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You can’t do this. You cannot pass yourself off as a real person among actual people.
I lived among otters once for a month. Well, I sulked. River and I, we had this big fight


If you can’t read the letter it says:


I’m sorry. It was the best I could do. I saved you. Except being saved isn’t the same as being saved, is it?

But I couldn’t let you go. Whoever you really are. I have your diary, so I suppose I could find out. Take peek, see a glimpse of my own future. Except that would be cheating. Like you said spoilers. The future is secret for a reason and it should remain a closed book–literally in this case.

But I hope you like your new world. I hope it’s better than the alternative. But I couldn’t let you die. Not after all we’ve been through–you already, and for me yet to happen.

I don’t know who you really are, but I’m glad I’ve met you. Looking forward to meeting you again. I sense that it won’t be easy, but I know it will never be dull.

The tricksTime plays on us, eh? I meet you for the very first time, and it’s the very last time you will ever meet me. Serves me right for mucking about with it so much, I guess.

Look after the others– Anita, the two Daves, Miss Evangelista. Oh and Doctor Moon and Charlotte of course. And anyone else you find in there.

And remember–we did good. Everybody lived more or less.

Virtually yours
The Doctor

(This is a letter from a book I got called Doctor Who The Timelord Letters. And I plan on posting more of these if that’s cool with everyone else.)