s: she saved the world a lot

Reasons to love Dragon Age Inquisition cast


- Tough and gorgeous

- Could kill you.

- *Disgusted noises*

- Tsundere

- Loves poetry

- Like seriously, its her kink most likely

- So cute when in love

- Is also the best mom you could ask for

- „Ugh.“

- Owned Iron Bull more than once

- Made him fall when she hit him with a stick.

- Don´t mess with her.

- She´s tougher than all your guy friends combined.

- „DEAL. WITH.  IT.“

- You totally watched her walk. Dont lie to yourself


- Is still awesome

- Still hot and cute tbh

- Best one liners

- Will probably write a story about you

- His crossbow is named Bianca.

- It´s important

- Like really important, the devs wont let you change his weapon just like that.


- Doesn´t know wth is going on here.

- But still helps and becomes the best bro

- By that I mean, AGAIN.

- And you won´t complain

- If you hate on him I will fight you.

- And so will the entire fandom


- Acts serious but actually funny af

- Introvert

- Secretly intrigued by parties

- Knows everything

- Basically elf expert

- Also magic and Fade expert

- Also love expert


- Just wants to sleep and dream.

- Can make you dream about anything you want

- Breaks your heart but you still love him inside

- Admit it, you romanced him more than once


- „Vhenan“


- This shouldnt even be a question

- Look at that face

- He makes moustaches hot

- Sassy

- Precious

- Girls love him despite the fact hes gay

- Compliments you even if you play as a girl

- Because hes a sweetie

- Just wants to be loved and accepted

- The best and he knows it.


- Loves his country and wants to make it better

- „Don´t worry, I´ll protect you“

- He got the booty

- Likes „watching you go“, so he can stare at your booty.


- Is elf but doesnt want to be all „elfy“

- „They got no breeches!“

- The crazy aunt.

- Makes no sense.

- Then makes more sense than everyone else

- Wants to save the world so she can play

- But you love her.

- Admit it

- Makes fun of Solas


- „Arrows“

- Just doesnt want to be judged.

- Trolls Solas

- And Vivienne

- Is ok with Dorian and not because they´re both gay

- Also pals with Blackwall, its cute ok

- Likes qunari women


- The cinnamon roll

- Also the sinnamon roll

- Could kill you

- But is so innocent.

- Wants to help everyone


- Just wants people to be happy

- Literally so precious

- Dont you dare take off his hat.


- Doesnt care if people forget him.

- „What matters is, I helped.“

- Blunt in the most innocent way possible.

- If you don´t love him then there truly is no hope for you

Iron Bull

- He picked his name.

- Biggest Qunari in the trilogy.

- Also the funniest.

- Casually talks about sex

- Has the best squad in the world and he knows it.

- Seriously he´s precious with them.

- Nervous around magic and demons.

- But just hit him with a stick. He´ll feel better.


- Gets owned by Cassandra.

- Flirts with Cassandra and she likes it.

- „Ride the bull?“

- Ends up with Dorian if you romance neither.

- And its kinda cute


- She´s beauty. She´s grace

- She´ll step on your face

- Let her

- Also knows everything

- Wants the Circle back because she knows mages are dangerous

- Is a mage herself btw

- Savage when roasting people

- Scary

- Like legit she scares Iron Bull

- Is the aunt we didn´t ask for, but the one we desperately need

- Admit it, you want her to give you fashion advice

- So pretty and elegant it´s not fair.


- What can he do? „Save the fucking world, if pressed“

- Says „fucking“ a lot.

- Cute beard


- Has a big heart

- But also tragic past

- Thinks he´s not worthy of love

- Or anything good

- Wants to make up for what he did.

- Actually cares about your cause

- Friends with Sera

- Trolls Solas about his …relationship with Spirits

- Hella funny, if you ask me.


- Still cute

- Even cuter

- Grew so much

- Be proud of him

- Always doing his best.

- Great leader, you can count on him

- But still nervous when in love

- Got owned by his sister in chess.

- But then won by practising for weeks with his brother.


- Cute fluffy coat

- Y´all probably wanna wear it.

- The glare he gives to the soldier when he and his love get interrupted.

- Like omg

- His romance is literally so sweet

- Just as he is

- Two words. „The desk“


- Greets you differently depending on your culture

- So thoughtful

- And sweet

- And cute

- But still great at what she does

- And the entire world knows it.

- Protect her.

- I love her design so much

- Cheers loudly with the soldiers, then covers her mouth shyly


- Such a dork

- Tells great stories

- Really fun, but tries to act all decent, its cute.


- Baby girl

- She grew up so much

- Could kill you

- No, seriously.

- Also really tough.

- Probably even more than Cassandra.

- Deserves everything good.

- P. R. O.T. E. C.T. Her

- In an alternate timeline, gives her life to save you.

- Probably mentally strongest girl in the game

- I just want to hug her


- Still giggles like a school girl when remembering her lover tho

- „S/He misses me!“

- Best sis you could ask for basically.

“Why me?” - Alec Lightwood

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REQUEST: Jace is (Y/N)’s twin brother but she is the exact opposite of him (shy, don’t talk a lot, self-conscious about herself), and Alec ends up saving her from a demon and tells her he likes her.

“Come on Jace, leave your sister alone.” Alec said as Jace was showing off about his last missions.
“I’m just saying, I’ve killed more than twenty demons in my last three missions. How many demons did you kill in the last three months, (Y/N)?” Jace asked with a smirk.
“Jace, shut up.” Alec said half friendly.
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and went to her room. She sat down on her bed and burried her face in her hands.

Jace was (Y/N)’s twin brother. He was confident and cocky. Jace was everything (Y/N) wasn’t. She was shy, quiet and self-conscious. (Y/N) was so different from her brother, sometimes she was convinced she had been adopted, or put in the wrong family, maybe even in the wrong world.
(Y/N) loved being a shadowhunter but she couldn’t help comparing herself to her brother and everybody knew that Jace was one of the best shadowhunters of his generation. Everytime Jace was bragging about his missions, (Y/N) felt like maybe she didn’t belong to this world, it would explain why she wasn’t as good as her brother.
(Y/N) also loved her brother, but Jace was the opposite of her and it was difficult to have a personal conversation with him. They weren’t very close but they would always be willing to die for one another. They were a family, after all.

(Y/N) lifted her head up when she heard someone walk into her room. It was Alec. (Y/N) felt her cheeks blush so she burried her face back in her hands. (Y/N) had a crush on Alec but she was way too shy and scared of rejection to talk to anyone about it, especially not Alec.
“Are you okay?” Alec asked.
“Don’t do that again.” (Y/N) said. Alec frowned. “You don’t need to defend me when my brother makes fun of me. I can handle it on my own.” (Y/N) didn’t mean to be rude but somehow it all came out pretty agressive. (Y/N) shook her head and sighed.
“I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.” Alec declared.
“No, I’m sorry. None of this is your fault. I shouldn’t take it all out on you. Thanks for caring about me, though.” (Y/N) smiled a little and looked down.
“Of course I do. I will always care about you, (Y/N).” Alec said very seriously.
(Y/N) looked at him. Alec was about to add something when Maryse Lightwood walked into the room. (Y/N) wished people would knock before entering her bedroom.
“Ah! There you are. Something came up. You two need to get ready for a new mission.” Alec’s mother ordered. (Y/N) held back a complaint. She had just came back from another mission and she had been training all day. She was exhausted.
“What about Jace and Izzy?” (Y/N) asked.
“They already left. They went to see Meliorn to get some information. Why? Is there a problem?” Maryse asked with her usual cold attitude.
“No. I was just wondering.” (Y/N) lied.
She knew that if she told Maryse that she was too exhausted for a new mission, she would be seen as weak. And (Y/N) didn’t want to be called a coward in front of Alec.

As (Y/N) and Alec got to their location, Alec kept looking at (Y/N) with concern.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Alec asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” (Y/N) lied.
She was tired, she couldn’t remember the last time she slept for more than two hours in a row. And the few injuries she got from the last mission were still healing and sore, and everything hurt everytime she was taking a new step.
“(Y/N), I hope you know that not being as good as your brother doesn’t make you less of a good shadowhunter.” Alec declared. “You know that everything is a competition for Jace, but it’s not about the number of demons you kill during a mission, it’s about-”
“Watch out!” (Y/N) shouted as she tightened her grip around her seraph blade.
A demon came running on Alec and (Y/N) pushed Alec aside to take care of the creature. She pushed her weapon through the demon’s body and it disappeared into a cloud of dust almost immediatly.
“See, you’re a great shadowhunter. You just saved my life.” Alec said with a little smile on his face.
“Yeah, well, tell that to Jace.” (Y/N) chuckled.
“(Y/N), I need to tell you something, I -” Alec didn’t have time to finish.
(Y/N) screamed and collapsed on the ground. It took Alec a few seconds to see the demon that injured (Y/N). He killed it without a struggle and rushed to (Y/N)’s side.
“Damn it!” (Y/N) shouted as she held onto her shoulder, in pain.
Alec reached for his stele and drew the healing rune on (Y/N)’s injury. She winced and gritted her teeth.
“There. The pain should fade away in a minute.” Alec said. “Are you okay?” He added.
“I’m fine.” Alec offered (Y/N) his hand, she grabbed it and lifted herself from the ground.

After the mission, Alec and (Y/N) went back to the Institute. (Y/N) was still exhausted and a little bit in pain, but when she got to her room, Alec joined her there a few minutes later.
“Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you were about to go to bed.” Alec said as he saw (Y/N) in her night clothes -which were nothing more than a oversized t-shirt.
(Y/N) blushed when she caught Alec staring at her bear legs.
“It’s okay. What’s going on?” (Y/N) asked.
Alec walked closer to (Y/N) and she almost forgot how to breathe.
“I wanted to apologize.” Alec declared.
“What for?” (Y/N) frowned.
“Well, if I didn’t talk to you during the mission, you wouldn’t have been distracted and you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”
“Oh, no Alec, it wasn’t your fault.” Alec looked down.
(Y/N) reached for Alec’s chin and lifted it up with her soft hand. “I mean it, Alec. It wasn’t your fault.”
Alec stared at (Y/N) and got lost in her eyes for a minute.

Suddenly, Alec put his hands on each side of (Y/N)’s face and kissed her. (Y/N) was surprised and shocked but she kissed him back. Alec let go of (Y/N), she looked at him with wide eyes.
“Why did you do that?” (Y/N) asked, almost blaming Alec.
“I like you, (Y/N).” Alec declared. He was feeling anxious and scared that (Y/N) would reject him. Alec knew how hard it was for (Y/N) to let people in.
“Is this some kind of joke? Did Jace dare you to kiss me?” (Y/N) felt angry. She knew her brother would be able to do something like that for his own entertainment. He always told (Y/N) that she was too hung-up with boys.
“What? No!” Alec said, confused. “Your brother doesn’t even know that I have feelings for you.”
“Do you really? Because I swear to God Alec, if this is a joke, it’s really not funny and cruel.” (Y/N) didn’t know what to think anymore.
On one hand, (Y/N) didn’t think that Alec was mean enough to play with her feelings. But on the other hand, she couldn’t believe that Alec could really like her.
“(Y/N), this isn’t a joke, OK? I would never do anything to hurt you.” Alec took (Y/N)’s hands in his.
“But why me?” (Y/N) asked quietly.
“What do you mean by that?” Alec frowned.
“Well, there are lots of prettier girls than me in this world. I’m not exactly the best shadowhunter, I am clumsy, shy and-”
“Hey, stop. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met and you’re a great shadowhunter. I mean how many times did you save my life?” Alec chuckled.
“Well, how many times did you save mine?” (Y/N) mumbled.
“(Y/N), listen. I like everything about you, I really do.” Alec said. He sounded very sincere. “Now, I understand if you don’t feel the same way.” Hardly had he finished his sentence that (Y/N) pressed her lips against his. The two of them kissed passionately for a while.
“It was about time.”
(Y/N) and Alec turned to face the door and saw Izzy leaned on the door frame.
“Can’t you people just knock?” (Y/N) declared half laughing and half embarrassed.
“Fine. Fine. I’ll leave you two to it.” Izzy smiled and left the room.
Alec and (Y/N) laughed and kissed again.

Sometimes you shouldn’t burry your feelings or ignore them. Sometimes you just let them go, and who knows, maybe everything will be alright.
Is Max a closeted Whovian?

In the past Max told Gwen to face the real world because no time traveling doctor was going to save her.

In Quartermaster Appreciation Day he cut Nerris off when she was comparing the Quartermaster’s dorm to the Tardis.

“Huh, looks a lot smaller on the outside.”
“Ooh, like the Tar-”
“Shut up, Nerris.”

So, I’ll admit this is pretty basic knowledge.
Time traveling Doctor.
Tardis is bigger on the inside.
Basic stuff.

But, I didn’t know what a Tardis was until I got Tumblr because I didn’t watch Doctor Who, most of my friends don’t know what a Tardis is.

And he knew, he KNEW, that Nerris was going to say ‘Tardis’.
He saw it coming because he already thought of it.

I’m not saying Max is a closet Whovian, but Max is a closet Whovian.

Rick and Morty Episode Idea 4: Cyber Dating

Episode Idea 1
Episode Idea 2
Episode Idea 3

The episode begins with Morty in cyberspace, fighting a computer virus that infected his laptop while Rick is guiding him through an earpiece. He nearly dies but is suddenly saved by a mysterious girl. She looks a lot like Jessica, but has the body of a supermodel, and a more kind and adoring personality.

She’s Jessica.exe, or Jexe for short, an AI which developed inside Morty’s computer. Jexe observed everything Morty watched and read online, and tailored herself to be his perfect ideal woman.

Morty begs Rick to build a robot body for Jexe so she could leave cyberspace with him and they could date in the real world (or “meatspace”). Rick reluctantly agrees in order to get Morty off his case. But when he does so, he forgets to delete the original copies of Morty and Jexe during the consciousness transfer.

This leads to two pairs of Mortys and Jexes, one in meatspace, and another left behind in cyberspace. The rest of the episode follows the two relationships in the two realms and how they develop.

Needless to say, things go south in both spaces. But in different ways.

Imagine Cream and Shadow being penpals.

Shadow is into it because they didn’t had internet back then and Maria used to send and receive cute letters all the time to friends and relatives, sometimes giving them in hand. He missed having someone to send them to. He’s fascinated by them and how someone can create such a beautiful and meaningful gift for someone.

Cream gave him one day a thank you letter for having saved the world. Now she usually sends pressed flowers that he loves because they had none in the ARK, relaxing tea for when he has a bad day and lots of drawings. She also adds to them bookmarks from the moment she learned he loves reading, and more personal gifts she likes to share with him like origami figurines and her favourite chewing gum.

Shadow, on the other hand, includes way more content, from longer and tidier letters to more gifts. It’s uncommon for him to send handmade gifts, being more driven to send photos of beautiful places he goes to, childish-like stickers she might like, washi tape or any other crafting gifts. He also sends hair ties, hair clips, etc. Her favourite ones are a pair that have cute dinosaurs from a natural museum gift store he once went to.

At first Vanilla was wary of this new habit of Cream, but now she trusts Shadow more after knowing him through those letters.

In the city of Numbani, humans and omnics live together in harmony, but everything changed when Doomfist attacked.

 Only the OR15’s, our city’s most powerful defense, could stop him. But when we needed them most, they didn’t stand a chance. 

 I took those destroyed bots and rebuilt them into something greater, an omnic named Orisa. She has a lot to learn before she’s ready to save us from Doomfist’s next attack, but I believe Orisa can change the world.

Sakura and Hinata

Something is bothering me, and I don’t make lots of rants about Hinata there’s just one I thing but anyways people can be so hypocritical when it comes to Sakura.

Hinata was going to fight Pain and somehow she’s named brave.

But when Sakura goes to fight Madara she’s named stupid.

Hinata tells Boruto to save his father who is named the most powerful man in the Shinobi world people say that she was being sweet.

Sakura takes only one day off work, Sarada wants to give a teddy to one of Sakura’s patients because she thinks her mother is overworking and also cooks for her mother because Sakura is overworking. And suddenly Sakura is called a bad mother for that?

I’m sorry is my mother bad because I cook for her? Because I appreciate that she works her butt off to feed me and my siblings, I appreciate that I grew inside her womb for nine months and I appreciate that she had to push me out of her fucking vagina hole.

Except for claiming the little shits that not problematic why don’t you pull your head out of your fucking ass.

Sincerely, QueenofKunoichis

praetordany  asked:

I love the scene when Tyrion is talking to Dany about Jon. What do you think his thoughts are about Jonerys? It was hard to read his expression in that scene, but I think he was urging her towards Jon's direction. I wonder if Tyrion regrets pushing them together after Dany goes rushing off to save him. After Tyrion witnesses Jon calming Dany down on the beach, I think he thinks Jonerys is a good idea because it will help him manage Dany's more impulsive side, but then it backfires on him.

Hey! You make a lot of really good points here. 

First of all, I just want to say out front that I don’t subscribe to the idea that Tyrion is in love with Daenerys. But I think that he does love her, platonically. She has a vision of a world that will be better for everyone in it and it’s the same world that he wants to see. Like he said in 6x10, he believes in her-and he really doesn’t believe in a lot of people, or ideas for that matter. 

I do think that Tyrion is a Jonerys shipper. He already knows Jon and he knows that he’s a good man-and I imagine he’s already thought about the fact that a marriage alliance between them could be advantageous in more ways than one. And like you said, Jon calms her down that day on the beach (he’s the ice to her fire lol) in a way that Tyrion has trouble with. And of course, he realizes that Jon is in love with her long before she does. 

But I don’t think he expects her to fall as deeply in love with Jon as she does. After all, none of Dany’s previous lovers had a particularly deep relationship with her-she was even concerned that she didn’t feel anything when she said goodbye to Daario). Jon’s a different man; she rushes off to save him without thinking twice about it. Tyrion knows that he can’t lose her because she doesn’t have any heirs and if she dies not only her dynasty but her vision for the future will die with her. But she’s willing to potentially throw away everything she’s worked so hard and suffered for so she can save Jon-and that’s something he doesn’t foresee. 

I don’t think he regrets it exactly (although I’m sure he would have if one or both of them had wound up dead). He’s just surprised by it. And he knows that this will complicate things going forward, especially if their feelings for each other are genuine. 

So no, I don’t think he regrets it exactly. But he does have to adjust to it, and it’s something that he’s certainly not expecting. 


Dear diary…

Hah. Just kidding. How long it’s been since I had a journal?

Dana found this dusty old thing and gave it to me. She said I seemed like the type… dunno how true that is, but someone might as well document how fucked the world is.

So where do I begin…

It’s been a little over seven months since the initial outbreak. In case you couldn’t tell, pretty much everyone is dead. Or just gone.

A lot happened in those first few weeks. Like… shit that I try not to think about, because when I do it keeps me from sleeping at night.

I’m just lucky to be alive.

But for the longest time it didn’t feel like that. Honestly, I started to believe I was the last person on earth. Everyone I ever remotely cared about was gone. So I did the only thing I know how to do… I ran. I ditched town and ran through empty streets, empty houses– one after another. It seemed like there was nothing left in this damn state but walking death.

Then came the day I literally ran into this old house on the hill, and I was handed a whole new reality to get used to.

Life Under Polyamory Ideology

There’s a lot of… dialogue about monogamy vs polyamory these days, in our cosmopolitan little bubble. No one wants to tell others which lifestyle you should choose so I wouldn’t call it a debate, but there’s a great deal of defending “how your lifestyle works, and why you’re happy with it” that can’t save itself from becoming discourse about the two main options.

This happens enough that we fail to recognize that no, polyamory just won. We all live in its world now.

Or more accurately, we all live free of monogamous ideology now.

Case in point. I have a friend, and she’s monogamously committed to her boyfriend. Sure, she hangs out with a lot of other boys. She even visits them by herself, and crashes in their bed. She’s generous with hugs and other mild displays of physical affection to men. And she kind of pines after some specific men, wishing for greater emotional attachment. This isn’t even hidden, it’s all openly acknowledged. But, this is the definition of monogamy she and her SO have worked out.

The reaction of people from her social circle, the people from our general social bubble is “fine. Whatever works for the two of you. If that’s what you call monogamy, I have no reason to disagree with you.” There’s no call for us to try to strictly define what monogamy should mean for them.

Let me assure you, this is not how it would work under monogamous ideology. In a society where monogamy was the reigning lifestyle choice, it includes a specific definition of monogamy, and “being too touchy with other men” would definitely violate that. Even with her partner’s consent, she would be found guilty of breaking social taboos. (Which is basically how her non-cosmopolitan co-workers react.)

But none of us (which I assume includes most of my readers) give a fuck. Call yourself polyamorous, monogamish, what the fuck ever. As long as you both are happy what business is it of mine? And that is the true spirit of polyamory - anarchism towards society wide definitions of romantic relationships.

You might individually choose to snuggle with just one person, and hopefully can get that special person to agree. But it’s very different when that’s a private agreement between two people (one which can be altered at any time they want), than when it’s an arrangement coded and enforced by the whole social world. And we just don’t have that in liberal cosmopolitania any more.

After all, one of the main benefits of monogamy was that you don’t have to negotiate shit. You’re together, you’re just dating each other, these are the default rules, and for people who don’t want to process and explicitly lay out their preferences, this is a lot easier. But that’s gone now - any couple does have to figure out whether they are poly or mono, and even if they are mono, where they feel those boundaries lie, because ain’t no one else doing that regulating for them.

The girl, the fool and the consequences

Okay guys i am writing something for Lapstale ! It’s like a gift for Azy i guess ? Be careful ! It’s not joyful and a bit violent but i hope you will like it !

After a few genocide runs, Frisk is terribly bored. She killed her friends over and over. She killed each of them so many times and in even by using different ways. Having the control of the timeline and the power to save, load and reset help a lot in fact. However, Frisk wants now to give the happy ending everyone deserves. She resets the timeline again and uses her determination and Chara’s determination to create the world one more time to end this game once and for all. The thing she didn’t know is this time everything will change. Something is different…

-Finally i did pass through Toriel by sparing her so it means i will meet Sans soon.

-Hey buddy, do you know how to greet a new pal ? Turn around and shake my hand.

Frisk expects the same joke as usual but…

-AAAAHHHHH…it hurts so much…what did you do ?

-Hey Guess the taser works. I was excited to test it on you. 

-That’s not…

-How the things should happen ? You are right ! It’s gonna change a lot.

-Wait you are wearing another jacket and Papyrus’s scarf.

-Good observation. He made it for me a few hours ago. I wanted to have a new style.

-What’s going on ?

-Don’t tell me you didn’t notice. I thought you were smarter than that. I remember all the things you did to me…to us…you think it’s the game ? I am about to make you pay for everything you did and don’t say it’s Chara’s fault. You are responsible too. You played with us like we were some toys you can use and destroy over and over. I am gonna make you suffer. You won’t ever finish this run. In fact you will suffer even you reset.

-It’s impossible you are not supposed remember the timelines…

-You are right but i asked for…some help…

-What ?

-Hello there kiddo

-G..Gaster ? How ? Why ?

-Time to change the rules ! Time to end this !

-No…no please…I am so sorry…

-Too late for the excuses

*sounds of bones and gaster blasters*

-Noo nooo…AAAAHHHH

*sounds of shattered heart*

A few loads and resets later.

-Please Sans stop it….i am begging you…

-You didn’t understand me ? You are not above of consequences Frisk. 

*Sounds of shattered heart*


Fanfic proposed by @captainthane


Azy’s answer : Dude, thank you !!! I’ve never received a fanfic before :’D
I have no word to describe my reaction all along, then let’s the doodles do this :

Sorry not sorry :’)

(Just a note to not confuse the readers of Lapstale : This is a fanfic, not the real plot !)

Thank you again Thane


Sara Lance dated the princess of the League of assassins, an organization that existed for centuries, Nyssa al Ghul, a woman that makes everybody look when she enters the room. Nyssa was ready to turn the world around to be with Sara.

and the Green Arrow, Oliver Queen a powerful vigilante who defeated Ra’s al Ghul himself as well as a lot of other powerful villains. Back when he was the Arrow and Sara was the Canary, they were a cannon and powerful power couple who wanted to save each others souls.

Sara Lance doesn’t deserve anything less, her love has to be powerful and as formidable as her! And at the same time not to get in the way of her leadership.

heres a quick doodle of my latest starbound character, aoi the hylotl :-) she hates how much she has to kill things to survive and loves to garden and play the harp. her favorite things in the world are pearlpeas, fruity cocktails and burrowing in warm mud.

i’ve never really gotten the hang of starbound cause every time i played it, it would update again dramatically and reset my saves! but now that the developers seemed to have stabilized it a lot more into a solid story, i’m excited to go exploring and adventuring again. (it’s a lot harder to learn each time!)

i just wanna put it out there that im not trying to team ryan/team brendon this. like, if ryan totally blew them off, he had his reasons. if brendon didn’t invite ryan, he had his reasons. this wedding happened RIGHT after v&v, brendon started dating sarah RIGHT after the band broke up. that break up was still pretty damn fresh in all their minds which is why it could have been either one of them, or both. 

there’s just a lot of questionable information out there that slightly contradicts whatever she’s saying. how are things good when you can’t even get them in the same room to talk about a band? or go to each others weddings (no one went to jon’s wedding, ryan and jon did not go to brendon’s or spencer’s weddings)? or collaborate? or even acknowledge each other on social media ?

jon is the only one who will @ them or like their posts or congratulate them on achievements – they won’t give him the time or day to acknowledge him back. and jon honestly can’t be that shitty of a guy if the bands from their days signed to FBR are still friends with him and work with him on music. so obviously the problem is between ryan, brendon and spencer and they’re all obviously still sour about s o m e t h i n g.

this doesn’t begin with the panic stalker and it definitely doesn’t end with the panic stalker. it started with brendon and ryan and it will end with those two. the panic stalker was just a byproduct of the professional and personal decay of their relationship.

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CONTINUED: And honestly, I really have to say that between her route and Alm’s, I prefer hers more. I wasn’t ever able to play Gaiden so I cannot compare the differences from her initial character to her current character, but I think how they handled her arc was written fairly well. Not perfect, but it was good. Like you said, she and Jedah are fighting for the same thing: they want to save their respective gods (2) 

And with that came a lot of risks that we, as the omniscient player, know shouldn’t be taken but as characters in a world where this information isn’t available to them, they wouldn’t. Celica isn’t stupid, but she’s desperate. In her vision, she saw that Alm would end up in danger and wanted to protect him because HE WAS LITERALLY THE FRIEND WHO WAS THERE FOR HER AFTER SHE NEARLY GOT KILLED AND LEARNED HER BROTHER WAS ESSENTIALLY DEAD. (3)  

 She’s seen the effect of the drought on the people, how Lima’s and Desaix’s incompetent rule affected them as well because of the many brigands and pirates, etc. Of everyone in her team, it’s Celica who knows full well what is expected of her and what her responsibilities are (Boey comes close when he mentions in Act 3 that if she revealed her true identity, she’d be made to lead the Deliverance effort herself). 

As Lima’s daughter, she’d be expected to atone for his sins. It’s her responsibility to end the war (which Alm did) and look for Mila to restore Zofia to her glory. And when she sets out for her mission not knowing that she was set to fail, she finds out that Mila was taken by Rudolf and is held captive in Duma Tower. Jedah is offering her a chance to save her people and to save Rigel as well and as someone who was raised to believe that they cannot live without the gods, Celica understands. (5) 

She wants to free Mila and save her people because that is her responsibility and she would do anything. Her life as a bargaining chip is all she can do in a situation in which the ‘enemy’ has Mila captive. It isn’t wise and Conrad and Saber both know that, but in Celica’s situation it is the only choice she can make. She cannot risk to save herself and spend time to look for another way when her people are effing dying and her friends are in danger. (6)

And when she finds out that Mila sealed her powers and the Falchion away, that she essentially ‘turned her back’ on her people? She crumbles. She falls because she doesn’t know what else to do. But despite losing her faith in Mila, she still knows that Duma can save the whole continent–the gods are the ones who can support them, that’s why she agrees to Jedah. Desperation can make people act irrationally, so why shit on Celica for it? (7) 

There’s also the case that Celica’s arc, to me, doesn’t have the resolution it deserves and she deserves better than the ending she is given. But anyways, I probably could have worded all of that better and they probably didn’t make sense and I’m sorry for that !!! ✌✌✌ it just jdjfkekc really annoys me that on a platform that demands for better written female characters and a fanbase that wants more badass/realistic women, we get celica and the first thing that happens is they call her a dumbass

I feel like people would criticise Celica a lot less if Jedah didn’t look so ‘obviously evil.’ I think in games like FE, if you pretend all characters are completely unprejudiced and never judge by appearance, then Celica’s decision to help Jedah may seem a lot easier to swallow. 

FE female lords are cursed by the fact that they are often forced into making incorrect choices, unlike their male counterparts. Ephraim doesn’t hand over the sacred stone to Lyon like Eirika does. Micaiah is decidedly on the wrong side of the war and Celica makes the wrong call in trusting Jedah. The only real exception is Lyn and she is pretty much wallpaper for the better part of FE7. 

In fact, the only two male lords who I could think of who mess up in significant ways are Sigurd (who messes up so bad he gets killed) and Leif, who is perhaps the only lord in existence that gets the chance to learn from his errors. Celica and Eirika both make their mistakes so late game, that there is literally no chance for a learning curve. I think that’s why their mistakes are harder to take and they are criticised more for being dumb, because there’s never another scenario for Celica. She doesn’t get another scene with Jedah where she decides to rely on her friends so they can together find a solution. 

Instead, she gets stabbed so Alm can get some angst. 

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I love a lot of characters on GOT, but most are usually talked about enough, so I don’t feel the need to repeat things.

But, Meera… man, Meera! Our girl needs more love.

She is one of the bravest characters on the show. She’s fighting deadly weather, White Walkers, grief and more because she believes Bran Stark is the key to saving the world.

She is literally dragging him around the most dangerous parts of Westeros, despite the many challenges and the overwhelming stress.

So, cheers to Meera. She’s loyal af and a fucking superhero. 🙌

“Ugh, my cousins are sooooo annoying.”

Growing up, Lily was used to the popularity she was getting as the daughter of Jesse and Lukas, members of the Order of The Stone. She wanted to be just as brave as heroic as both of her parents, and save the world one day.

But, in order to walk, you gotta learn to crawl.

Lukas considered having Lily babysit Lexi and Alex, twins of Axel and Petra, when they were too busy with the town or expeditions.

 “If you want to be a fighter,” Lukas said, “you have to be patient, loving and strong for the people you’re protecting.”

She didn’t mention anything about the screaming, messes, drooling, and waking up with one side of your hair a lot shorter than the other.

They’re considered cousins because of Jesse and Axel’s brotherly relationship. Still, blood relative or not, Lily loves her cousins with all her heart. she hopes that when she becomes a great fighter, she can teach them lots of things.

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ive been following both shows ever since their early days and this whole thing with S/U reminds me of M/LP. many MANY fans were bullied out of the fandom for critizing MLP for it's drop in quality in s3 and the ratings significantly dropped and still are dropping to this day with the remaining fans pretending everything's fine.

I honestly adored that show right until season 3 funnily enough when Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn (damn was I mad that whole normal girl becomes a princess cliche uwu I just didnt like the idea of her changing from a normal girl who saves the world to some immortal demi-god in a sense. WHY DOES SHE BECOME A PRINCESS I try not to throw this term around a lot but I dont care imma say it! Mary-sue! *calm down fixit..*  man I can go on forever on how mad I was and still am! I hope I made sense there) also I never really liked Twilight Sparkle that much anyway Its not that I hated her or anything I just thought she was kinda.. boring compared to the rest my girls were Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash no offence to any Twilight Sparkle fans all my best episodes were without Twilight.. at least MLP can do something right and not have everything in Twilights perspective to the point she is not in every damn episode.


Id also get mad if SU ends with Steven coming a full gem because I am really not a fan of the idea of the MC becoming a different stronger being like its mega cliche.. I hope you get what I mean.Stevens most interesting feature is him being half human and half gem dont change that please..

Unlike a lot of young female characters in films and television today, C.J.’s life isn’t about “When is Mr. Right going to come along and save me from this?” She is constructing her world for herself. I’m sure she would love to meet Mr. Right and run off into the sunset with him, but she’s not waiting for him to come galloping along. In the last scene [of season two] she had with Danny, he says, “Look, this isn’t a problem for me.” And she says, “It’s a problem for me.” She’s doing just fine.
—  Aaron Sorkin