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“Have you ever see an alpaca, Cather? They’re like the world’s most adorable llamas. Like, imagine the cutest llama that you can, and then just keep going.”

A birthday card for @fanbows
Levi from @rainbowrowell’s Fangirl
I imagined that this is a picture Cath took after Levi’s sister’s wedding, when Cath first visited their ranch. Cath’s a little afraid of the alpaca at first so Levi goes and hugs it to show her that it won’t hurt them :)

Inktober day 19
Cath and Levi based on the wonderful photographs by @yulinkuang. If you haven’t seen the amazing scene she filmed with @marykatewiles as Cath and @aleandpercale as Levi, go watch it!! It makes me wish for a full-length Fangirl movie :)