Masterpost: Louis talking about Eleanor for the midia.

This is the times that Louis talked about Eleanor at Magazines, interviews, red carpets, etc; There’s a lot more but some of them doesn’t have anything is special, it’s just like ‘yes i have a girlfriend, Eleanor.’ so I just put the ones that I thought it was cool to share ;)

PS: If there’s any mistakes or if you know any other interview, please send to me!

↳ August 4th, 2011 on Alan Carr program.

I: You’re going out with your girlfriend still? L: Yeah, yeah. I: How is it going? Is it nice? L: Yeah, it’s really good, really good!

↳ October 7th 2011 at One Direction have breakfast with Chris Moyle.

Int: Who’s single?

Louis: I’m kinda seeing someone I love but…

Int: You’re either with her or not

Louis: Okay, I’m with her, I’m with her.

↳ I: Eleanor went to Toronto with you, did you have fun? What you guys do? L: Yeah, we went to, we all (refering about 1d boys)went to Niagara Falls which was amazing. Yeah, she’s been here for like a week now. It’s been nice.

↳ June 5th, 2012 for Hollywood Life.

“If your heart’s in it, then you’re not gonna mess about.(…) But at the end of the day, I am happy and Eleanor is happy, so there’s not really that much more that matters.” 

↳ Between August/September of 2012 for Seventeen Magazine.

“I can’t really cook, but the first dish I ever made was for my girlfriend, Eleanor. I made chicken breast wrapped in ham, homemade mashed potatoes, and gravy.” 

↳ September 28th, 2012.

I: Zayn and Louis, how worried were your girlfriends about you going all across America? Were they worried? L: I think when you’re in this situation that we are is important that you have trust on the relationship.

↳ October 10th 2012 for Sugarscape.

“Aside from the fact that she’s hot, she had everything that I waslooking for, she’s funny, loud and confident. (…) I’m not the type of guy who enjoys being single. I told her I loved her after five months.I didn’t just wake up one day and think I was in love - I knew it in my heart.

↳ October 23rd, 2012 for Key103 Radio.

I: And Louis you’ve been hanging out with a girl… L: Everyone knows it, yeah I: Eleanor! You’re going out with a girl she’s from Manchester, do you get the chance of seeing her today? L: Yeah, sort of. She’s coming down later…


↳  November 9th, 2012 at XFactor final Red Carpet.

"I: Your next single is Kiss You, who’s on your new’s eve kiss list?

L: My girlfriend.”

↳ December, 2012 at a Radio Interview.

L: I can’t believe almost 1 million people follow eleanor (on twitter), they love her! (…) I think is great! I think it was probably thought at first taking up such a big commitment, but she hands on it great and yeah, we’re really really happy together. IWere you with her before or…? L: No, I wasn’t actually. I met Eleanor six months before we started going out… Maybe longer, maybe like 9 months before we started going out. I: She’s just a normal girl right? L: Yeah, she goes to Uni in Manchester. I: Does she get people coming to her on streets or… L: Anh, yeah I mean, it’s not extreme. But, for example, if she goed to a One Direction gig then people recognize her and that kind of thing, but it’s cool. She’s not a shy person but on that situation she’s a bit shy. 

↳February 15th, 2013 for Sugarscape.

I: Would the couple could get married? It’s hard to say this early on. I’m still young! But I am incredibly happy at the moment,” (…)“It hasn’t been easy, but we both know the commitments I have and that she has with her university course. It works well.” (…) “We both trust each other. I spend a lot of time out of the country on tour and she often flies out, so I see her a lot.” (…) ’'I think the key to a good relationship is being best friends too. I spend more time with her and the band than I do with anyone else.“ (…) ’'Maybe sometimes she might think it’s a little tough but the good thing is we met each other when I was in the band, so it’s all she’s ever known really," 

↳ February 17th, 2013 at Topshop Fashion Show.

I: And do you, with any of your friends, ever been to a fashion show before you got into One Direction? L: I came with my girlfriend today, it was very exciting coming down here. (…) I: And where’s your girlfriend? L: Anh… I don’t know.

↳August 17th, 2013 for Fabulous Magazine.

“Not many days have to go by before I really start missing her.” (…) “I sometimes worry that she might want to go and find a boyfriend who’s there every day.” 

↳August 22nd, 2013 for Sugarscape. 

"Things really bother me when they upset my family or Eleanor. I think I’m quite thick-skinned but if you’re going to do or say that, f*** you. (…) "She gets pretty intimidated by it all. I mean, who wouldn’t? She can’t have Twitter or anything like that. I can’t expect her to deal with some of the stuff so easily. But I couldn’t be happier with her." 

↳ August 30th, 2013 for Elle Magazine at This Is Us interviews.

I: What’s the craziest fan experience you guys had? L: Yeah, I think I told some of you. When I was in Vegas, I was just there, just chillin’, me and Eleanor, the door knocked so I open the door, just with my boxers and yeah, there was this girl there and she just stood there, just shaking and crying and I was like 'WOW, what’s going on???’ And I… close the door and run away. 

↳ November 2013, for Seventeen Magazine. 

"Every night before go sleep I always talk to my girlfriend, Eleanor." 

↳November 15th, 2013 for NJR Radio.

I: What was the last expensive thing that you bought just for yourself? L: It’s pretty embarassing but I bought a full Iron Man costume. I: Why did you buy that? L: Yeah, that’s exactly what my girlfriend said. Because it’s cool. It lights up! I: Are you putting on before sex or what? L:  Well, to be honest, I though about it but I thought it was too much.

↳ November 26th, 2013 for E! Magazine.

"I: For your girlfriend specifically, how does she handle your die heart One Direction fans when they see her, when they tweet her, in concerts? L: Yeah, it’s tough to deal but she’s a great girl and she gets it so." Louis for E! Magazine on November 26th 2013.

to be continued…


self #2 what a night

내가 어질고 바르다고 말하지는 않겠다. 어쩌면 그 마음이 나를 이 나락 속에 빠뜨린 것은 아니었는지 모르겠다. 내 꿈은 어디 갔나? 가슴이 벅차 잠 못 들던 그 날들은 정녕 꿈이었나?   

정약용, 한밤중에 잠깨어