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Jackson/Danny FF

“The Love of a Mate”


Summary: Jackson and Lydia are practically engaged, and then Jackson meets Danny, his mate. Fuck.

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Jackson/Danny, hints of Jackson/Lydia, hints of Derek/Stiles

Fandom: Teen Wolf


he was pointing at the moon, but i was looking at his hand. - HaleyElizabeth - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

hey look, i wrote danny/jackson fic for rarepair repop.

He shifted from one heel to the other, fist wrapped tightly around the strap of his backpack. Waiting. Watching. Part of him- the paranoid part that he liked to keep buried somewhere underneath the surface, way, way underneath the surface- wondered if maybe he was gonna be stood up.

Things had been tense between them since Jackson had moved. Danny had been confused and angry at the lack of any explanation from his best friend. Jackson had been caught up in his own world, lost in something that he wasn’t willing to share.

Maybe this last ditch effort to save their friendship was a bust. Maybe Danny was gonna end up stranded at a hotel airport, until he could reschedule a flight back to-


Danny closed his eyes and grinned. Let out a breath of relief, and shook his head just a little. And then he turned around, opened his eyes, and just grinned more.


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starter sentence: "Please don't." pairing: Danny/Jackson

“Please don’t.”

Danny likes to think he only clicks his mouth shut because he can count the number of times he’s heard Jackson sincerely say please on one hand, but that might be giving himself too much credit. Jackson’s staring at him from where he’s lounged on his bed in a way that should be casual but is really just too-sharp and too-taut to be anything but uncomfortable. Danny used to be good at reading his face, but it’s been a year and a half of the occasional gritty Skype call or text message, and he finds himself at a loss when faced with Jackson’s expression.

Danny sighs. “Don’t what, Jackson? Don’t ignore you the way you ignored me—all of us?”

“Listen, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was coming back.”

Danny wants to punch him.

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But like

UA fics where Jackson can’t unbecome the Kanima. Gerard is dead. But he’s stuck, there’s no saving him, he’s screwed. Derek wants to kill him and Scott’s running out of options and with Derek pushing him up against a wall by the throat Jackson manages to gasp out a suggestion: that they choose a Master for the Kanima before it does. Derek drops him and eyes him warily; Scott asks who he’s thinking. (Scott, being considerate as ever, would want Jackson to choose himself) and with no hesitation, Jackson says Danny.

They have to explain everything to Danny, of course, and he’s a little horrified because werewolves and his best friend’s been murdering people under the control of various psychopaths and oh my god, this is nuts. How does this even work?

But he looks at Jackson and Jackson’s expression is filled with pure trust and so he agrees.

Derek slashes at Jackson, claws him to bring the Kanima out and when it does Danny’s almost scared away but he sees Jackson in it’s eyes and he holds his hand out to it, welcomes it because he is the best Master Jackson could hope for (maybe not the best Kanima Master, being new to it and all, but he’s what Jackson needs and that’s what matters)

And then happy makeouts when Jackson is himself and sex with slight D/s undertones and Jackson just being /free/ because with Danny as his Master he’ll never hurt anyone again.

Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak by lielabell

Rating: Pg-13

Pairing: Danny/Jackson

Summary: “"I can’t believe you never told me,” Danny says, marching up to Jackson in the school parking lot to jab a finger in his chest.“ - author summary

Review: This was super adorable.  I love me some Danny/Jackson - they’re lovely together.


Remember when Danny told Jackson (for the nth time) that Jackson is not his type…?

External image

O-kay, so let’s see. Apparently, Danny’s type is the good-looking medium-blond short-haired muscly broad-shouldered jock with excellent bone structure, relatively big nose, and strong jaw. Can be kind of a dickish jerk of a show-off, in bad moments.

Uhm. Just saying.

Or is it just me…?