CNBlue Reaction to when they hear you sing for the first time

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He was in his room, writing some lyrics when he heard someone singing his new song “That girl”. At first, he thought that someone from outside was singing his song. But as he wandered into the kitchen, he realised it was you singing while doing the dishes. He found your singing quite good and would be touched that you chose to sing his song. He would take out his phone and record your voice for some major teasing and blackmail in the future.  

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He thought the melodious voice he heard in his slumber was a fragment of his dream. But he opened his eyes to discover that the voice belonged to you, as you were folding clothes beside his bed while he was sleep. When he turned to face you, you would freeze scared that he had heard your voice, which you weren’t very confident with. “Why’d you stop love? That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard” he’d whisper to you sleepily. 

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“CINDERLLA!!! HONJA DUJI MA, YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY” He panicked when he heard someone scream out his band’s song, scared that some weird stalker fan had entered his apartment. But as he ventured into the living room, he saw that it was you singing, with your headphones blasting Cinderella, while you were mopping the floors. He bit his lip and looked to the floor, embarrassed and giggling a little. He would think to himself “How can one be so bad at singing yet so lovable at the same time?” (that gif is huge but who cares, he’s so quet) 

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You had forgotten that he was sitting at the dining table and began to belt out I’m a loner while you were chopping up some veggies. He would look up shocked to hear your singing voice. He’d come near you and lean against the counter, making you stop. “Wah Jagi, you’re so good. You should do a duet with me!” Happy baby would always pester you to sing for him from that day on. (again this gif is huge. But he’s so adorable, so just allow it :P)

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I’ve been an FNC stan for a while and I’ve gotten so use to their terrible management at this point but with their debut of Honeyst, I’ve finally blown up.

If you’ve been following FNC groups for more than a month you know management is terrible.

They’ve debuted Honeyst, and for what? No promotions have been made and they expect the band to do well?

SF9 has been going at promotions as if they’re a car going downhill with no brakes. A debut with Fanfare in October, promotions for K.O in November, they went to Mama in December, had a “break” in January, came back with Roar in February, had a Japanese debut in March, came back AGAIN in April with Easy Love, went to open for CNBLUE at their Japan concert and performed at KCON Japan for 2 days, and now they’re promoting Watch Out.

N.Flying hasn’t made a comeback since November of 2015. And every time we hear or see from them, there’s no talk of another comeback.

AOA Choa’s on a “break” but that’s just making me even more nervous because that could also mean something else. (Yes, we are all thinking it.)

CNBLUE didn’t have proper promotions for Between Us and the company seems to be pushing them more towards individual activities than band activities.

And don’t even get me started on FTISLAND. There’s a reason why our front man Hongki wants to put a bomb in their own company’s building. They want to make their own label but their company sucks at supporting their own artists so much, FT is sure the company wouldn’t support them.

So I understand all these fansites closing down. They’re tired and angry, as they should be because the group they like are only being used as puppets for money.