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#97 - United Servo Academy men’s chorus (612 - The Starfighters) (submitted by cutiepuppyfire

Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon?
Take these broken wings and learn to fly me to the moon
Sail on silver bird
Have you ever heard that the bird is the word?

‘Cross the wide Missouri!

There’s really something about Servo’s singing that just makes me weak at the knees.


Mystery Science Theater 3000, Ep. 206: Ring of Terror

Although Mystery Science Theater 3000 didn’t quite find its groove until the start of its third season, there were still a handful of classic episodes from seasons one and two. One of the best was an odd movie from season two entitled Ring of Terror–a thoroughly confusing yet macabre story about middle-aged “medical students.” The film’s centerpiece was a prolonged sequence where the “medical students” had to attend an autopsy.

Joel and the bots naturally responded by treating the gruesome sequence as a cooking show.

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