Hello everyone! I have been selling some old kpop albums that I do not use any longer. Unfortunately, I have grew out of Kpop and now I have many albums laying around. I feel bad just having them sit in a box so I would love to sell them. Selling these will be much help to add to my savings for college. And also, with the holidays around the corner, the money is much needed!

All albums are in near mint condition! All CDs have only been played once and the photbooks flipped through a few times. I will be selling them for either the price I paid for if not less. I will also negotiate if needed, i swear I’m reasonable!

Here are the albums:

  1.  BEAST Fiction and Fact … $10
  2.  WINNER Debut Album …. $14
  3. RE: Blue Jungshin version (no longer in print) … $30
  4. NUEST Face … $10
  5. Super Junior 3rd album … $7
  6. Block B Blockbuster limited edition (flag included! No longer in print) … $50
  7. Block B Welcome to the Block… $10
  8. Block B New Kids on the Block .. $10
  9. BTS O!RUL8,2? … $14
  10. BTS Dark and Wild … $14
  11. SHINee Dream Girl .. $10
  12. SHINee Sherlock (Minho version) … $15
  13. WINNER Limited Edition Album (White Version) … $60

Payment will be through paypal. However, depending on the circumstance, I will be willing to accept concealed cash. I wish i could do shipping for free however, it got way to expensive and i was barelymaking a profit since half the money went to shipping. So i will give you an estimate on the shipping and that will be added to your final pay (this also applies for international customers). Please contact me with any questions,inquiries, or more pictures of the album at brunaparentes@gmail.com

Please get these albums off my hands! All the help is seriously needed. Thank you!

Also be sure to look at my other albums up for sale! Just scroll through my profile!! Thank you!