160209 Lee Jonghyun Instagram & Weibo Updates in Switzerland (Part 3)
[Eng Trans] @cnbluegt:
1) One of my hyungs sent me pics from Milan. We are playing the boasting game since morning. Showoff1
2) #Grindelwald When drinking, beer is a must. Showoff2
3) The infamous instant cup ramen. Showoff3
4) Caught showoff Jung taking a selfie ㅋㅋㅋ
5 & 6) Lake Thun
7) Interlaken
8) The shores of Lake Thun
9) #LakeBrienz Cathedral 
10) Triangle-shaped roofs
[Spanish] @cnbluegt:
1) Uno de mis hyungs me envío fotos de Milán. Estamos jugando el juego de lucirse desde la mañana. Luciendome1
2) #Grindelwald Cuando uno bebe, no debe faltar la cerveza. Luciendome2
3) El famoso ramen instantáneo. Luciendome3
4) Descubrí al presumido Jung tomándose una selfie ㅋㅋㅋ
5 & 6) El lago de Thun
7) Interlaken
8) Las orillas del lago Thun
9) Catedral del lago de Brienz
10) Tejados en forma de triángulo

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CNBLUE  Winter Day

How you spend a winter day with them.

Yonghwa – He’d want to look cool and show off a bit so he’s going to take you snowboarding at a resort. He’d love it if you could keep up with him but if you couldn’t he’d hang back with you on the easy slopes for a while, then take you over to the harder ones to impress you. After a long day and many selcas you two would go to the lodge for an elegant dinner where conversation would be kept light. Finally he’d top off the evening by heading back to the cabin he rented and soak in the outdoor sauna with you as you looked at the stars together under the brisk winter night sky.

Jonghyun – It’d happen on one of those lazy mornings where you wake up late and see it snowed heavily overnight. It wouldn’t be his idea to go outside but if you asked he’d be game. Knowing his competitive nature you think carefully as you pack the snow into a ball while his back is turned. Deciding to wing it you lodge it at his back and run off cackling. He’d volley a few at you but forgo that after a while and come hoist you over his shoulder while you screech and laugh. Worn out after so much horseplay you’d whip up something quick in the kitchen while he tinkered a bit with his guitar. The disjointed notes would drift in and out of melodies until you brought food to distract him.

Minhyuk – It would be the cutest date ever. He’d be so playful out in the powdery snow. The day would consist of snow angels, making a little village of tiny snowmen, lots of scenery pictures (with a few candid ones of you snuck in when you weren’t looking) and belly laughs. Once you had enough of the cold he’d bustle you inside and fix you hot cocoa. Then depending on your mood you could help him cook or you could just keep him company in the kitchen while he did the cooking. After a tasty dinner you’d curl up on the sofa with a blanket for snuggles and catch up on your favorite shows. Minhyuk would be glowing all day as spending time like this with you would be heaven.

Jungshin – Jungshin and you would gather up your dogs and go hiking in the woods. The two of you would laugh as you watched the dogs run like rabbits in the deep snow. Keeping an eye on the frolicking dogs you’d move along at a slower pace but have an easy conversation between the two of you. Lovingly you’d tease him about the size of his feet when you left smaller prints next to his. He’d take mock offense to this and lumber over to you like some sort of Bigfoot, grabbing you he’d attack you with kisses and rub his cold nose on your warm neck under your scarf. Back in town he’d stop at a cafe and get some coffee or cocoa, bringing it back to the car to drink while the puppies whined for a taste.


OMG…you look like an adorable little hamster  o(≧o≦)o

Key & Jungshin ~ M Countdown 160211

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30th golden disc awards ♡ 160121
congrats on your disk bonsang for base!

jonghyun: hello, i’m shinee’s jonghyun. first of all: thank you! i’m used to being on stage with my members so i’m really nervous right now. i’m really bad at memorizing names during thanks to speeches so the members (usually) do it. lee soo man teacher … [other names here], teuk-hyung, thank you. all of sm’s crew. i love you. thank you to our managers. i’ll take this award to my house. thank you. (source: polinachoi)