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The plot of High School Musical (from each persons point of view)
  • Troy: I am sport.
  • Troy: I am sing?
  • Troy: No, I am sport.
  • Troy: Am I sport?
  • Troy: Why not both?
  • Gabriela: Book.
  • Gabriela: Sing?
  • Ryan: Jazz squares
  • Ryan: Over shadowed by Sharpay
  • Ryan: Hat
  • Ryan: Over shadowed by Sharpay
  • Sharpay: I've been in 17 school performances
  • Sharpay: This is not what I want
  • Sharpay: Over shadows everyone
  • Kelsi: Plz don't bedazzle me
  • Kelsi: You can come over for breakfast and we can rehearse
  • Chad: Ball is love
  • Chad: Ball is life
  • Taylor: Everyone else is below me
  • Taylor:
  • Zeke: Ball
  • Zeke: But bake?
  • Zeke: Sharpay <3 ?
  • Darbus: MusiCALs!!

ppl always think destiel shippers want destiel to be canon so the show can be aLL  ABOUT DEA N AND CAS HA VING T EH SEX but actually i want things like sam walking into dean’s room to see cas sitting on the bed reading while dean sleeps with his head in cas’ lap and they’re both fully clothed and sam and cas have to whisper for the whole scene.

“…or are you strictly into dick now?”

god, i sleep with three guys in a month and suddenly i’m ‘strictly into dick now.’ jesus, sammy, do i need to pull up the powerpoint about bisexuality again? we’ve been over this a hundred times, do i need to explain again that i could be 90 percent attracted to–”

“oh my god shut up dean.”