People underestimate Throne of Glass (and literature in general)

Books have affected our lives without us even realizing it.

Right now I am going through a hard time. I feel really lost and I’m in emotional pain. It feels easier to just sit around and cry, if i think about it all at once I feel overwhelmed.

I have a great support system and couldn’t do it without them, don’t get me wrong. But I also have something else that helps, without having realized it until recently.

There has been multiple times that I feel nervous or down, that I remember Aelin. I think about all the crap she went through, stuff way more traumatizing than what I am going through. Yet she, after wading through grief and depression, became someone amazing. She embraced her destiny and fears, accepted her faults and strengths. She used them both to become a queen her country deserves.

Without realizing it, when i feel anxious and scared I think of her. It mights me walk with my head held higher, trying to be a modern queen. It makes me want to walk through this hard time to come out the other side even stronger. I do not want to give up or let it break me.

While obviously Aelin is fictional and that someone actually has had her exact plot line, real people go through the stuff she did. Stuff I have been blessed to not experience. People all over the world are overcoming the most dire situations and life struggles. And its so inspiring and amazing.

So yes, it is just fiction. But the whole series is full of characters who shouldn’t be as strong as they are, they should be broken down and hopeless. Yet instead they rose from being beaten to dust to being queens, kings, princes & princesses, lords and ladies. None of them should have survived, but they chose to. Aelin, Aedion, Rowan, Evangeline, Lysandra, Manon, Elide, Lorcan, Asterin, Fenrys, and i could just go on…

And thats what matters to us. Its what we take away. That when its hard, we can get up. We can cry and grieve, we don’t have to be unfeeling. And that when faced with hopeless odds, when we feel intense pain, we can fight for who we want to become. For our loved ones. For our futures. For ourselves. 

Throne of glass taught me to be a fighter, what did it teach you?

The book that...
  • The book that hurt the most:Assassins Blade.
  • The book I loved the most:Throne of Glass.
  • The book that made me throw the book:Crown of Midnight
  • The book that made me love the author:Heir of Fire
  • The book that made me cackle:Queen of Shadows
  • The book that made me want for more:Empire of Storms.
rowan whitethorn as drunk birb

I have this headcanon that when Rowan gets reeeeaaaally drunk, he shifts into hawk form and does the bird dance

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And also: after Aelin dances with him (because let’s face it she would probably be just as drunk and just as silly) they’d totally just be sitting like this

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Hiii I really love your blog to pieces! So I'm sorta new to this fandom on Tumblr, so i wanna ask if you could recommend several tog and/or ACOTAR blogs that are good from reblogging to edits to art to writing to aesthetics or anything, so long as they're nice and have amazing content, I don't care. Thanks!:)

Oh my gosh there are so many. Here are just some off the top of my head, but i literally follow hundreds. 

@phantomrin @feyresardothien @celaena-lillian-aelin @queen-of-lightning-and-fire @flower-sniffing-wyvern @bookofademigod @aelin-feyre-males @aelingalathynius @fireheart-bitch-queen @rowansaelin @rowan-whitethorns-carranam

Oh my gosh i could keep going. 


Thanks for loving my blog dear :) I love you to pieces! :)

Unpopular opinion time...

I’m not sure I want ToG to be adapted into a TV show??? I mean – don’t get me wrong, please – but what if they screw it up? What if the script writing is terrible? *cough* shadowhunters *cough* What if they choose terrible actors to portray our favorite fae (uhhh, bae??)? What if they change the plot so much? What if they don’t stick to the key elements the book has? I mean… I’m already a little upset the title has been changed from ToG to QoS (kinda spoilery in a way??) UGHH. don’t get me wrong. I’m excited af. But honestly, more nervous than excited…. Any one else who feels the same way?

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