NYC is officially under a Blizzard warning until Wednesday

All my shows up until Thursday afternoon have already been cancelled (or at least we have the warning that they will be.) My final week as Elphaba and I’ll be stuck at home for most of it. Not to self: stock up on chocolate and peanut butter. If we’re going to be trapped in the apartment for three days, we’re going to need it.

First Step || Puckleberry

10 months that’s how old their little girl was. Rachel could hardly believe how fast Caroline had grown, some nights while she watched the baby sleep she wished she would grow up slowly so she could enjoy her as a baby much more. In this last four months lost had change, her and Noah had been adapting better to her schedules, they were both doing great at school and at work, Rachel’s boss had started to let her audition to other productions but was still set on having her as a lead on his secret project, but he had still not told her what show was that since it was not yet completed in negotiations. Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Danny were happy and they still help take care of Caroline and doted on her. The baby had even made a friend at the NYADA daycare center and it turned out the baby’s mother was a dancer that had become good friend with Rachel and Puck. 

December was going to be hectic for them, not only was their first holiday together with Caroline but also their families were coming to celebrate Hanukkah with them, and since this year the last day of Hanukkah coincided with Christmas Eve, they decided that their friends would join them for dinner and they will all celebrate Chrismukkah and watch Caroline tear into her presents (which Noah and Rachel were sure will be an exaggerate amount with both sets of grandparents and godparents there), so Rachel had been glad when her boss told her she could take a break since December 15th - 27th and from 30th to January 4th. On top of having to prepare for all the cooking for the holidays, Rachel and Noah were now in alert since Caroline began crawling weeks ago and was lately trying her hardest to stand up on her own holding on to anything she could grab on, and apparently the Christmas Tree has a magnet for the baby, so much that the couple decided to take off all the lights from the bottom part of it, since the second day after they put it on Caroline had crawled her way to it and held on to the branch and tried to get up, luckily Noah was there to get her before she pulled the lights. They had been careful and picked spheres and others ornaments that were made of cloth or soft materials that Caroline could grab safely. Today was the sixth day of Hanukkah, the first 5 days had been amazing, the daddies Berry and Maria and Sarah had been all over Caroline playing with her, taking her out to the city and buying her things. Caroline’s babbles were getting more clear and she seemed to have complete conversations with everyone in her own language, but she learned to bark like a dog and muu like a cow so the grandparents were over the moon. 

Malibu Dates

Noah knew he had told Rachel the night before that he had work that morning but the truth was, he didn’t. Instead, he was planning a day at the beach up in Malibu since the sun was shining and he knew it was going to be the perfect day for it.

After getting up that morning, he grabbed one of Rachel’s bags and packed two towels, a beach blanket and a few bottles of water and some snacks before he had a shower and quickly ate one of the muffins Rachel had made.

He waited until about 10am for Rachel to wake up but when she wasn’t up by then, he ended up down the hallway and sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing her small baby bump. “Rach….” He whispered as he tried to wake her.

Happy Birthday, Love || Puckleberry

After breakfast, Rachel got a shower and gave Caroline her bath, getting both of them ready. She dressed in jeans and a casual t shirt, with some flats. She had previously left her and Caroline’s outfits at Kurt’s along with everything she would need for dinner. She kissed Noah goodbye, making sure not to congratulate him, as if she didn’t remember the day, got the baby on her stroller and went out. 

When she arrived at the loft, Kurt, Blaine (who was visiting), Santana and Dani, along with Elliot were already there and ready to help. They set Caroline on her bouncy chair on the kitchen table and began making all the food. previously on the week, Rachel had called all of Noah’s friends from work and school and they were all confirmed for tonight. Her gift to Noah was wrapped and safely kept on Kurt’s drawer, and Eliot had his car downstairs ready to take everything back to her house. Rach was going to make Noah’s favorite food, Baked Ziti with Goulash and Apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

Once all the food was done, she changed into the dress she had picked for the night. It was a red dress, with a heart shape neckline, strapless, that fitted her every curve flawlessly, accentuating her breasts and ass, it was mid tight length. She was going to pair it with black high heels,  and she let her hair fall down her back in soft curls on the ends. Her make up was natural, but with accent on her eyes. She dressed Caroline in the cutest little pink dress, with white neck and a matching head band, with some little white socks and pink shoes. They both look adorable. Around 4 pm Carole and Burt came over to help, she texted Finn at 5 so he could take Noah out and once he texted her that they were out, they all went back to the house and got everything settled and decorated. At 6 everyone was at the Puckerman’s house, and they were waiting on Noah to come back at any moment. 

New Day, New Beginnings

The day after everything happened, Noah was up early. It wasn’t that he couldn’t sleep because if he were honest, he could have spent a few more hours in bed but he had plans. He had plans on making today special for Rachel.

He started the day with a shower and got dressed into some clothes before he left a note on the table for Rachel.

‘Morning beautiful!

I’ve just stepped out for an hour or two but will be back around 11am to pick you up.

Love Noah.’

The note didn’t exactly say where he was gone but he figured Rachel might guess since she had told him what she wanted to do the day before. And just liked planned, he had picked up some balloons that were filled with Helium and even organized a yummy picnic lunch with their own picnic basket.

When he had everything, Noah made his way back to Rachel’s apartment in hopes she was awake as he had no other way to get in.