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Rebekah's Endgame

I’m just curious on who you guys ship queen bex with the most and why?
My opinions on some of her ships…
I liked stebekah at first, but I noticed that their relationship was very one-sided. Stefan took advantage of the fact that she loved him. Plus he is such a fuckboy now that I wouldn’t wish that on her.
Matt never stood a chance, he would never become a vampire.
I’m iffy about Marcel because of recent events. I was rooting for them towards the end of season 1 and through 2, but not so much this last season. (At least from what is of it on here and through yt)
I dig rebenzo because they could be awesome together. He would treat her like a princess and be loyal to her. They’re personalities would mesh very well. I think their relationship would be a bit like Bonenzo. I think Rebekah wants that kind of security.

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