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brad and judy seeming older than they are and acting out stilted, unsettling caricatures of what they think is the ‘perfect parents’ archetype is actually really fucking heartbreaking when you realize they’re trying to fill the hole left in both their lives and their son’s by what happened

even more heartbreaking is when the curse starts chipping away at their pretenses and you realize that, as much as they wanted to be, the people they’ve become just aren’t parent material; they’re deeply uncomfortable and inept at connecting/dealing with kids on more than a superficial level, as evidenced by Man in the Mirror, and as they fall further into their own selfishness they completely lose track of what was important to them in the first place

tl;dr brad and judy exhibit a pretty unique kind of brokenness for a kids’ cartoon that’s even sadder for how hard it is to tell exactly what the fuck is wrong with them

E-Tank and I are playing a drinking game where we put a bunch of targets on the floor with things like “take a shot” and “chug a beer” and “draw porn of thrower’s OTP” and “write a drabble, thrower’s prompt”, and one person throws a ball at the targets and the other person has to do whatever they land on.

So here’s a drabble in response to the prompt: “Daphne knows Velma is a lesbian before Velma does”

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Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated is flawless except for two things

  • The Gwen Stacy cosplayer rapist criminal never got any real explanation. How old is she. Why does she dress like Gwen Stacy. What’s her connection to all this. Is she just a random criminal for hire? Why does she date rape high school boys. Is she a teen, adult, young adult?
  • Crystal Cove wasn’t renamed Coolsville in the new timeline