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Remember when Danny told Jackson (for the nth time) that Jackson is not his type…?

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O-kay, so let’s see. Apparently, Danny’s type is the good-looking medium-blond short-haired muscly broad-shouldered jock with excellent bone structure, relatively big nose, and strong jaw. Can be kind of a dickish jerk of a show-off, in bad moments.

Uhm. Just saying.

Or is it just me…?

Jackson/Danny FF

“The Love of a Mate”


Summary: Jackson and Lydia are practically engaged, and then Jackson meets Danny, his mate. Fuck.

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Jackson/Danny, hints of Jackson/Lydia, hints of Derek/Stiles

Fandom: Teen Wolf


In a world where everyone is gay.

I just don’t understand why Teen Wolf can’t be about 6 guys who are all in relationships with each other. Jackson with Danny, Scott with Isaac and Stiles with Derek.  

  • Danny can deal with his boyfriend being a lizard.
  • Stiles can deal with his boyfriend being a bad ass Alpha.
  • Scott can deal with his boyfriend being a cutey pie. 
he was pointing at the moon, but i was looking at his hand. - HaleyElizabeth - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

hey look, i wrote danny/jackson fic for rarepair repop.

He shifted from one heel to the other, fist wrapped tightly around the strap of his backpack. Waiting. Watching. Part of him- the paranoid part that he liked to keep buried somewhere underneath the surface, way, way underneath the surface- wondered if maybe he was gonna be stood up.

Things had been tense between them since Jackson had moved. Danny had been confused and angry at the lack of any explanation from his best friend. Jackson had been caught up in his own world, lost in something that he wasn’t willing to share.

Maybe this last ditch effort to save their friendship was a bust. Maybe Danny was gonna end up stranded at a hotel airport, until he could reschedule a flight back to-


Danny closed his eyes and grinned. Let out a breath of relief, and shook his head just a little. And then he turned around, opened his eyes, and just grinned more.


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Jackson/Danny: danny's going out with another guy and Jackson doesn't know he's jealous

Jackson Whittemore hates Gary. 

He hates everything about him. From the shit car he drives to the way he slicks back his hair to the dumb ass name. Gary. It even sounds stupid. But Jackson’s the kind of person who hates pretty much 9/10ths of the population so he doesn’t think much of it. Just rolls his eyes when he sees Gary waiting outside of school. That’s another thing. Gary goes to another school but insists on coming to his school. Which pisses jackson off because it’s his school and that kid should stick with his own. Lacrosse season’s going to suck because of him. 

But most of all he hates the dopy grin Danny gets when he sees him. 

It’s like Danny is oblivious to everything that’s wrong with the guy. All Danny can see is that Gary comes to pick him up and sometimes picks up the tab. Jackson rolls his eyes especially hard. Or he use to anyway. But then Danny would go quiet and Jackson would feel like an asshole. Because even though he hates most of the population, Danny’s the only person really capable of making him feel like he might have something in common with the people he hates. So instead he bites the inside of his cheek and tries not to make any snarky comments when Danny comes to school with a bigger grin on his face or works out extra hard. 

One day in the library he finally snaps when Danny looks up from the chem book and mutters

“I don’t know why you’ve got such a problem with Gary.”

“Because you deserve better than someone whose ass we kick in lacrosse,” Jackson snaps. 

For a moment they’re both silent. It’s not a direct insult, rather it’s a compliment and Jackson doesn’t give those out very often. Danny looks at him before ducking his head. Jackson clears his throat and pulls the book closer. 

Danny dumps Gary the next day. 


More things to love about 2x01 - Omega:

1.  The bros hanging out in chem class together, Danny wearing that clingy, mint-green, v-neck shirt, and Danny’s dimples.  <3

2.  Danny’s dimples getting even deeper as a direct result of something Stiles-related.  <3  <3

3.  Danny’s big, brown eyes looking at his best bro with worry.  (Trust him, Jackson.  He won’t abandon you.)  <3  <3  <3