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Warm ups of two old characters Im trying to revive.
I’ve been lowkey trying to revamp some characters and upload them to my toyhouse just to keep them all organized.

Shifter was an old sona turned OC. They are a mail carrier in Kaleidope with a very unusual and extraordinary ability.

Happy Hammer normally appears as a kitschy looking mallet. However, its one of the most powerful weapons in the Merriway and a very deceptive entity.

babypunter3000  asked:

When asked about how arrested characters are kept from escaping prison, you said that birds have their wings clipped. Does this mean that if they transform into humans, they'll be armless (pretty gruesome!)? And am I right in assuming that since there are no humans or animals only, the characters see themselves as something else entirely outside of a regular human or animal's scope?

When you wing-clip a bird you only cut away a part of the feathers on the wings, which would translate the body hair in your human form (so silky smooth arms, yo!!). ;D

I haven’t created a new word for the people in this world (like “shifter”, “animagus”, “animorphs”, etc) since it something that everybody can do. People simply call their forms “human” and “animal”, and the concept of a human being JUST human is a completely foreign concept. That kind of people only exist in stories and are usually pitied since half of them is “missing”. 

Buddy confronts the therapist. Dean and Jack talk; Dean tries to convince Jack to release them from their cuffs. 

Buddy wants to frame the therapist by killing Dean and Jack using silver killing bullets. Then Sam comes, leading creepy Buddy to think of more wickedly wicked things; Buddy knocks out Dean, uses Dean’s voice to lead Sam in. 

Sam enters and Jack’s powers activate because he doesn’t want Sam to get shot (ah!). Jack blasts creepy Buddy and stops the bullet from hitting anyone–I am here for this. No one got hurt (minus Buddy). It’s all good, y’all. 

It’s all good. 


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I’ve been looking for an alternative to necker knife style carry and belt carry knives. I don’t like the looseness of the necker knife or the bulk of the belt knife. Here is my take on a wrist carry knife. It provides easy access on the off-hand while staying within the boundary of a fashion wrist cuff.

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So, it’s been over a year since I’ve tried molding something by hand with ceramic clay.  And I thought, “Well, I like Shifter.  He should be pretty easy to do right?”  Haha, turns out this little flower gave me a lot of difficulty.  The hardest part was getting him to stand on his own stem without help.  Painting the lines in black on top of white was the second most difficult part.  Besides that, he was mostly easy!

He’s only like three inches tall (I don’t have a size comparison image, oops).  But if it helps, the base of his stem is the size of a penny.  I spent around four hours molding, shaping, baking, and painting him during the busy week I’ve had recently.  The picture on the top left is an image before the clay had been baked or painted (since I wasn’t sure he’d survive being baked).  But I think he turned out well and I’m happy with the result!

Shifter from @emotion-liar  by @cutecatdoodles