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  • a candle
  • the piece of jewelry you’ve picked out

Cleanse and purify your jewelry, hold it over the flame of the candle, not too close to burn it though or to burn yourself lol. You can kinda swing it around a little bit over the flame and if you’d like you can place some protective crystals around the candle.

While holding it over the flame chant:

“Fire I hold dear in heart

bless this pendant with protection

turn away eyes that seek to harm me

to them make me 

as invisible as I can be

bury any spells casted upon me

in the earth I love dearly

protect me at all times,

protect me at all cost,

turn any harmful energies near me, into dust”

Runes on the Cheap

There are many different options when it comes to cheap versions of runes, depending on your preferred element you can create a set of runes

Carve the runes into chunks of wax
Burn or draw them onto wood
Write them onto paper using charcoal from a fire (this one wont last very long)

Draw them onto Stones collected from the ocean/river (preferably running water, lake will do, but be sure to cleanse the stones first)
Write them onto shells 

Write them onto stones
draw them onto empty snail shells
draw/carve them into tree roots (please only dead trees)

Carve/write them onto bones
Write them onto clear/semitransparent crystals (cleanse with smoke)
Write them on stones/wood pieces with holes in the center. 
write them onto small bells 

If however you are a close witch I have a very simple and easily hidden method of doing reading save and print the following image 

Once this spread is printed place the index finger of you dominant hand on the 21 in the top left corner, run your finger in a spiral over all the numbers, once you end up somewhere in the middle repeat this twice more (for a total of three times) now close you eyes and take you non-dominate hand, place your fingertips onto the chart, open your eyes and record any numbered squares that your fingertips have landed squarely inside off (if your fingertips are on a line do not include this number, if your fingertips are not on any numbers repeat the sequence) 


Start by finding your zodiac element, the meanings relate to your element
Air:  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth:  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Water:  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

1 - Feoh 
Very positive expectation, wishes will come true
Fire Positive business ventures, increase in stability
Earth Great success, fulfillment 
Water life improvement, new interests. spiritual reveal
2- Ur
Air Opportunities Galore. A fortunate stretch of time
Fire Don’t stop now, advance, trust your intuition
Earth Extreme caution, think before action, hold back
Water  Surprise visitor, contract from across water
Air Patience is called for, take no unnecessary risks
Fire Reconsider all ventures. beware of exploitation 
Earth Seek harmony, take no chances, negotiate
Water   No luck, no risks. Take care. Act with caution 
4- Os
Air Good fortune ahead. surprise lucky encounters
Fire Co-operate with others. seek and listen to advise
Earth It is time to think long-term now. consider your responsibilities 
Water Seek help from those who understand your motives 
Air Keep your sense of humor. don’t be to serious 
Fire Slow and steady. avoid quick decisions
Earth Slow and steady. Welcome surprised but now is not the time to take chances
Water Be discreet. hold back without appearing arrogant
6- Cen
Air Help is on the way. you will gain materially
Fire Good things are ahead, be prepared to recognize when they come
Earth Life will improve, energy improves. time to grow strong
Water Prepare to exploit the advantages which are appearing at the present time
7- Gifu
Air Seek the company of others, avoid solitude 
Fire Wishes will be fulfilled. desires will be satisfied 
Earth Keep forging ahead. Increase your effort. put in more
Water Look for others to guide and enlighten you now
8- Wyn
Air Fortune and happiness ahead
Fire Seek advice. trust your friends
Earth Be satisfied with what is your own. do not desire more, don’t envy others
Water Be happy to help others, even if there is no advantage to you
Air Your life is influenced by powerful currents
Fire Watch out. be cautious
Earth Caution, take small steps.
Water Caution, be extremely careful 
10- Nawt
Air Prepare for a hard task. much energy is requires
Fire No easy time ahead. patience and confidence 
Earth Think be acting. prudence and patience 
Water Difficulties are approaching, remain steady, success will come 
11- Is
Air be cautious now. danger surrounds yous
Fire Great caution, danger is around you now
Earth Be prepared for disappointment and a tense time
Water Difficult times, be patient. things will improve
12- Yer
Air Remain calm and serious. avoid conflict 
Fire confront reality, don’t run from the problems
Earth Steady and calm. no time to quarrel or experiment 
Water Calm and steady now, don’t show your raw emotions
13- Yr
Air avoid conflict, remain calm and controlled 
Fire confront your adversities, face your problems
Earth remain cool, stay calm, act with clarity
Water don’t reveal your inner thoughts, stay calm
14- Peorth
Air a lucky surprise lies ahead
Fire your cant trust everybody, think before you speak 
Earth be circumspect. expect some trouble take care
Water Avoid risks, don’t take chances or gamble 
15- Akzi
Air Think things through calmly, make a definite decision
Fire Enjoy your friends. be extrovert and inviting 
Earth watch your dealings, look out for cheats, you are vulnerable 
Water Things are going your way. expand 
16- Sig
Air Tune to relax a bit. regenerate your energy
Fire don’t be provoked, stay calm and consider
Earth weigh all aspects. consider all matters. stay cool and calm
Water  Take small steps. a good time for moderate advances
17- Tiw
Air Now is the time for action, delay will bring misfortune
Fire A time for renewal, change or suffer
Earth Have courage, speak your min. show your feelings
Water Invite change, reject the old, new ways bring fortune
18- Birca
Air Good family news ahead
Fire Watch over every detail and all will go well
Earth Pushing too hard at present will bring disadvantages
Water Take it easy , consider the long-term future
19- Eoh
Air Not all things arr material, consider spiritual possibilities
Fire don’t show your raw emotions, keep to yourself for the time being
Earth expect the arrival of someone who will help you
Water   Consider all option before acting with courage
20- Man
Air Others will provoke you. you must stay un-involved
Fire Treasure your relationships they will deepen and last.
Earth If you push yourself too hard you will probably fail
Water Not all your friends are sincere. watch out
Air Not all solutions are obvious. look for what may be hidden
Fire The past is dead and gone. consider the future
Earth Mediate on your subconscious fears and desires
Water If you thing you understand all that is happening, think again
22- Ing
Air Be flexible and tolerant, listen there are many views
Fire Consider the need of others, selfishness will lead to misfortune
Earth Your have to change, or you will fail in your enterprise
Water Your destiny now lies in the hands of others
23- Odal
Air Your home comes first, you must not be selfish at this time
Fire To build a home takes time, persist with patience
Earth Persist with energy. other depend on your wisdom
Water Now you have to let go. take a risk, it will bring success
24- Dag
Air Today hold back on action, contemplate and meditate
Fire Wait for tomorrow and all will fall into place
Earth every minute offers opportunity, don’t miss out
Water Today is the day to act. this minute is the time to start

Healing With Water

When you get a cold or flu, or someone you know does or gets hurt, you can help with super simple magic, that’s also very effective.

Take a bowl of water, a red water based marker or pen, some salt, and a piece of paper. A sprig of Rosemary, if you want to strengthen it.

Take the water, and sprinkle a teeny bit of salt in it, and consecrate it simply. Take the paper, write your name (or whoever’s sick or hurt), and the illness or injury. Hold it in your power hand, without folding it. Ask your Deity, the Universe, or your healing devas or spirits to notice you, and to bring about healing and wellness. Really visualize the outcome — wellness, health, and being completely healed.

Once you have visualized this, and feel the magic flowing into the paper, place it in the water, and ask that it wash away the illness or injury, and the ink will wash away, just like the ailment.

On another note, water is the element of healing, and the waters of the West are often called upon to heal.

The 8 Sabbats

SAMHAIN: October 31st, the beginning and therefore the end of the pagan new year. The time when the Goddess returns as the crone or the wise one

YULE: December 21st, the time when the days begin to lengthen and the re-birth of the sun is celebrated

IMBOLG: February 2nd, The time when the first buds are seen on the trees: the return of the Goddess as the maiden.

OESTARA: March 21st. The time when day and night are equal. A time of balance and of throwing out the old and taking on the new.

BELTANE: May 1st, The time when the marriage of the Goddess and the Gd is celebrated. The Goddess becomes the Mother and the God returns to reign beside her

LITHA: June 21st, The height of the sun king’s power, when the days begin to shorten again

LAMMAS: August 1st, the time when the first harvest is brought in, the feast of the sacrificial God

MADRON: September 21st again day and night are equal and again this is a time of balance This is the height of the harvest and a time of returning things to the way they should be

In the west country belief we believe that the spittle of the witch is a vehicle of their will and power, and thus their magical influence. The very act of spitting within the traditional practices of the country witch is to impart their will imbued power and influence…. Likewise is the witch’s breath a potent conveyor and vehicular vessel of power and spirit force, to which the body of the witch has by arte been made host, and those potencies, virtues and spirits conjured within the rites and magical work of the practitioner, may in pure focus of will and intent be imparted and issue forth upon such things such as places, charms, parts of the body and magical likenesses skillfully crafted by the witch’s hand.

Gemma Gary, The Black Toad

( Now scribble this quote in your memory, your soul, and your little black book because the varied uses of this tip is unimaginable)


Usually available in tea bags not only is it delicious it also has a whole bunch of healing abilities!!

TEA (DRINK): excellent for digestive issues such as sickness, wind and diarrhea

BATH: making a strong tea can be used as a bath, especially good for a foot bath which can relieve tired swollen feet. (and they’ll smell amazing)

FRESH LEAF: Great for concentration.You can carry them around and pinch one and smell it to give your mind a boost. You can also rub it onto your wrists before rituals or magick work to increase your energies.


Species Aesthetic || Witches

            “A witch by nature is a healer. They have a spiritual connection to nature and were traditionally medicine men and women who went out of their way to help all who needed it. In the old times they would give out protection amulets and such to keep the innocent people in their villages safe from vampires, werewolves and whatever other demons of the night. They’re fundamentally good people with compassion and empathy and a rare and beautiful selfless nature. They are servants to the human race. They have been gifted with the ability to actually help in a world full of evil and while they’re not fighters like the Huntress is, they still contribute in the constant fight against those who try to play God. Those who upset the balance of nature.

          Witches are generally disliked by vampires and werewolves as they have the power to hurt them, to deceive them. However as with all creatures on this earth everyone has a choice and those who turn against their nature, their calling to be a servant of good are known as warlocks: witches who have turned to dark magic. They don’t serve anyone but themselves and wield great power making them just as dangerous as any other creature the Huntress might face. Power in itself is the deadliest of enemies.”

Small-Curse Powder

I made this power to do a lowkey curse on someone who had been talking about me and my friends behind our backs. It wasn’t a full-out huge process, just a simple powder to bring some negativity into this person’s life.

You will need:
Mustard seed or ground mustard
Poppy seeds
Chili powder
Black pepper
A container

1. I wore a protection charm as I performed this curse to prevent the curse from backfiring on me. You can either make one or just keep a Quartz on handy to cleanse yourself of any negativity afterwards.

2. Put the mustard, poppy seeds, and chili powder into a container. Grind the black pepper over it and state your intentions aloud, or make a chant. IMPORTANT: clearly state the person the curse is for, how long you intend for it to last, and what the curse is for. You don’t want to accidentally curse anyone else!

3. I was able to bring the powder directly onto this person’ property and leave it. Ideally, you would want to put it on an object they use, under their bed, or on the person directly. If you are unable to get to them, you can sprinkle the powder over a piece of paper with their name and intention written on it.

4. Once the powder has been placed, cleanse yourself and the room you made the powder in with crystals, sage, intention, etc.

5. After a curse, I like to do a good deed to bring some positivity back into my life. Whether this means blessing one of your friends or yourself, complimenting a barista, or donating to charity, do whatever feels right!