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Dating Sam Winchester Would Include...

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~ Researching for hunts together

~ Bookstore and coffee dates

~ Him calling you “Little Moose” and you calling him “Big Moose”

~ Him secretly loving it when you play with and mess up his hair

~ You and Dean being best friends

~ Pranks around the bunker

~ Cute notes when one of you is on a hunt

~ Sam babying you when you’re sick

~ Reading Harry Potter together

~ You making the bunker feel homey and not so manly

~ You stealing his flannels

~ Movie nights every week

~ Picnic dates in every new town you visit

~ Forehead kisses

I just need to take a moment to realise how much I love spnfamily (everyday). It just is the best one !

Dean Winchester x Reader|| Baby Singer

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“Dad are you sure this is the place? There’s nothing here.” I said into the phone, looking around skeptically.

“I’m positive. That’s where everything leads the nest to. It should be in that warehouse.” I heard my father say.

“If you say so. Tell Mom that I’ll be home later and tell Jo not to touch my pie.” I responded, grabbing my dead man’s blood and machete.

“Go kick some vamp ass and make sure not to get yourself killed.” Dad told me before hanging up. I took a deep breath, mumbling Man up, ya idjit. It’s just a vamp nest.

I walked into the warehouse, making sure to watch where I was going, and looked for any signs of vampires.

“Sammy! A little help would be nice!” I heard a deep voice yell, sounding in distress.

“Dean, I’m a little caught up right now. You’re going to have to try and distract them!” I heard another voice say, both sounding manly. I decided to help and I took out 2 vamps before anyone noticed me there.

“Who are you?” One man said, he had candy apple green eyes and he was slightly shorter than the other man who was taking care of the bodies.

“Y/N Singer, and you are? My dad told me I had the case here. I didn’t know there was other hunters here.” I responded, muttering ‘Christo’ under my breath.

“I’m not a black eyed sonuvabitch. I’m Dean and that’s my little brother Sammy.” He said, looking me up and down.

“So you’re the famous Sam and Dean? My dad never shuts up about you two.” I said, easing up a little.

“Bobby has another kid?” The taller one, Sam, said walking into the room we were in.

“Yup, that’s me. I’m usually on hunts with Garth or Rufus so I’m not usually home.” I said, looking at the two notorious hunters in front of me.

“You don’t look like you’re related to Bobby. You’re too pretty to take after that old man.” Dean said, still eyeing me.

“I look more like my mother. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go save my pie from my sister’s wrath.” I said, turning around to walk out.

“Wait! Was it a pecan pie?” Dean asked before I fully left.

“How’d you know?” I asked him, wondering how the hell he knew what my pie was.

“About that… I ate it when we stopped at Bobby’s on the way over.” Dean said, a nervous chuckle escaping his lips.

“You did not eat my pie.” I said, stopping in my tracks as I sent him the meanest death glare I could manage.

“Heh, sorry.” Dean said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“I expect a pie waiting for me when I get home, Mr. Winchester.” I said, turning away and walking back to my car.

“I’ll try. Can’t promise anything!” Dean called after me. He and Sam walked out of the barn and to a nice looking '67 Impala.

“It was nice meeting you boys, but I’ve gotta track down a pack of werewolves and I don’t want to lose my trail.” I said, driving past them as they got into their car.

“She’s so hot.” I heard right as I left. Little did I know I would see a lot more of the Winchester’s, especially the green eyed older brother.



On this day in 2005, we were introduced to two brothers who criss cross the country in a 67 Chevy Impala fighting monsters.

Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business

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If this isn't a sign that I'm too much of a Supernatural fan to ever escape, I don't know what is:

I was just eating a hot dog with ketchup (no mustard because yuck.) I take a bite and when I pull back, a drop of ketchup gets onto my hand and what do I instinctively do? I look up at the god damn ceiling…
It’s too late for me, save yourself.

Person: What’s supernatural even about?
Me: Two brothers;one is a sexy nerd and the other says awesome a lot, he also likes pie and they save people and hunt thing along with an angel whose “people skills” are “rusty”
Person : so, you lock yourself in your room everyday and spend all your time watching this?

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