s: she saved the world a lot

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Do you think the ending of season five would have been a better place to end Buffy instead of extending it for another two seasons? Seasons six and seven just really didn't do it for me and I can't help but feel they should have just kept the original ending. I mean, where can you really go after taking on a Goddess? No one else I know watches Buffy, and I just wanted to hear someone else's thoughts on the matter.

Yes. The season five finale would have been the perfect series finale. Buffy made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world–and her sister–and there was really no better end for her. She’d already died and come back once; having it happen twice was so…ehhhhhh.

The WB wasn’t renewing the series; it was time to say goodbye. Joss could have used Angel to tie up any loose ends for, like, Willow and Xander and Giles. Seasons six and seven were mostly crap on a stick.