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Kendall Imagine for Michele

Nine months. It had been nine months since Kendall left for his tour with Heffron Drive and nine months since he broke my heart saying it was better we split since he was going on tour. I was a wreck, but I did not plan on showing. Kendall was playing a show in Los Angeles and my best friend and I planned a girls getaway for the weekend so I didn’t have to see him.

“Let’s go! We’re going to be late for our flight.” I yelled

“Hold on! I’m coming.” She lugged her clunky suitcase down the stairs.

“What the hell! We’re staying for four days and you’ve gone and packed for a month.”

“Let’s go! We’re going to be late.” She mocked me. 

*At the airport*

“Flight 417 to Cabo San Lucas will begin boarding momentarily at gate B17.” The man announced on the loudspeaker. 

“Oh right here. We have to wait for this plane from Arizona to finish unloading.”

We waited in line with our tickets to board the plane when I heard my name being called.

“Michele. Look.” My best friend nudged my shoulder pointing behind me.

“What are you-” I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at the broad shouldered, green eyed, blonde haired man.


“Hi.” I replied.

“What are you doing here?” He questioned curiously.

“Unsuccessfully avoiding you.” I tried to sound rude but didn’t want to hurt his feelings at the same time.

He nodded his head towards the seats and I looked back at my friend who smiled and mouthed she’d hold my place in line.

“Why are you trying to avoid me Michele?”

“Are you seriously asking that question Kendall? Do you know what kind of hell you put me through. We shared two years of our lives together and you just decided to break it off because of your tour.” I started to cry at this point. “Kendall this wasn’t the first tour you left for.”

“I think we met like this for a reason. I haven’t been right. You’ve been on my mind nonstop. Can we talk?”

“Kendall, I, I have to go.” I noticed my plane beginning boarding.

“Please-” Kendall pleaded and I sorrowfully smiled and boarded the plane.

“You made a massive mistake.” My best friend nagged.

“What do you mean?” I huffed.

“With Kendall. Did you see his face? He’s a mess.”

“I, I don’t know.” I shook my head.

“Go for it. He misses you.”

*Kendall’s POV*

I turned away from the gate as soon as the last person boarded the plane knowing that I had really blown it with Michele. 

“Kendall!” I spun my head around recognizing the voice from behind me.

“You’re going to miss your plane.” Kendall gestured

“Did you mean what you said? About making a mistake.” I saw my friend lugging both of our bags off the plane.

“Every word of it.” He smiled

“Good.” I grabbed his face and met his lips with mine.

K&D's Wedding (Kendall Imagine)

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Kendall pulls into the parking lot and park his car. I reach over the seat and grab the gift bag in the back seats. We both get out of the car and walk toward the large chapel. Once we both step in, we were greeted immediately by the familiar guests that were here already. I feel Kendall’s grip loosen as his arm slip out of mine. I look over only to see his bandmates pull him to one side of the room, while I feel Alexa pull me to the other.

Tonight is Katelyn’s wedding; she’s a good friend of the boys and played Jo on their TV show. I’ve met her plenty of times on set but I’ve never met her other half. Alexa pulls me away from the main ballroom that is set up for the occasion and through the doorway off to the side.

“Where are you taking me?” I laugh as Alexa continues to pull me.

“We’re seeing the bride!”

Just as she finishes her phrase, she stops immediately in front of a close door. She knocks softly and soon, a woman opens it. She recognize us and let’s us in.

“Good. It’s not the groom.” She laughs. Both Alexa and I grin.

“Katelyn?” Alexa calls.

“In here!” Katelyn replies. We both walk into the separate room and gasps at the sight of her gorgeous white dress.

“Kate…” I nickname her. “You look gorgeous!”

“You think so?” she asks. Alexa and I nod.

“David is a lucky guy to end up with a woman like you Kate,” Alexa sighs happily. Katelyn smiles.

“I hope he’s the right guy” she barely whispers.

“I bet he is” I tell her. I look down in my hand to see the gift bag.

“Oh. Umm…” I lift the bag and Katelyn sees it.

“Aww, thank you Y/N. You can put it on the table out in the main hall.”

“Alright.” One of Katelyn’s bridesmaid walks in.

“Are you ready?” she asks. I look at Katelyn and she nervously nods.

“Only a few minutes from saying ‘I do’” Alexa says. Katelyn took a deep breath. Alexa smiles. “It’s normal. I was normal before I married Carlos.”

“Really?” Katelyn asks. Alexa nods.

Alexa takes my hand again and pull me out of the dressing room. We walk back to the main hall, passing it as we see people start entering the alter. Once we enter, we look around for our men. Kendall and Carlos, along with James, Logan, Makenzie and Peta were sitting in one aisle. We make our way to them. I sit next to Kendall as Alexa takes place next to Carlos and Makenzie.

“Where were you?” Kendall asks into my ear.

“Oh. I went to check on the bride” I tell him. He smiles. “Have you seen David yet?” Kendall points ahead of us. The groom stands in front of everyone in a nice black suit. I look back at Kendall. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. It’s just that everyone we knew since 2009 is now in a perfect relationship, and the next thing you know, they’re getting married…”

The song begins and everyone stands up as Katelyn starts walking down the aisle. She reaches the front and David takes a hold of her. We all sit back down and watch as the ceremony start. Kendall sighs happily.

“You’re thinking about the moment you had with her in Big Time Concert, aren’t you?’ I ask Kendall. He looks at me and chuckle.p

"I didn’t know you yet. But yeah” Kendall says before returning his gaze back at the couple in front of us. “Katelyn chose the right guy.” I smile and lean against Kendall’s frame.

“I do” Katelyn says as she looks at David. David smiles. The preacher does his speech for Davind before he says ‘I do’ himself.

“I now pronounce you the newly married couple. Miss Katelyn and Mr. David.” the preacher says as he closes the book.

We all stand up and clap for Katelyn and David as they walk down the aisle together and disappear into the next room. Slowly, all of the guest makes their way to the main hall for the reception. We look for our table with our name tags. These table are huge and can hold up to ten people.

At our table it was me, Kendall, Logan, Makenzie, Alexa, Carlos, James, Peta and Debby Ryan. The reception is about to start but the there was one person missing. I try to lean over Kendall’s frame to read the name tag that will be sitting next to him.

“Kendall. Who’s missing?” I ask.

“Uh…” Kendall starts leaning forward to read the name tag himself when a young woman in a black dress walks up to the table.

“Hello!” she greets. We all look up at her. We all know her.

“Lucy” Kendall says. “You know Katelyn?” Kendall asks as she sits down next to him. Lucy [Hale] nods.

“Yeah. We guest-starred in an old show years ago” Lucy says.

“Wow” Kendall laughs. “Funny, one day, we’re tweeting each other, and next, we’re seeing each other in the same event!” Lucy giggle.

“I know! What a coincidence!” Lucy looks over at everyone.

“Hi guys! I don’t think we met, but I know you guys” Lucy says. “Big Time Rush, am I right?” She looks at Kendall. Kendall nods.

“Yeah. These are my bandmates” Kendall starts. “That’s James and his dance partner from Dancing With The Star, Peta.”

“Yeah, I know you guys. I was in the audience one night” Lucy says. James and Peta nods.

“That’s Carlos and his wife, Alexa” Kendall points out.

“Hi” Lucy says. Carlos and Alexa greets back.

“That’s Logan and Alexa’s sister, Makenzie.”

“Aww. You guys are cute together. Are you dating?” Lucy asks. They both shrug with a smirk.

“I don’t even know if they’re dating or not.” Kendall laughs. “And this is my girlfriend, Y/N!” Kendall introduce me to Lucy.

“Hi Lucy! I’m going to tell you this but I’m glued to Pretty Little Liars!” I mention. We both laugh.

“Thanks. It’s great to meet you Y/N!” We shake hands.

Katelyn and David finally comes out and take their seats. They do their speech then let us go to serve ourselves in the dining hall. All of us got up and grab dinner. When we all return to the table, we begin eating but Kendall and Lucy, because they have not return. I turn to Logan.

“Hey Logan. Where did Kendall go?” I ask him. He looks around.

“I see him. He’s still in the dinning hall” Logan says, pointing behind me.

I turn in my seat and see Kendall standing there in the dinning hall, laughing with Lucy who’s standing in front of him. I feel a little pain in my chest as I feel my heart drop a bit at the sight of Kendall having fun with Lucy. They seem to know each other really well. But Lucy knows I’m Kendall’s girlfriend. I shouldn’t worry too much.

Both Kendall and Lucy make their way back to the table and we all begin eating. After the two course dinner, dessert is serve. We all watch as Katelyn and David cut the cake and feed each other. Moments later, the cake is pass out.

“Do you remember the horses’ name?” Carlos asks out of nowhere while Kendall talks about how me and Kendall met to Lucy.

“Horses?” I ask confuse. I look at Kendall and he had his eyebrows together, confuse as well.

“Ohhhh!” Lucy screams. We all look at her. She rest her hand on Kendall’s shoulder as she explains. “I think I rode a horse name Butterscotch.” I watch as Kendall’s expression change for unknown to known.

“Oh, our first date!” Kendall said and begin laughing. What? Lucy nods. “Oh, I don’t know what mine was call.”

“I think yours was Hamilton” Lucy says.

“Yes. It was Hamilton. I called him Ham though.” Kendall begins cracking up.

“First date?” I ask. Kendall and Lucy look at me.

“Oh um… we dated before.”

“Oh…and you guys went to a farm?” I ask. Lucy shakes his head.

“Horseback riding” Kendall correct me.

“Very similar to our first date” I let out. Kendall raise an eyebrow as Lucy looks at me surprise at how that came out. I got up from the seat. “I’m going to the restroom.”

I excuse myself from the table and head over to the bathroom. Before I can even reach the door to the ladies’ room, I feel my arm being tug. I look behind me to see Kendall, looking disturb.

“What’s your problem?” Kendall asks.

“Did you take all your girlfriends horseback riding as their first date?” I ask.

“What? No!” Kendall spat back. “I only do it when I feel like I have a good chance with them.”

“So you’re saying you thought you and Lucy would last forever!?” I ask angrily.

“Sort of. But I was thirteen years old! It was ten years ago!”

“I don’t care! All I’m thinking about is the fact that you and Lucy love each other! I mean, you guys talk a lot through Twitter and I see you text her a lot. Maybe I should also say, do you even go to the studio everyday, or sneak out to see Lucy!?”

“Do you really think that Y/N?” Kendall ask. I don’t reply. “Ok. I see. That’s a great way to dump me.”

I feel my heart drop to my feet as I see Kendall look at me sharply one last time before returning to the table. I stand there for a moment before taking off outside. Once I enter the cool air of Los Angles’ evening, I look around. I find a little garden off to the side. I walk over there and sit on the bench. I’m alone for a few minutes until I feel like someone was coming up to me. Looking up, I see Katelyn coming toward me.

“Katelyn? What are you doing out here?” I ask. She sits down beside me.

“I saw that scene you had with Kendall” she whispers.

“Oh.” I sigh.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. But listen. I don’t want you doing this to me on your wedding night.”

“No. No, it’s ok” Katelyn says. I gulp. “So what happened?” I shrug.

“I don’t know. Kendall and Lucy started talking about their first date and I guess I got a little jealous” I tell her.

“Well, you did know that me and Kendall did date as well.”


“You’re not jealous of that, are you?” Katelyn asks. I shake my head for a moment.

“Well, wait. What did Kendall do for you on your first date?” I ask. Katelyn shrugs.

“It was just a picnic.”

“No horses?” I ask.

“Horses? No! Why?”

“Because our first date was very similar to Kendall’s first date with Lucy and-”

“You think he’s going to break up with you because he’s no longer with Lucy?” Katelyn asks. I shrug.

“I’ve gotten myself in very confuse situation” I laugh softly. Katelyn smiles.

“I know. But I know Kendall. He loves you.” I smile. She sighs. “I’m going to go back to David-”

“Oh yes. Of course, go ahead.” She stands up.

“Maybe you should let Kendall explain” she says before walking away.

I look up confuse for a moment but then realize what she meant when I see Kendall in the garden entrance. Once Katelyn was out of sight, Kendall makes his way toward me and sits next to me on the bench.

“That was a weird fight to be honest” Kendall begins. I look up at him as he frown. “But I get it. Some jealously kicks in.” I sigh. “Women gets more emotional. And it’s the men’s job to make them feel better.” Kendall grabs one of my hand from my lap and grip onto it. I look up at him.

“You knew I was jealous.”

“Yeah. Ever since Lucy joined our table tonight. But we can blame the bride and groom any time!” Kendall says.

“No!” I laugh. He chuckles. Everything goes silent for a moment.

“But listen” Kendall begins again. “I love you and I know you didn’t mean to break my heart like that. I don’t think you were trying to break up with me anyway.”

“I wasn’t.”

“I know. But when Lucy and I did went out…ten years ago, it was only that date. Beside, she is two years older than me.” I laugh.

“Really?” Kendall nods. “You really do have a thing for older women.” He chuckles.

“You’re younger than me” Kendall points out. “Age doesn’t matter and I love you. You’re my girlfriend, and believe me, I think we have a future together.” I smile and grip his hand tighter.

“I think we do to” I tell him. He smiles and lean in, connecting our lips. We kiss for a good minute until we pull apart. He place his forehead on mine.

“Now promise me. You won’t get jealous again?” he asks.

“I can’t promise that.” He chuckles.

“My bad. What I mean is to promise me that we’ll stick together, no matter how bad things get in between us?” I giggle then nod.

“I promise.”

“Good, cause I really do love you.” I giggle.

“I love you too Kendall.” We both lean in for another kiss.

“So I heard there was this giant photo booth in there and I was wondering…” Kendall starts.

“Yeah, let’s go have our picture taken!” I tell him. He chuckles and pull me up as he stands up.

He wraps his arm around my waist and we begin walking inside, just in time to catch up with the others for a big group picture. We took a few pictures together and then Kendall requested some with just us. And let’s just say, the camera caught the moment when Kendall dropped down to one knee.