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A CrissColfer Masterpost of Masterposts

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There are many more, but sadly a lot of CC masterposts have been deleted as their OPs left the fandom after Glee ended and moved on to other fandoms. Someone should create a Hedwig CC compilation about ALL the Hedwigs (Broadway + tour) and it would be interesting because honestly it’s a CC treasure trove of proof we have since Glee ended: the Colfur jokes (starting on Chris’ birthday), all the different remarks about “Chris Colfur” (“I get it in bulk” “I have a special order” “I know a guy” etc), the stage door interactions with fans about CC and Chris (THE HAT!), the paps pics of Chris “drunk” the closing night, beardie changing seats to be carwashed on the Dublin kiss anniversary…

Still going strong, my friends…


So, some time ago, Back In The Day, there were other blogs set up to field asks about Chris and Darren and related paraphernalia.  They came and went; posted a while, claimed to have a source, or be a source, and then would bail.

Since we seem to be blasting from the past anyway, thought I’d post some old screen caps from one of those blogs, majored-in-fun-and-awesome. They’ve long since deleted, so it seemed okay to post these without worrying about sending people screaming at them.

Make of them what you will.

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Sometimes you just stop and think that Chris and Darren met and fell in love with each other when they were /only/ twenty and twenty-three years old.

And after seven years they’re still going strong as if it was the first day with a home only for them, a cat and a dog to make them company and a marriage.

“‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love”