What makes people think it’s okay to send this beautiful, sweet, creative, bubbly, welcoming, fabulous woman hate?
What in your damn minds think that’s okay?
Yes, spoilers have gotten out. Yes, it’s okay to discuss them with people who already know as well. Yes it’s okay to be happy, or mad, or excited, or sad about them.
But it will NEVER be okay to send her hate for how she is writing her own books. EVER.
I took those pictures above when I met her. And honestly? I was a believe that human beings couldn’t be perfect, there were too many definitions.
But you know what?
Sarah was, and is.
Hearing about all the hate she is receiving makes me want to cry. It makes me want to stomp up to Sarah and give her a BIG-ass hug. Because THATS what she deserves, not hate.
Sarah had written these books for entertainment. Our entertainment, and to have Aelins story told.
However, she did NOT write it for people to send hate to her.
So let me tell you something, a message to ALL the haters that are sending SJM hate.
You can shove your hateful words up your ass. Go take your hate somewhere else. @sjmaas Send her all the love you give.

But imagine a ToG prequel though: where we get to learn about bastard-born Brannon finding favor with Mala Light-Bringer, and his eventual, frantic escape with and hiding of the Wyrdkeys. The warrior Athril’s fight against the creature in the lake, his fierce loyalty to his dearest friend, and his tragic love for a dark queen who ultimately couldn’t choose him. When Maeve was governed by her greed for power but also torn by her deep affection for the warrior who dared to love her. The first Valg war and how they were contained. Heck it can even be much later: about one Evalin Ashryver, who dared to defy the Fae queen Maeve and ran away with Rhoe Galathynius. Her unexpected, fast friendship with Lady Marion, who in turn loved and was loved by the Lord of Perranth, Cal Lochan, who constantly dirtied up his clothes just to have a reason to seek Marion out–just, I need all these stories, okay Sarah, okay

anonymous asked:

Wait why is Sarah j mass receiving so much hate right now??

Basically everyone is upset about their ships and they don’t want Sarah to mess up their perfect little head cannons. So you probably have noticed in the majority of ya books the main character has a love interest and once said love interest and the main character start dating, they become endgame and nothing can ever break them apart. Though love triangles try to make the romance interesting, it’s almost always obvious who the main character will end up with. However throughout the Throne of Glass series Aelin has been will more than just one or two guys.

Here’s the breakdown:

Assassin’s Blade - Sam Cortland

Throne of Glass - Dorian Havilliard

Crown of Midnight - Chaol Westfall

Heir of Fire - No one

Queen of Shadows - Rowan Whitethorn

Empire of Storms - Rowan(?)

Anyway the majority of people invested a lot of //feelings// and time into Dorian and Aelin, but in Crown of Midnight when Aelin and Chaol became a couple people were outraged because this doesn’t follow the typical ya formula. Like “How on earth can she date Chaol and not have any lingering feelings for Dorian?” or “Doraelin for life!!! She HAS to end up with Dorian because they are meant for each other!”. The same thing happened when Aelin starting dating Rowan and broke up with Chaol. The outrage in the fandom was unbelievable and you wouldn’t believe the shit I still see on my dash of people trying to tear down other people over their personal opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that does not mean they have the right to shit on other people because their opinion differs. 

These fans completely disrespect Sarah’s choices as the AUTHOR of the series. She has invested countless hours and didn’t choose off the top of her head to suddenly have Aelin date someone else. She knows her characters the best and knows that they are dynamic and what they wanted before is not necessary what the want now. ANYWAY this is Aelin’s story about reclaiming her throne, WE ARE NOT READING THE BACHELORETTE! This series has a lot more going for it besides the romance and most people are abandoning this series simply because Aelin isn’t with who they want her to be with. They don’t recognize that  Sarah will do whatever she wants with her characters and her story because THEY ARE HERS TO BEGIN WITH! We are allowed to disagree with the choices she makes as the author, but we have to right to jump in and try and tell her how her story should go.

Plus if people keep straight up dissing Sarah unabashedly, do they really think she will continue writing? Do you think she will enjoy writing when she already knows the backlash she will receive from her “fans”? The answer is no. Finally, if you are the type to send hate and try to ruin something as amazing as this series for other people, please don’t consider yourself a fan because you aren’t.

tldr: Sarah has written a series that completely destroyed the classic “one boy for life” equation that most books in her genre follow and people are upset because they forget that this is Aelin’s story of reclaiming her throne and not The Bachelorette.


I was rereading crown of midnight and I don’t know what Celaena realizes here:

“It all had to be tied together: the king, the magic, Dorian’s power, the Wyrdmarkps, even the creature. The prince went to his bed and hoisted up the mattress, pulling out a concealed book. Not the best hiding place, but a valiant effort. “I’ve been looking through the genealogy charts for Adarlan’s noble families. We’ve hardly had any magic-users in the past few generations.” 

There were so many things she could tell him, but if she did, it would just result in too many questions. So Celaena merely studied the pages he displayed for her, flipping through one after another. 

“Wait,” she said. The puncture wound in her shoulder gave a burst of pain when she lifted her hand to the book. She scanned the page he’d stopped on, her heart pounding as another clue about the king and his plans slipped into place. She let him continue on. 

what does she realize?? what clue about the king and his plans does she figure out? what would be in a genealogy chart for Adarlan’s noble families??? i feel like i’m maybe missing something obvious? 

on shipping

Hey hey hey tog fandom

So its been a stressful day for us. its like, more than a week till eos and the fandom is going crazy so id like to start this off with a quick psa: if all this twitter nonsense has been stressing you out, please. drink a glass of water. grab a snack you like, put on pjs that are comfy, curl up with a book…and take a break from the internet. you deserve it.

Okay so, on to what I actually have to say. so yea I went digging for eos spoilers-which I will not post, because I dont want anyone to be spoiled-and I found out some Things ™. at first I was devestated because a ship I love isnt happening and a ship I dont love is happening. I was in a state of mourning. I felt betrayed and angry and scorned. But you know, after hours of thought and a long chat with some lovely friends of mine…Ive realized some things about shipping.

First of all, to the people on goodreads giving it a one star review: I dont even have words for you. What kind of entitled, arrogant little child do you have to be? Yes, representation is important. Theres a really good post floating around (posted by @nervouswolfdonut, seriously it changed my whole view) asking why everyones so worked up about fictional poc when no ones running to the aid of real life poc. So literally? If you dont agree with the series, dont read it. Let the people who do love it, love it. I promise we arent hurting anyone.

So now…the ships. I learned a lot of important things while doing something today that I thought was completely against all my principles…which is writing fanfic. Dont get me wrong I love fanfic. I admire people who write it. Ive just never been good with it. But recently @maastrash converted me to manonxaelin shipping trash. And yea its a total crack ship, but I thought it was cool and cute, so I started writing some fanfic. However scorned and angry and betrayed I felt earlier just…vanished. I realized that whatever ship I like is alive in my imagination.

I started rereading HOF in the hopes Id warm up to Rowan. And you know what? I actually have. Im kinda ready to enjoy how cute theyll be in EOS. Sure about a year ago I was adamantly, passionately anti-Rowaelin. He makes Aelin happy though, and hes a good character-so why not enjoy it? This is SJMs series, and I will always, ALWAYS respect the decisions she makes. I hope they make her happy, because the person who puts the hard work in, deserves to love the series. SJM doesnt have to write for her fans, and she shouldnt. We’re all lucky enough to share her story with her, which is why Ill always enjoy it, no matter what turns the ships take.

In the wake of all this, I totally plan to flood the eos tag with positivity as Im reading. Jokes, cute moments, all that jazz. Maybe Ill even post my messy fanfic! I hope you guys join me-please bring your dorian as a fine pen jokes, your modern au fanart, and everything else! theres no reason to fight, and Ive decided that if there is, Im not gonna add to the discourse.

My message to everyone is, go out and write horrible fanfic of your fave crack ship. I cant wait to get back to my manonxaelin mess. The ships dont make the story, I promise you. EOS is still gonna be great as long as Aelins the main character. Itll be okay my fellow tog lovers.

Hope everyone has a great day!

It's finally happened....

I finished it Tuesday night after starting it monday afternoon, and Thursday night I finished Crown of Midnight after starting it Thursday morning.
I’ve literally done nothing but read the past two days.
Here is my review of ToG!
So the first thing I want to say is that it didn’t live up to the hype that surrounds the series, of course because it was only the first book, but the characters certainly did.
Celaena is definitely now one of my all-time favorite characters! I just love her sass and I love her deadliness too because its so cool how she has an even balance of both so she’s a good person yet still knows when to be serious, when to be an asshole and when to show off! But I think most of all what I love about her is her self love and that she doesn’t undermine herself, and she doesn’t need confirmation from anyone to tell her that she’s worth it, she already knows. Her character is just so strong and outgoing and different! I wasn’t bored when there were scenes just about her because she’s just so interesting!
The second thing I want to say is that because I knew while reading this book that she’s probs going to end up with Rowan (who I have not yet met in HoF) I couldn’t really enjoy the romance as much and the tension of the love triangle because I know neither Chaol or Dorian were endgame, so that’s also why it didn’t really live up to its name.
Don’t get me wrong. I love this book so much. It was so entertaining, the plot line is different, the direction the story is heading in is going to be so epic, and I seriously can’t wait to read HoF, QoS and EoS when it’s released! Hopefully I’ll be finished by then!
Favorite scenes: Final battle between Celaena and Cain, Celaena vs Riderak, Celaena’s period pains and Chaol’s awkwardness and Dorian’s being a little shit 😂
Ps: If I didn’t know about Rowan I’m 100% team Chaol lol I love Dorian but Chaol is just bae

Crown of Midnight Review
Crown of Midnight really made me saw the epicness of this series. I truly enjoyed from start to finish, I could not put it down whatsoever, it was such a thrilling adventure, but it was also just so heartbreaking to see Celaena as she dealt with Nehemia’s death and how she didn’t want to fight back with the rebels because she was so scared and scarred by the King. Chaol and Celaena’s relationship was also amazing before everything with Nehemia happened, and yet still the character dynamics were my favorite because the thingg with Sarah J Maas is that there’s no bullshit. Dorian doesn’t get pissed off jealous with Chaol, yes Celaena and Dorian’s relationship is a little weird at first but then they really become good friends, its not a classic YA love triangle, and that’s what I love the most about it.
Everything that happens with Archer and Nehemia’s assassination and Chaol’s capture and the kickassery that Celaena does was probably the most enjoyable part of the book because I was literally gripping the pages of my book in anticipation waiting to see what happened next! Sarah is phenomenal at building up climaxes and just stringing you along and diving into the adventure with the characters!
Now, when she reveals that she’s Fae and she’s Aelin Galathynius, I wasn’t shocked because a) I knew it all along and b) I was spoiled, of course, by tumblr 😂 Even if I wasn’t spoiled you could totally guess that from a mile away. Though the Wyrd and the Wyrdkeys and Wyrdmarks and Wyrdgates were confusing I think I’m starting to get a better understanding of them now that CoM explained them a lot better.
All in all, so far CoM is my favorite book, and I’m about to dive into Heir of Fire! I’ll update you with my reading progress every now and then!

So With EoS Coming Out Soon

I wanted to remind everyone that the chat for the SJ Maas Fandom still exists and will be up and running and will be monitored for spoilers. In fact, I’ve actually added a channel specifically for EoS spoilers and if I see spoilers outside of that channel, you get one warning before I decide whether or not to boot you. The app this is through is free and available in your internet browser, but can also be found in the app store and as a download for you pc (I’m unsure about downloading for apple computers however). 

If you’re having trouble signing up (if you’re new) and accessing the chat room, just message me and I’ll see about getting it fixed if possible. 

So just a reminder that a spoiler free zone exists here: https://discord.gg/013Vpd9gvTc4SxNng

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