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Today in TTOI history: It’s– It’s– What is today, Ollie?

Which I always like to commemorate by remembering:

1. How days after it first came up Malcolm will still NEVER let Ben be wrong about a pony vs. a baby horse

2. The Specs of STONED Sleepy Sunday Morning Sexiness

(my oh my)

and also

3. Ben’s tick-tock eyes after he’s been caught scoffing Malcolm’s GOOD biscuits although I don’t know if they cost £4.

Happy Tucker Tuesday!

Malcolm Tucker is back, sorta. Creator Armando Iannucci is guest editor of The Big Issue this week and he’s pitting two of his characters against one another in the final Brexit debate. I predict Malcolm wipes the floor with Partridge.

Of course, y'all know that Malcolm Tucker never went away. He lives in rewatches of The Thick of It & In the Loop as well as in the pages of glorious fanfic. And don’t forget, Malcolm Tucker rages on every Tuesday via countless fans through their dedicated observance of The Capaldian Calendar.

Can I get an AMEN?!

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Today in TTOI History: The Wednesday before Remembrance Sunday 2011

A day that will live in infamy thanks to the Quiet Bat People, but also a day that will live in, er, famy (totally a word!) thanks to our first delicious taste of Malcolm’s surprisingly strong feelings about correct equine nomenclature.

(And also that’s why you fail, Ben. That’s why you FAIL.)


Graves: I just wanted to say to you, by way of introductory remarks, that I am extremely miffed about today’s events and, in my quest to try and make you understand the level of my unhappiness, I’m likely to use an awful lot of what we would call “Violent Sexual Imagery”, and I just wanted to check that neither of you would be terribly offended by that.

(The Thick of It; series 3, episode 2) 


Oh, I know this one! Malcolm, you were right the second time because It IS Flatember the Fourth!

Merry Flatember the Fourth everyone!

So Yay! once again to Julius’s BIG smile on this my 4th 5th annual celebration of Malcolm’s extremely surprising date.

(I stupidly missed Volcano Day a couple of weeks ago – which it occurs to me must have been a fairly surprising date in its own right in 79 AD – but for the fifth year running I’ve remembered Flatember the Fourth and that’s what really counts.)


malcolm tucker in every episode3.04

do not fucking interrupt me, son, ever. now, get this into the noggin, right? you breathe a word of this to anyone, you mincing fucking cunt, and i will tear your fucking skin off, i will wear it to your mother’s birthday party and i will rub your nuts up and down her leg whilst whistling bohemian fucking rhapsody, right? now, get out of my fucking sight!


This is basically the finale of Doctor Who


Malcolm Tucker Inspires the Troops

A classic scene. I love how proud Sam looks of Malcolm in that last moment…