s: zouis

[In a queue at Starbucks]

Harry: *walks up to Zayn and grabs his hand* This line is crazy.

Zayn: Uh…Harry…

Harry: *looks at Zayn* You’re not my boyfriend.

Louis: You’re holding the wrong hand, Harry.

Harry: You sure?

Zayn & Louis: *nodding*

Harry: I feel compelled to finish this Starbucks experience with you.

Zayn: I’m not paying for you.

Harry: Nevermind, I’m going back to my boyfriend.

Louis: I’m not paying for you either.

Niall: *at the front of the line* Come hold my hand, man. I’ll buy you anything you want.

Harry: *goes to hold Niall’s hand* At least somebody cares about me.

In honor of March 25 and the last few days of ot5, i’d like to remind everyone of how much nourriam loves Zayn. 

Leaving a space for Zayn and his mic set when singing 

Liam and Louis making sure nobody takes Zayn’s spot

Liam hinting at what’s to come or just missing Zayn…

Harry’s double ponytail resembling Zayn’s 

Liam making sure everyone knows that ot5 is fine, Liam taking a picture of a Zayn fan sign and Harry reacting to a picture of Zayn 


Lilo discussing how much Liam loves his Yorkshire boys [Louis and Zayn]


Louis autograph to a fan regarding Zayn on March 22, 2015

Leaving a space for Zayn for their first music video without him

Finally, Zayn’s smile during otra…

yall mind if i cry over zouis a bit

look how fucking happy they were 

two bros chilling outside 1 feet apart coz they are real bros

he was deadass holding his ass?!??!

watching something together :(

the saga continues 

bitching at someone together with matching glasses 

relatable zayn

two hedgehogs :(

sO fetus

still relatable zayn 

with a fan :( 


matching without having any matching clothes just bc they both are fit and beautiful

all credits go to  @ rarelouispics on twitter while im going to bathroom to cry