s: dinosaurs and badasses

Marvel’s Runaways

If any of you haven’t checked out Marvel’s Runaways yet, go! Watch it! Tweet about it and make some noise so that we get more than just one season!!!

What’ll you get out of it?

  • POC! And by POC I mean ALL the POC (this is one of the more diverse shows I’ve seen this year)
  • Your local space gay (not kidding - lesbian alien alert! And it’s canon, not some Supergirl level of queerbaiting)
  • A fucking dinosaur who’s uber cute and has a septum (very badass!)
  • Gert, the girl who’s willing to overthrow patriarchy
  • Remember Gregg Sulkin? The nice British lad who had to fake an American accent for Faking It? He’s on it!
  • Nico, the queen of goth, the .. night sky behind your stars.. the.. wiccan.. love of your.. darkest..dreams? (You’ll get it later.)
  • Molly, played by Allegra Acosta!!! Such a blessing!! Perfect!!! Adorable!! I hope she has a great day!

Just go and watch it!!! It’s good, I promise! And don’t forget the popcorn!!!