s: gryles

gryles thigh fucking + orgasm denial + some actual fucking. this is just ~4k of porn.

inspired by crucio’s gryles thigh fucking post and poppunk1d’s enthusiasm

They’re at a party at Alexa’s house, and Harry has had four strong drinks already. Aimee had mixed one of them, and Harry is at least thirty percent sure there hadn’t been anything but vodka and ice in it. “What’s the party for?” he had asked Alexa two hours in, his words slurring just slightly. Alexa had rolled her eyes and given him a perfunctory kiss on the cheek, leaving red lipstick on his skin.

“For fun, Haz,” she replied lightly, running a hand through her short hair and turning to talk to Henry, who had just walked in. Harry had nodded at her back seriously and filtered back into the party.

An hour later, he’s deep into a conversation with Daisy, who had arrived at the party in a soft floral dress and a tray of pot brownies, one of which she’s clearly had herself.

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