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Can we talk about these two beautiful underrated ships from TVD!

Mabekah (Matt Donovan & Rebekah Mikaelson) Kailijah (Katherine Pierce & Elijah Mikaelson) These two ships were massively underrated especially the first one! They were great together!

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03. Matt Donovan and Rebekah Mikaelson [The Vampire Diaries].

 "I thought about what you said, about being good, and you’re right. It won’t be easy but it’s worth trying.“

"I don’t understand why my opinion is so important to you.”

“Because you’re everything that I want to be. You’re loyal, honest, kind. People root for you to succeed. Elena even died for you.”

“I’m a busboy, Rebekah. Okay? It’s not like I’m out saving the world.”

“But you’re human. You’re so beautifully human.”

Rebekah's Endgame

I’m just curious on who you guys ship queen bex with the most and why?
My opinions on some of her ships…
I liked stebekah at first, but I noticed that their relationship was very one-sided. Stefan took advantage of the fact that she loved him. Plus he is such a fuckboy now that I wouldn’t wish that on her.
Matt never stood a chance, he would never become a vampire.
I’m iffy about Marcel because of recent events. I was rooting for them towards the end of season 1 and through 2, but not so much this last season. (At least from what is of it on here and through yt)
I dig rebenzo because they could be awesome together. He would treat her like a princess and be loyal to her. They’re personalities would mesh very well. I think their relationship would be a bit like Bonenzo. I think Rebekah wants that kind of security.

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