s: shari

Starting canter in the long reins. I moved forward a little, so as to provide some support; the position of my body functioning as an inside leg. I also do it for my own safety, since she sometimes still gets a bit excited and bucks or strikes out. Once she gains more stamina and better balance I can drop back into the usual position.

Shari is still being a good noodle.

Shari was a very great help yesterday when I was long reining with Alta.

(In all seriousness; we have issues with dog owners when we go out hacking, and this is a nice and controlled environment to teach Alta that dogs are not scary and one should not flee from them. Plus, it was fun to see Shari’s herding instincts hard at work; she has never done any herding training, this is all her.)

Shari as teen mom in Europe/America (somewhere where they make a problem of it, or maybe they did?)

• Shari is European (not because i want to whitewash, just because it would be interesting, btw not all europeans are white)
• Jamal is from India but he comes to Europe to study (sciences or something)
• Shari is helping exchange students to learn a weird european language and studies to become a doctor
• she helps Jamal and she immediately likes him
• despite (or because of?) the language and culture gap are getting closer
• and Shari gets pregnant
• Jamal panics: he has to go back to India in a month
• but he wants/needs to stay with Shari and he feels responsible for her and the child
• Shari tells her parents
• she knew they would be angry, but she never thought they would let her choose: them (her parents and siblings) or her child and the love of her life
• Jamal takes her to India
• his big, loving family adopts her and cares for her
• Shari helps in the house: she cooks and plays with the children
• she names her child Alice, after an Australian girl who helped another pregnant woman on the bus, she was overwhelmed by the goodness of this person (a little bit impulsive, yes)
• later she gets a job as translator and she helps students who are going to europe
• one day, an Australian woman comes to their town to participate in a competition of martial arts
•Shari sees and recognises the woman when she hears her name and of course she encounters Alice to talk, little Alice at her side
•big Alice remembers her, of course, and they become long distance best friends
• big Alice is like an older sister forlittleAlice