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The wall crumbled, sunlight streaming into the chapel as Charlotte took the direct entrance, creating one of her own- in a show white wedding dress- resplendent, like an angel- or a goddess.


Eleanor’s (& Thierry’s) Reactions

Merde merde merde!” Eleanor swore as she poured herself a shot of caramel couloured whiskey, wishing alcohol would actually affect her. Thierry lightly touched her shoulder and said “Darling, calm down. Everything will be fine, the killer will be found.”

“I can’t believe they found his fucking body.” She mumbled as she downed another shot.

“Please do try to calm down. Being wound up like this won’t help anyone.”

“Thierry, love, they found him in my library. In my manor.”

“So? Eleanor, you are the nicest person in the world, you would never hurt a fly. Most of the town is here, it could be anyone.”

Eleanor sighed, and leaned into Thierry’s chest. Now was definitely not the time to have that conversation with him. “Ya..” She sighed out. She supposed that if anyone did want to link Leo’s murder to her… well, the manor has a lot of secret passages.

“Eleanor, I love you and nothing will change that. I would protect you with my last breath from whatever psycho did this.”

“I… Merci beaucoup.”

Thierry was worried, and decided to do whatever he could to assist in helping to find the murder. For starters, no one would be allowed to leave the manor grounds. There were more than enough guestrooms, so that shouldn’t be a problem. He wanted to make sure not a single more drop of blood was spilt.

Meanwhile, Eleanor’s mind was spinning and turning with back-up plans, escapes, and the fear of being accused. She didn’t want anyone to die, this was supposed to be a happy celebration, something good. But now here she was with a dead body in her library and most of the town stuck on the manor grounds. It was going to be a bumpy ride.

#5 My Neighbor’s A Jerk

Summary: (Office AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your jerk of a neighbor, called hate. With every ounce of passion filled in your veins you both commence that feeling from day one of meeting each other. But what happens once, one of you are at the receiving end of the other’s help? Maybe you will learn how to co-operate?

Word Count: 4399 (have fun)

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader

Genre: RomCom

Warning: peek a boo i see you ;)

Author’s Note: I’M SCREAMING 

P.S let me know what you think ;)

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Morning rolls in and like yesterday, you’re ready sharp at six am outside your apartment building with your sports attire on. Steve told you to meet him outside your house yesterday before you were leaving office for home so that you don’t forget.

To be honest, you were kind of dreading this whole thing, since you knew today Bucky would be join the three you. But you promised yourself not to let his presence bother you.

Unfortunately, as said before, the man frowns too much. As he steps down the porch, greeting Steve and Sam, he immediately stopped in his tracks as your face came in view.

“What is she doing here?” The words fall out of his mouth like pure venom, and that made you pull a brow. Damn, even though he means nothing to you, it stings.

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Soulmate AU

Ok so imagine a soulmate au where you don’t physically feel anything until you and your soulmate first make skin contact.

Imagine people never feeling pain and calmly going to hospital with a stab wound only to start screaming in agony after they shake hands with the doctor that stitched them up.

Imagine a little girl tripping over and being helped up by another little girl only to start crying because her knee really hurts.
Imagine someone being really paranoid about ever touching anyone and always wears gloves to avoid being touched.

Imagine someone taking their fiancées hand at the alter only to feel nothing.

Imagine overly touchy people who are desperate for love and are searching for the one.

Imagine someone High-fiving their best friend only the feel the sting and look at them all excited and ask if they felt that, only for their friend to say no.

Imagine two people being platonic soulmates and constantly cuddling or touching each other in some way.

Someday I’m going to make a theme park called “Skyland”

It’s going to be like Seaworld except with birds. It’s gonna focus on avian conservation, it’ll do a good job and get lots of awards for saving the birds.

There will be fun attractions like skydiving in those big wind tunnel things. Flying With Eagles…or maybe ravens because eagles are scary. Homing With Pigeons. Partying With Parrots. Running With Emus. Running From Cassowaries. There will be much controversy from this attraction because of The Incident, however it’ll quickly be covered up and forgotten about, they’ll trade it out for Running From Chickens.

There will be fun and educational falconry shows too.

It will be a good place. It will cater to all birds. It’ll soon be the leader in animal husbandry which everyone will follow.