong lol. BUT Andre & Eddie’s grand plan to get back at Deimos is to kidnap Sonny? Like…what? Why? Deimos doesn’t care about Sonny or anyone besides himself. Just because Days made him Victor’s heir apparent does NOT mean Deimos IS Victor. It doesn’t mean Deimos cares about the Kiriakis family or that Sonny is his favorite. Now if Andre & Eddie kidnapped Nicole, then maybe Deimos would care, but even then I’m not convinced he cares more for her than the stupidass Orwell device lol.

Days 2/22/17

Marlena, you found Eric! Oh, I’m so happy! :)

Ugh, Rope. :/

Omg, I thought this Hope crap was over. There’s a hearing today. No, thank you.

Why is Andre with Chad when he wakes up???? Where is Abby???

Let’s see how long it takes Chad to mention Thomas or Abby himself. Ten minutes before never sounds about right.

Thank you, Andre, for reminding Chad he has a wife and son. And for knowing/mentioning that Abby saved Chad and Gabi.

The first name Chad says is “Gabi.” Gabi’s first word after waking up? “Arianna.” She may be the freaking worst, but at least she has her priorities a little bit more in order than dumbass Chad.

And I’m fast-forwarding right thru this horrible Chad/Gabi flashback.

Oh, Marlena. She’s so proud of Eric for helping Hope. Omg, the tears in DH’s eyes!

Omg, I hate Rope lmao.

Is Chad so naive as to think the war is over? What an idiot lol.

Omg, Chad, shut up about Hope.

Eddie thinks it would be a problem if Gabi were with Chad. Yeah, me too, but not for the same reasons, I’m sure.

Hi, Justin. I’m sorry you’re forced to deal with Rope lol. At least he’ll get a win today in court.

Are Andre and Melinda Trask on a date? Wtf is happening??? LOL

I’m kind of surprised by how much I’m enjoying these Marlena/Eric scenes. I knew I’d like them, but they’re almost fantastic lol.

Good lord, there is way too much Rope happening today.

While holding a photo of his wife and son, Chad has a flashback to kissing Gabi. He can rot. This is revolting. He should be ashamed of himself. He’s pathetic. Omg I hate Dena for making me hate Chad!

Nice Bo shoutout, Justin. Hope mourned Bo for like 3 1/3 mins tho. She’s been done mourning for a super long time.

31:34. That’s how long it took Chad to mention his son. And it wasn’t about wanting to see him or anything like that. He tells Gabi that Abby left the hospital to take care of him.

I never fast-forward thru whole scenes, but jfc, I don’t need Chad and Gabi to do a play-by-play of their kidnapping for one another. I was there, I don’t have memory loss, I don’t need a recap. WHY DOES SHIT LIKE THIS HAPPEN ONSCREEN???? It is a waste of everyone’s time.

Thank goodness Rafe shows up and interrupts this obnoxious Chad and Gabi scene. I’ve never been happy to see Rafe before this very moment lol.

I’ve said this before, but I sincerely hope Chad ends up all alone. Days is laying is groundwork for Abby & Dario and we already know Gabi gets involved with Eli. And unfortunately, JJ and Lani will apparently get together as well. That leaves no one for Chad. :)

Hope’s free. Big whoop. :/

Marlena to Eric: I will love you until you can love yourself again.

Jfc, why am I watching another Chad and Gabi scene? ENOUGH of them recapping their 2 min kidnapping, please.

Gabi should NOT have to remind Chad of his wife and child. This is GROSS.

I wonder who Marlena called about Eric… :)

Rafe planned a picnic for Hope in murder park. How romantic lol.

Hope is legit crying because Rafe brought her the ingredients for s'mores.

Eddie bringing Ari to see Gabi is literally the only redeeming thing about this storyline’s scenes today.

I hope Chad does tell Abby the truth about everything. And I hope she kicks him to the curb until he gets his shit together and proves that he can be a good father (and husband and man.)