s: larry

  • Louis @ fans: can't wait to release the new single! It's gonna be-
  • Harry: [heavy breathing]
  • Louis: ..... it's gonna be so-
  • Harry: [stuttering while holding back tears] cccan y-you... releaSE IT ..,, PLEASE FUCJK IM-
  • Louis: Harry ....you've already heard it...it's your ringtone...you're listening to it right now
  • niall: Why haven't I seen it?
  • louis: Why do you wanna see it?
  • niall: He's my best mate!
  • louis: Again, why do you wanna see it?
  • niall: What if Harry has an accident? What if he's horribly disfigured and I have to identify him, and all that remains are his private parts? I'm standing there and I'm saying, "Sorry, I can't help you, because no, I haven't seen my best friend's penis," and boom, he's buried in a mass grave.
  • louis: Again, why do you wanna see it?

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