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  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:How come Drake and Josh characters Craig Ramirez and Eric Blonowitz appear in the iCarly episode iStart a Fanwar attending an iCarly conference, implying iCarly and Drake and Josh are set in the same universe, that means there would be two versions of Miranda Cosgrove in the same universe? And two versions of Jerry Trainor? However in the episode iGet Pranky Carly is shown to be watching an episode of Drake and Josh in which Megan pranks her brothers. We know that iCarly and Victorious are set in the same universe, as shown in the episode iParty with Victorious, yet in the Victorious episode Who Did It to Trina the characters literally reference Drake and Josh as a tv show the characters watch? Do Craig and Eric possess transdimensional powers??? Able to travel to and from the universe where they are real and the universe where they are characters in a TV show? In the same episode Craig and Eric appear so do characters from Zoe101, another show that features Victoria Justice, who plays the main character in Victorious AND a famous boxer, Shelby Marx, in the iCarly episode iFight Shelby Marx. Is it possible for three women in the same universe to have the exact same body? Is it then possible for Carly and Megan to exist in the same universe??? Nickelodeon I need answers

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Jori was one of the first f/f ships I ever got into hardcore omg. I miss Victorious so much

I don’t think I have time to miss it because I’m pretty sure I’ve just been shipping the same pairing since I was five.

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Aaaaand Exhibit D

Ladies thinking the other is dumb and/or annoying af while also flirting outrageously with them is apparently my aesthetic.