s: teen wolf

There are two absolute truths I believe when it comes to Teen Wolf
  • 1:Derek Hale is a sexual abuse/rape survivor from Kate and Jennifer and deserved a better storyline
  • 2:Stiles Stilinski is bisexual af

This idea has been stuck in my mind but I don’t think I have time to write it, so I’m throwing it out here as a not!fic.

Just imagine, for some reason, that Derek is all wolfed out in the aftermath of a fight, trading barbs back and forth with Stiles, and Stiles almost misses it – thinks it’s just a trick of the light.  Stiles loses his train of thought for a moment until Derek furrows his brow in confusion, eyes burning bright blue again, and then Stiles snaps back to attention and carries on as if nothing happened. 

But Stiles is Stiles, and he loves a puzzle, and his mind keeps turning it over and over, what they had been talking about when it happened, and when the realization hits him it’s enough to make him bolt straight upright in his bed, plans and schemes already spinning in his head.

Subtlety is not Stiles’ forte but he tries.  Just a comment here and there so that Derek doesn’t get his back up.  Trying to just throw it out there, trying not to stare too intently at Derek’s eyes, watching for it.  But it’s there, every time.

“It wasn’t your fault.”  (Flicker)

“You didn’t deserve that.” (Flicker)

“You were doing your best in a crap situation.”  (Flicker)

“Nobody blames you for what happened.” (Flicker)

And sometimes Derek does get angry and defensive, and other times he just ignores Stiles as if he’s just humoring him, but eventually, every once in awhile, there’s a little nod, as if Derek is registering the truth in Stiles’ unwavering tone and steady heartbeat.  Until over months and months and maybe even years and years, the flicker gets longer and longer until one day Stiles can smile up into Derek’s beautiful golden eyes.