The Blacklist Season 3

Episode 23 : Alexander Kirk: Conclusion

  • Overview: As Reddington and the task force close in on the person responsible for Liz’s death, a shocking betrayal leaves them racing to save one of their own.

Episode 22 : Alexander Kirk (1)
Episode 21 : Susan Hargrave
Episode 20 : The Artax Network
Episode 19 : Cape May
Episode 18 : Mr. Solomon: Conclusion
Episode 17 : Mr. Solomon, Part 1
Episode 16 : The Caretaker
Episode 15 : Drexel
Episode 14 : Lady Ambrosia
Episode 13 : Alistair Pitt
Episode 12 : The Vehm

(at a halloween party)

Bakugou: (dressed as a demon) what the fuck are you supposed to be, Kirishima?

Kirishima: i am a vampire and i will suck your-

Bakugou: dick? 

Kirishima: I WAS GOING TO SAY ‘BLOOD’… but that doesn’t sound bad either…


A peek inside Berlin’s queer club scene before Hitler destroyed it (x)

For Germany’s gay men and lesbians, though, Berlin represented promise. Its gay scenes offered exciting places to hunt for love and happiness. Christopher Isherwood, whose short stories based on his stay in Berlin eventually became the basis for the 1972 film Cabaret, with Liza Minnelli, put it simply enough: “Berlin meant boys.”

when the ace side of the discourse constantly makes fun of jewish people on this side for feeling unsafe and uncomfortable ❤

when the ace side of the discourse writes countless posts like “oh you probably think this is antisemitic too right??” and “#justaphobethings thinking everything is antisemitism” ❤

when the ace side of the discourse thinks that just because jewish people on their side say something is okay that should mean jewish people on this side aren’t allowed to be offended ❤

when the ace side of the discourse makes it plain and clear that they don’t care about jewish people who disagree with them about unrelated topics ❤