s: she saved the world a lot

Roommate and I finished “Buffy” last night (by which I mean that we finished S1-S5 because everything after that is a nightmare of bad retconned character development why would you even want to continue after S5 oh right money). I hadn’t realized how much of my brainspace and heartspace was still held hostage to “The Gift”, to the triumph and the desolation. It’s everything that I could have wanted for the ending of a show; I can’t imagine anything surpassing it. The writing of S5 is already crackling like a live wire, everything knotted so tightly together, and then in one final episode where the stakes are never higher, every character is at the pinnacle of their development, line after line burns in my head and in my heart.

but you’re just a girl / that’s what I keep saying

the last thing she’ll see is me protecting her

you’re proposing to me ‘cause the world’s gonna end  / I’m proposing to you because it’s not

I know you’ll never love me, I know that I’m a monster, but you treat me like a man

I found you, I’ll always find you

she’s a hero, she’s not like us

I made a promise to a lady

Buffy, you have to let me go

tell Giles I figured it out

be brave

I’m not afraid of the world ending because I know that Buffy will save us before anything can happen. 

Also, if the world DOES end, I hope it’s a zombie apocalypse because at least then we have a fighting chance in surviving. Unless they’re the kind of zombies that can run, then I’ll really be scared and I don’t want to even think about it.

anonymous asked:

Do you think the ending of season five would have been a better place to end Buffy instead of extending it for another two seasons? Seasons six and seven just really didn't do it for me and I can't help but feel they should have just kept the original ending. I mean, where can you really go after taking on a Goddess? No one else I know watches Buffy, and I just wanted to hear someone else's thoughts on the matter.

Yes. The season five finale would have been the perfect series finale. Buffy made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world–and her sister–and there was really no better end for her. She’d already died and come back once; having it happen twice was so…ehhhhhh.

The WB wasn’t renewing the series; it was time to say goodbye. Joss could have used Angel to tie up any loose ends for, like, Willow and Xander and Giles. Seasons six and seven were mostly crap on a stick.