can i talk to you guys about this for a second

i’m just a little bit obsessed with this one shot of bucky

so as you know, this is from the scene where bucky’s in the bank vault and he starts to remember who he is. and this, here, is him remembering how they froze him between missions. but can i just????

this shot is so painfully indicative of bucky’s dissociation with his own memories, because he remembers being frozen, but you also see his hand, there, on the left, as though he’s watching it happen from the outside. AND YET his hand, despite being outside the cryochamber, is freezing, too – he doesn’t identify emotionally with what’s happening to him in the memory, but his body remembers what it feels like to be frozen, so he feels like he’s freezing even as he doesn’t quite recognize the person in the chamber as himself.

i just?????? really fucking love this. all that work in maybe a second of screentime. go d

let’s talk about how bucky’s experience maps onto steve’s, how they’re both good men manipulated and constrained by those in power.

certainly, bucky’s manipulation is much more violent, and much more overt, but captain america started out as a propaganda tool. the american government used steve’s body to forward a jingoist war ideology, with little if any regard for his thoughts, beliefs, or well-being. it’s a more insidious version of the same exact problem – and, unlike with bucky, we can’t blame it on the russians. it’s all us.

in catws, the parallel is even more obvious, because we learn that steve and bucky are under orders from two halves of the same organization. bucky is controlled by the shamelessly evil side of the organization, which is why it’s necessary for them to strip him of every ounce of identity, otherwise he’d fight back; steve, though, steve is controlled by the side that claims to be good, and though he disagrees with many of the methods and core philosophies of his superiors, his sense of his own authority is undermined. who is he compared to an entire agency of highly-trained professionals, especially when they learned from his best girl? who is a kid from brooklyn to question them? this isn’t even his century anymore.

the best philosophies in captain america come from individuals, not from organizations. when discourse and dissent gets lost within the collective mind – that’s when the problems arise. (and this is exactly the opposite of what happens in the iron man movies, where one man’s carelessness causes all the trouble, and only when he is beholden to something bigger than himself does he start to do any good. goddammit, i’m so excited to see how these converse relationships – the organization checking the individual, and the individual checking the organization – come into play in civil war. so fucking ready.)