s: monster high


Author’s Note: I have considered writing about this. However am hesitant, because what I am considering is in comic form. I don’t know how much i want to invest in a story where the main character is not just a character I’m making up 90% of the personality for, but the different form of said character to the point she’s not even recognizable.

If enough interest is garnered I think I will, only because I kind of want to do it for personal practice. But comics are hard and it’s discouraging if only like a handful of people are interested in middle school hybrids.

So if you like this post I’ll take it as encouragement to write about when the hybrids didn’t have a mixed monster school to go to and were the losers of a werewolf middle school while Bonita felt ugly as all get out and eventually pupated. Also Neight was a weeb and Avea was totally goffic.

Because I kiiiind of already have some vague storyboards for it.

Again just concerned bc if I did do it, the main character wouldn’t even look like official Bonita till like the last couple of pages. And I feel like that might turn some people off it.