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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Audio Commentary:

“I think people miss the concept. When you call the movie ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, the notion of the Winter Soldier is from a quote from Paine about Summer Soldiers and Winter Soldiers. Winter Soldiers are the real soldiers 'cause they are the soldiers who would fight through the winter. In a way, by Paine’s definition they are both Winter Soldiers, which is the great thing about the title.
People have said, "He is the titular character, why isn’t he more in the movie?” When really, Cap is the titular character. Cap is the Winter Soldier. The whole film is about a character who is the greatest of soldiers. He will fight through the darkest times and the coldest winter to see his principles through. That’s really what the movie is about.“

anonymous asked:

What are some of you agents of shield headcanons?

  • everyone thinks that the reason coulson got the bus was because he ‘died’
  • the real reason was because fury ruined his captain america trading cards
  • dammit fury, they were viNTAGE!, i’ll never be able to replace them now
  • before HYDRA happened, team bus used to have a chore wheel
  • fitz would do anything to get out of vacuuming
  • people at SHIELD academy tell The Cavalry stories like they would tell ghost stories.
  • most of Coulsons Captain America merchandiseare presents from May.
  • she once got him a Captain America bed sheet set as a joke.
  • he still uses them all the time.
  • skye once changed mays ringtone to boss ass bitch
  • may still hadn’t figured out how to changed it back
  • when jemma heard that trip was the grandson of a howling commando the first thing she did was sit him down and made him to tell her stories of peggy carter during the war
  • trip was more then happy to comply 
  • skye still mentally says bang when she shoots a gun
  • peggy carter was mays s.o
  • jemma nearly cried when she found out
  • skye sometimes like to sarcastically call coulson ‘dad’
  • she once “accidentally ” called may mom
  • may would never tell, but she secretly liked it
  • even during the entire hydra mess, trip and skye insisted that the team celebrate christmas
  • lance is a huge taylor swift fan
  • him and bobbi like to jam out to blank space
  • mack once caught lance dancing around his room to you belong with me in the middle of the night
  • they don’t talk about it
  • ever
  • when they restarted shield one of the first things the group decided to do was to rebuild a wall of valor
  • trip was the first name added to the wall