Queen of Shadows: A Summary

Aelin: (ง •̀_•́)ง
Rowan: Aelin no
Aelin: (ง •̀_•́)ง
Rowan: -sighs-
Rowan, Aedion, Lysandra: (ง •̀_•́)ง

Meanwhile in the Spring Court

Tamlin: I’m going to cage Feyre because she betrayed me.
Rhys: *sighs* now, I could say “If you touch her I’ll kill you.” But I won’t since she is more than capable of doing that on her own.
Tamlin: but she’s a female. Females can’t fight-
Feyre: *smashes his ass into the ground and drags his remains into a cage.*
Rhys: don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now listen here fandom

I want Aelin to be pregnant at the beginning of tog 6. I want her to be pregnant and to realise it while in the coffin. I want her to realise this and raise hell, I want her to realise this and burn her way out of her coffin because just encase she was raised in a cage and chains(I.e. the keep but also being horn tied to be queen of terasen) does not mean her child will be.

I want her to burn her way out if the coffin and give Maeve hell. I want the cadre to not even think twice about helping Aelin because they know that not only is she the better queen but because she is Rowans mate and they all think of Rowan as the grumpy father who would do anything for them.

I want her to escape and the cadre to follow her. I want them to hunt down her squad. I want Rowan to find her. I want their reunion scene to be the most heart wrenching thing I can read. I want them to admit that they are mates to each other. I want them to say it over and over again as they kiss and (coughs) have reunion sex. I want Aelin to take his hand and place it on her stomach. I want him to inhale her scent but notice something else mixed with it. I want her to look at him, with a shyness he has never seen her posses. I want him to just look at her and know. I want him to look down at their hands on her stomach and cry. I want him to kiss her, to kiss her stomach. To beg her to tell him she isn’t lying.

I want that baby to be born after they take back the Terresan castle. I want Lysandra and Manon and Elide to be there as her midwives. I want the males all waiting outside the room. Except rowan. I want him with his mate, I want him letting her break his hand in her grasp as she gives birth. I want that child to cry the minute their born and only stop when it sees there parents.

I want that child to be the most loved child. I want Dorian spoiling it and Aedion giving it a blunt knife whenever they leave the castle. I want that child to be the thing that makes the squad always return victorious from battle.

And when the war is won I want that child to grow up and rule Terasen. With its fathers hair and mothers eyes.

I want a happy ending.

I have this headcannon that Rowan’s hair isn’t all beautiful and stylish, because he cut it himself right? I like to imagine that he hacked it off with one of his daggers while on the boat and now it’s all uneven and jagged. I also like to imagine that it really pisses Aelin off and he refuses to let her cut it just to annoy her.


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