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Conspiracy Theory: RPDR

Okay, so Willam Belli “supposedly​” tells people when he’s drunk about how RuPaul’s Drag Race really works. Every single person who has claimed this has also told the same story, so this may be the T. The show is hella rigged. Ru picks out favorites from the beginning and he usually sees them until the end. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but shit happens. It’s all about what people like.

Let’s take this back to Season 4, the shadiest season ever, hands down. Willam has said multiple times that he was only supposed to be on for one or two episodes, so he started breaking rules. I believe that because when you look at Willam’s schedule, it matches what he says. Drag Race contestants aren’t allowed to really have contact with the outside world, so he wouldn’t be able to do shows. Here’s the thing, Willam quickly became a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves Willam (except Ru, but I’ll go into that in a minute). Because of that, he stays on way longer than he’s supposed to, already screwing up Ru’s vision. Ru already had a vision for the top three. Phi Phi O'Hara (who would never win, because no one likes her, but she balanced the scales), Chad Michael’s (who already had a successful career and would look great as the face of RPDR), and Sharon Needles (dark, different, quick witted, crowd pleaser, and would do as she was told, which she did). Suddenly Ru’s world was being turned upside down. Willam had a chance at winning. Willam would never listen to Ru and would totally be too rebellious for the RPDR brand. So, conveniently, when two of Ru’s three were in the bottom, Willam was disqualified finally, saving Phi Phi from elimination (because Sharon did way better at the lip sync).

Now, let’s go into double elimination territory. When there is a double elimination (which is only twice), that would mean one less episode for the show. That’s not happening though. Ru gets paid per episode. So, someone always comes back. That someone will always be a Ru favorite, not a fan favorite. Not only does this mean Ru has another shot at having a favorite win, but it means she still gets paid. Also, every double elimination has involved girls she didn’t like, so…

Another thing is the Alyssa vs Tatianna​ lip sync “for your legacy” in All Stars. Ru gets to see the lip sticks each girl chooses before the filming of the show starts. This makes it so that she knows who to pick in order to eliminate. Both Alyssa and Tatianna had picked Phi Phi O'Hara. If one of them had chosen Roxy Andrews, they wouldn’t have won. However, they both chose Phi Phi, which also made it so that another episode could be filmed, which means more money for Ru.

Now, let’s go to Season 9. Valentina was just eliminated after a series of screw ups on the episode. Ru was not happy, and even went as far as to tell her she THOUGHT Valentina could win. Valentina was both a Ru favorite and a crowd pleaser. Valentina was new to drag and definitely would do what she was told. Valentina was supposed to win Season 9, and Ru’s face shows it all. However, she fucked up too badly and everyone would’ve known that Ru was playing favorites if she stayed, so that’s the end of it. Now Ru has to pick a new winner, and I’m eager to see that.

Basically, Drag Race is rigged to a degree.

one of the things I loved the most about Steve and Diana’s love story was that even though it was unconventional in its arc and ending (in that it didn’t follow the usual pattern or meet the usual goals of a fictional love story), it never sneered at those conventions. due to their circumstances- she’s a goddess, he’s a mortal, they’re in the middle of a war- and the fact that they are called to heroism and sacrifice, their story can’t end conventionally or domestically. but the beautiful thing about it is that the movie does not use its own heroic status to look down at love stories that do end traditionally and simply.

steve quips at the beginning about how no, married couples usually don’t love and cherish each other ‘til death do they part. he’s cynical about a lot and that includes love and marriage. diana was brought up on an all-female island. her goals and ambitions, her purpose in life are different from most women around her. from the start it’s clear that their love story was never going to end quietly and conventionally, not least because the story in which both of them live does not explicitly deal with the themes of love and marriage. diana begins her journey ready to fulfill her sacred mission and duty, and through meeting her and learning from her, steve also rises to great heights. both perform heroic feats and acts of self-sacrifice. they are heroes and heroes are not ordinary people. 

but the reason that wonder woman succeeds so spectacularly and rises above many of its counterparts (to me at least) is that it acknowledges that heroes should only exist to protect the lives of ordinary people. it believes that it is the sacred duty of heroes to fight evil on the grandest scale precisely so that everyone else can continue to live quietly, peacefully, domestically. convention, tradition, even routine are not dismissed or belittled. they are raised up. they are cherished and fought for as the very things that make life worth living. wonder woman is about war, but it is not about war with no cause. it is about the only thing that ever makes a war justified. 

and when steve and diana are dancing in the snow and diana asks “is this what people do when there are no wars?” she’s asking it because she never forgets that she’s fighting for more (so much more) than her own glory or even just to defeat evil. she’s fighting for the preservation of peace, of ordinary people’s right to dance together in the snow without danger, to eat breakfast, go to work, raise children, live their ordinary lives without fear. and when steve hands her his watch at the end and says “i wish we had more time” he’s saying he wishes that they had time to build a whole life together, a whole life of beautiful peaceful ordinariness. steve and diana’s love story is tragic because it’s cut short before the rest of it can unfold, but it’s beautiful because, in sacrificing a future that neither can have but both want, they are making possible the flourishing of a hundred other love stories, of a thousand other peaceful, ordinary lives. and both believe that that is worth every sacrifice.

Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there’s a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure. Life is like that. We don’t know anything. We call something bad; we call it good. But really we just don’t know.
—  Pema Chodron
Writing the Dreaded Middle

@my-creative-poison asked: “I have always struggled with constructing a plot. I can come up with backstory and history and adventures and culture and basically everything that leads up to the plot of the novel but then I’m stuck on the story. So even if I can come up with the history of an entire country or character or basic plot, I’m suddenly stuck on what to do with that. It’s like I know the beginning and the ending but the middle never really comes together. What can I do to help move the story along?”

Personally, I’ve never dreaded middles. Endings, yes. Beginnings, oh yeah. But middles - that’s the fun, safe part. Things can build there and don’t actually have to be confronted. The middle is all about building tension and small developments that will get to the end. 

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Oh my gosh I am so happy right now

I was right I knew the friendship ending had to be more on Even’s side than the ballon squads. 

This is all I wanted. 

because instead of a ott dramatic explanation,

we have gotten the most honest and relatable story we ever could have been given. 

Because I have been there. A lot of us have. 

when we begin to feel these things and begin to feel like we have lost who we are and drowning amongst all this emotion and thoughts that we can’t even begin to understand. So we isolate ourselves…we withdraw ourselves from everything and everyone we love until we are officially 


because it’s easier to be alone than to face everything you are going through and talk to the people you love about it. 

Even didn’t want to hurt them anymore and he didn’t know how to still be their Even…so he just made himself disappear. 

it is heartbreaking but it is so realistic and I have never understood a tv character more. 

I love this show. 

Thank you Julie for making me feel understood and choosing to realistically rep mental illness over entertainment. 

i’m grateful. <3 

A Way Back Home (masterlist)

Summary: (college!au) You’ve known them since the beginning of time and somehow you’ve all ended up at the same college. You’re all “grown up” now, but still there is a constant tension filled loop of a friendship that causes people to act like sixth graders fighting on the playground. However, in the end- there’s always a way back home. 

Warnings: Alcohol, Swearing, Drugs, Sadness, Smut, etc. (things will be tagged per chapter)

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Let me know if you’d like to be on the taglist for this story!

*Updated Weekly!*

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While we all agree the worst thing about shipping jily is that we have little to go on…it’s also kind of the best thing.
Our imaginations have not been tampered with by a seven book series. Our characters haven’t been slain by a movie companion that limits their depth and complexity. We can write their love story a million different ways.
We are literally the luckiest fandom because JKR gave us characters that have a beginning and an end…but the middle is all ours to figure out.

Relics of a mysterious Fourth City Cult have disappeared, sparking a desperate scramble to reclaim them. A scarred Khaganian competes with a one-eyed, spidery Seamstress. Choose your alliances carefully, and be ready for a confrontation in the Forgotten Quarter.

Web of the Motherlings is the first story in the Season of Ruins, and was written by Graham Robertson. This season, experience three stories involving the cities that fell before London. You can begin each from the Season of Ruins: Tormented Dreams card.

At the end of the season, players who have completed all three will take a step further, unlocking bonus content concerning the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel, and the thing that has taken roost in his oldest dreams.

Editing and QA: Olivia Wood, Chris Gardner and James Chew.

Art by Paul Arendt and Toby Cook.


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anonymous asked:

i think some people are having a hard time understanding or comphrending your story because they dont understand what its like to suffer so much. being put down and hurt your /whole life/ is a big thing and not just something 'true love' and a change of scenery can fix. it takes incredible amounts of work and sometimes it doesnt even matter. we still end up back at the bottom like we were in the beginning. it always seems a lot simpler than it is.

;______; wow you understand the whole ending theme of my story before I even got it out to you guys lmao. But yeah, it’s not that simple. Santi has tried all the quick fixes. He’s definitely in a mindset now where he thinks a new place will fix him. Love, though…he’s given up on love because he’s afraid of it. (Though of course he’s denying his true feelings.)

I’m writing about mental illness from personal experience, and no, it can’t be fixed like it can in the movies. It never goes away, but you can learn to cope with it. It takes a long time to even just come to terms with it, much less accept it and deal with it safely on a day to day basis. It takes a great level of introspection to fully recover from suffering like that. Thank you for being so in tune with my mind ;-;

Jet Wolf Summarizes Act 27

The manga and I kind of hate each other. This is unfortunate, but still, I’m determined to come out of this with something. Rather than spend energy on a liveblog that’s increasingly negative, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I won’t pull my punches. There’s going to be criticism and snark about the manga, either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

*sniff* Smell that? It’s New Arc Smell! It comes with the beginning of each new segment of story, and carries the full-bodied richness of unfulfilled potential, accented by notes of disinterest and neglect, a strong floral undercurrent of inexplicable plot elements, and all bound by the overwhelming musk of unwarranted male lead importance.


We open with someone talking about lights, with the kind of intensity usually reserved for newlyweds picking out new fixtures at Home Depot. There are a lot of words used for basically saying “ominous”. I am positive we could’ve substituted all dialogue for “GWOOO” and saved ourselves a lot of time. It turns out that our narrator is Pharaoh 90, and immediately I’m concerned. When the manga introduces the arc with a multi-page P90 soliloquy and the anime only has it show up as a planet-sized eldritch abomination visible for a few frames in the arc’s climax, I know I’m in for a very different time.

Mamoru is awoken by the ~ominous~ of it all. He gets to wonder what the fuck is going on before Rei even gets to react. I hope some my righteous screaming will reach back through time and wake Takeuchi up from a beautiful dream she’ll never again recapture. I’m soothed by the knowledge that it might just, BECAUSE NO ONE IS GUARDING THE FUCKING TIME GATE

Usagi dreams of marrying Mamoru. Usagi needs a fucking sticker book or something for a new hobby, jesus wept. It’s really just Usagi sleeping through her alarm again, because she gets one fraction of the first issue every arc to be “normal”. But it’s okay! Five years of yelling in my Ask Box assures me that resetting things is only a problem in the anime. Being so late for school, Usagi skips out on the local news bulletin from KPLOT about people at Infinity Academy turning into “a primitive state”. Despite this being large enough to make it onto the news, no one will give a single shit. “Is Tokyo really worth saving at this point?” I ask the universe. The universe says, “I dunno, I stopped reading the manga twenty issues ago.”

As she runs up, Mamoru yells at Usagi for being late. That seems to me like yelling at your dog for licking its own asshole, like if that’s a deal breaker for you, maybe don’t get a dog, but anyway. BONUS PROTIP: next time have five or more conversations with someone before deciding to embrace a decision you made in a past life.

The next five pages are excruciating “cute” as Chibi-Usa interrupts Usagi and Mamoru time and Usagi is jealous and please god if you’re listening kill me now. We are twenty-two pages into this issue and the only non-Usagi Senshi to show up so far is Rei AND MAMORU STOLE HER JOB.

By the way, we get this moment:

and then on literally the next page, Usagi’s talking about how there hasn’t been shit going on since the Black Moon (WHICH WAS HOW LONG AGO ARE WE TALKING MONTHS YEARS IS THIS SINCE TUESDAY WHAT), and I just can’t stop thinking on how THIS IS THE LITERALLY THE WORST FUCKING TRAINING SITUATION POSSIBLE AND EVERYONE LOOKS LIKE AN IDIOT.

Meanwhile, in an impossible penthouse with an entire floor devoted to a swimming pool, Michiru swims alone and then orders a yacht from room service or something, and I want so much to enjoy that this is ridiculous but I know – I KNOW – I’m not supposed to see the ridiculous in this I’m just supposed to be impressed by it and I’m so sad because I even get a goddamn Sea Whisperer moment



My screaming aside, here’s what I’m actually taking away from the manga: the certainty that every single read I had on this in the anime

was completely, 100% absolutely correct, and it actually makes me love it EVEN MORE.

Usagi (with Naru in tow) arrive at the arcade, where Rei is grumpy and for a moment, my heart remembers how to love. Minako and Mako want Usagi to play the new racing game which is for reasons unknown to all NOT called “God Driving”, and there’s this:

Which I actually enjoy for a few seconds! Is Minako forcing Usagi to wear a helmet for the immersion, meaning Minako wore the helmet FIRST for the immersion, which means Minako went and got a crash helmet from somewhere to increase her video gaming pleasure which is a delight from start to finish. Or did Minako make Usagi wear the helmet because she has zero faith that Usagi wouldn’t fall out of the damned seat and crack her skull open, which still leads us to the winding trail of Minako obtaining this crash helmet for this purpose in the first place. TWO DELICIOUS ANSWERS THIS IS WHAT FUELS YOUR JET WOLF AND WHY SHE HAS BEEN SLOWLY STARVING TO DEATH

But no. No.

Because Haruka has a fucking helmet too, which means either the helmet is part of the game, or we only have helmets for the dramatic reveal of *gasp* Haruka Tenoh Is Hot, and I deflate like a bouncy castle at a canceled birthday party manga why do you hate fun and also me.


Michiru so far has been shown as Haruka’s accessory beautiful girlfriend, and now in her third appearance, she’s YET ANOTHER vehicle for talking about how awesome Mamoru is. Somewhere, Actual Michiru is screaming. Silently, and while plotting her slow revenge plan that will bear fruit years from now, but screaming.


*Kill Bill siren*

As Haruka and Michiru leave, everyone talks about them behind their back. Umino arrives from nowhere to fulfill his mandated exposition component. We get two more pages about how awesome Haruka is. Somewhere, Actual Haruka is reading this and nodding while stacking three Oreos on top of each other and opening wide.

Outside, the ginzuishou reacts to a passing girl in a Mugen uniform, whose entire back rips open and a monster comes out, AS YOU DO. But she’s fine. Minako feels like someone’s watching her. “I don’t even get to be the premonition of the ‘premonition’ chapter, but you get this,” Rei grumbles. Minako isn’t listening. She’s too busy posing dramatically for the benefit of her secret audience.

“Maybe this all has something to do with Mugen,” Luna brilliantly concludes later.

“I think–” Minako thrusts her hip to the side. “–we should go and–” A toss of her head fans her hair out behind her in a dramatic arc. “–investigate Mugen Academy.” She clenches her fist and stares into the distance, the sounds of imagined clicking cameras echoing in her ears.

Usagi gets home just as Chibs is finishing up her date plans with Mamoru. Remember how in Black Moon I said I was actually kind of enjoying Chibi-Usa and how glad I was that it wasn’t reliant on the Mamoru-centric antagonism between her and Usagi? THE MANGA HEARD I LIKED SOMETHING AND WENT THE EXTRA MILE TO TAKE THAT AWAY

Ikuko actually has a line that says “I’m going to my weekly mother’s meeting so I can’t supervise [this child I’ve been brainwashed into believing is mine]”, and despite not intending to be funny, I laughed pretty hard. Chibs is going to a new amusement park at the place where all these people are turning into demons, and I really hope that comes up at Ikuko’s weekly mother’s meeting and everyone there is like “Oh that sounds great, I’ll send my kid tomorrow!”

Kaolinite is hanging out with Pharaoh 90 and chatting about, you know, stuff. She says she’s going to turn the Senshi into daimons, and she’s going to use the Witches 5 to do it. For some reason, Eudial doesn’t have a cupcake. The Witches are going to compete for P90′s phone number or something. I’m genuinely entertained by the fact the anime instantly did not give a single shit about any of this and just dropped it.

The next day, at Mugen, Rei says she senses things, and the realization that she’s happy she got even that much makes her die a little more inside. Ami talks about density readings of the building without a single hint of her visor or computer because I guess she can just fucking do that now. Mako says the wind is giving her an omen, and both Michiru and Haruka are like “can you not”. Minako again feels like someone is watching her. She performs a spontaneous dance routine she was up all night practicing. Everyone ignores her.

At The New Amusement Park At The Place Where People Are Turning Into Demons But It’s Fine, Mamoru is on a date with his fanboy. Why is his fanboy around at all? IT HAS BEEN LITERAL PAGES SINCE SOMEONE TOLD US HOW WONDERFUL MAMORU IS DON’T YOU KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF THAT INFORMATION. Chibi-Usa has her own Umino and I am not even remotely kidding.

Chibs and Momoko are on a roller coaster when Chibs’ Hotaru-finding hat blows off. Chibs dumps her old friend to go find her new one, and again I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be as hilarious as it actually is, but it really really is.

Meanwhile Usagi and the others are investigating Mugen Academy. Usagi uses the disguise pen to make her a Mugen student so she can go inside. The other girls have to sit outside doing nothing, because god forbid we have an extended scene requiring group dynamics which might actually be interesting and provide character depth. THIS IS THE MANGA YOU FOOL.

Still, both groups follow the sound of violin music. Usagi comes upon Michiru, while the others are intercepted by Haruka. Both are super threatening for literally no reason. WAY TO WORK BELOW THE RADAR LADIES SURELY THIS CAN ONLY AID YOUR MISSION

Usagi somehow gets noticed as not actually being a student, and she runs, bumping into Chibs, whose Hatdar has led her to Hotaru, collapsed outside of Tomoe Laboratories. As they try to help, a monster shows up. Meanwhile, from afar:


As a side note, was this issue like three thousand pages or what, this write-up took for-fucking-ever.

Like many–I was there during the Zutara vs Kataang wars. Years down the road I finally decided to get back into the series and attempt to rekindle my love for it. Due to being shamed for my shipping preference by the creators themselves and fans, I sort of let my love for Zutara die. Thanks to my significant other and her found love for it, I found myself loving it just as I had when I was younger. Soooo being on the Zutara side of the shipping spectrum, I of course paid a visit to that tag first, before anything else. I read posts by the wonderful people of tumblr and found out all these years later that seeing something there wasn’t just part of my imagination. That it WAS going to be canon and…idk seeing that makes me feel validated again??

Like from the beginning I was always accepting that Katara would end up with Aang, in fact–I saw it coming and was never hopeful or even thought that Zutara would be end-game in a million years. I wasn’t spiteful towards Kataangers bc I thought the shipping wars were dumb in the first place….

Still, there was a chance and somehow, even though it DIDN’T happen in the end? I still feel like that sort of DOES make it canon in its own way?

So in the end both sides of the shipping war kind of won? IDK. I was never one of the bat-shit insane Zutarian’s who threatened to take their lives over the ship… Nor did I cry and rage at Bryke. The only time Bryke made me feel a bit upset at them was when they immediately started disrespecting a huge portion of their own fanbase, MOCKING them and poking fun at how terrible the Zutara ship was and how it was impossible.

Thinking back on it–Now that I’m not just a teenaged fangirl and I dabble in writing myself? Calling anything in your own story impossible? It’s a sign of your incompetence when it comes to writing. Seeing the bad writing in the LoK ( which I still did like but feel it could never surpass its predecessor series ) proved that to me.

I’m sorry but as a lesbian myself? The way the K/o//rra///s/a//mi pairing was played out and claimed to be a thing from the beginning was total BS to me. I felt like it was a sad attempt to cover up inconsistencies and bad story telling, shoving a pairing in our face and claiming it was planned from the start so that we’ll be happy because OMG THEY TOTALLY WENT THERE!!!!

So I guess I wrote this all just to say? I’m happy. Happy that in some alternative version of the story that the amazing Aaron Ehasz allowed our babies to end up together. That in SOMEONES eyes, Katara wasn’t just a prize to be won. She wasn’t just “the avatars girl”. She didn’t SUDDENLY figure everything out in such a short amount of time and decide that Aang was the ONE for her even though she’d previously JUST claimed she was confused and unsure.

That in some alternative world, there was going to be some build up and not just ‘omg zuko ilu lmao’. A real love story–Something Bryke seems incapable of writing. SIGHS.

Sometimes I wish that Bryke would give him the rights to add that season he’d been planning.. They could even claim it to be non-canonical if that’d make them more comfortable. It could be a netflix exclusive and everything but it would definitely breathe new life into the beloved series and let everyone be happy. I know they won’t and it’s impossible given what they set in stone—but it’s a nice dream. LOL.

Still even if it never happens. Zutara WAS canon in several of the writers and artists true vision and that’s good enough for this fan.


Livvy Ahtynwyb: Let’s do this!

It’s time. After a hiatus of a year and a half, I’m at long last ready to resume work on Livvy Plays Final Fantasy. I can’t begin to say how excited and thrilled I am to be coming back to something that’s had such a profound effect on my life. Not only that, I can’t wait to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve learned at university to make my analyses better than ever.

Speaking of which…

I got a 4.0! Thanks so much to everyone who’s stuck with me - especially the Riskbreakers. It’s meant the world to me that you’ve all been so invested in my success from the very beginning.

As of today, there are exactly four weeks until Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s early access, and I intend to pick things up literally right where I left them off: near the end of Heavensward’s 3.0 main story. Even though I lost all of my footage from Heavensward 3.1 through 3.56 due to a hard drive malfunction, I’ve refrained from doing most of the expansion’s plot on Ashelia Riot. In the meantime, I’m leveling a certain well-renowned Riskbreaker in order to keep coverage as consistent as possible.

I’ve set up a new theme for my page, as my old one was getting a bit musty, so things will look a little different! I’ve also put up a link to Ko-fi, a small tipping service. Please consider donating a few dollars if you find yourself enjoying my work - and rest assured that I’ll keep doing nothing but my best.

Once again, though, it really is great to be back. Thanks again for all your patience, and please look forward to my incoming reflections on the past two years of Final Fantasy.

Green Arrow was obviously pitched as a five-year origin story, but we’re breaking the flashback story as we go along. There’s always an overarching plan, but it generally has to go season to season. Like, I don’t think we knew at the beginning of the season that at the end of season 2, Oliver would end up in Hong Kong. We don’t necessarily know that stuff, and that’s just the nature of episodic television in 23 episodes a year. I think that the critical element, if we ever did something like a flash-forward, would be to make sure that we understood the precise beginning point and end point of that story and all the things that went into it, because I think that if we try to piecemeal it together, especially because it’s a flash-forward, that it just wouldn’t work. You know what I mean? We’d have to know the end game if we did something like that. I mean look, I’ve always had a very specific idea for how the series would end. It came to me at some point during season 1, and whether it’s through a flash-forward or whatever, I just hope that we end up getting to do that.
Trying To Hang On

(Subtitle: possibly a story about a quiet desperation, because that is who is to blame for this :))

We talk about privacy and security, of liberty and freedom. We speak of barriers as if they were walls, make this one thing. That another. Like finding out where a writer ends and the story begins, trusting the acting before the actor. The teller as more than the tale. No. This isn’t working. Too far upside its own arse to be a story, or anything at all. To write is nothing; the fact of finding a writing, everything. Same thing. Everything shifted pretentiously. Random latin phraseology. The desire to hide incohesiveness in word salad. We shall be uncohesive, undercohesed. It’s almost so easy that it feels like cheating.  

Went for a walk. Didn’t help. Feeling off. Odd. Shifted sideways. Uncomfortable in my own skin after having worn it for so long. Do you wake up one day and realize your skin is clothing, that you are something taken off, lost, discarded in the search for a new home? Absurd. I can’t write like this. Not anything worth reading.


The skeleton seeking a new home. A not-horror story about identity bookended by now our body is ‘new’ every ten years or so so the quest has no meaning in the end. We are and are not. Same fluff.

“I said I was sorry!”

I turn. I stare. There are no words for a despair of madness. Not this one. “Jay.”

“Uh-huh!” He grins, and the grin is eleven and jaysome and somehow – somehow it doesn’t touch me. Not as it should in the stories. “Uhm!”


“You’re kinda feeling weirdy because! I realized you don’t have friends like I have Charlie and Honcho!”

“Real people tend not to have friends in the way fictional people do. That is true.”

I write Jay. But even I try sarcasm. I think it’s a defense. Maybe the last one I have left.

“So! I pulled a Honcho and found a god and put them inside you so you’d have a friend!”

I stare at Jay. I count to ten. I don’t bother telling him that’s not possible, that gods in the real world don’t work like they do in his stories. I’m not about to give him ideas.

“But but but I think maybe it kinda removes a muse? Or replaces it? Or just does pretty weirdy bindings.” He nods sagely, as if that explains everything. Unfortunately, it does.

“Would you please undo it?”


I feel – relaxed. As if a tension I didn’t know was gone. The headache from the morning I’d have buried was gone as well. I almost want to ask what kind of god Jay put in me. Or where it is now. I don’t. I’d like to think I know Jay better than others do, or at least what to avoid.

“You’re being really quiet. Are you okay?!” he presses.

“I’m fine. Glad to be me again. You can go back now?”

Jay gapes at that. “Wow. You don’t want to have  a single adventure?!”

“I – I have enough already. Honest.”

“You can have enough adventures?” Jay stares in astonishment.

“Yes,” I say quickly.

“That’s really weird! I bet that’s because you are weird,” he says happily.

“I – wait. Compared to you?”


“Uh. Some might call you weird?”

Jay draws himself up. “I,” he informs me, “am jaysome.”

“Right Noted. And going home now?”

“I probably should! I bet Charlie and Honcho are really worried!”

He vanishes. Between one moment and the next. I almost breathe easily before he appears again.

“Does anyone care for you like Charlie and Honcho do for me?”

“I’m not eleven.” Somehow, it makes sense to say that.

“Oh.” And there is something sad and strange in Jay’s face, and he is gone again a moment later.

I begin to write a story.

This one works.

It is only when my computer decides to glow in the dark hours later that I realize where Jay put the god.

My New Year

I wasn’t planning on making any post like this today. And I honestly didn’t plan for all my plans to be ruined at the end of the school year. 

But it’s my birthday and I decided I want to set a few things straight.

First of all, I suck. I mean it. But that’s not the end of the story.

This whole year, I’ve been going down a dark tunnel. It was bright in the beginning, but progressively got worse. And as if my life couldn’t possibly kick me in the face anymore, camp nano came and delivered to me the kiss of death.

So many things had happened that repeatedly kept kicking me in the gut. And I was working so hard, but I wanted to just give up. I was so stressed to the point that I was getting sick constantly. 


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Daily updates turned from being motivational to being … exhausting. I thought when summer came, I’d be free. I’d release myself from daily updates, release myself from school, release myself from drama. I would work hard on my novel and the day 365 video, along with brand new blog ideas.

But lately, I’ve been so tired and sad and negative towards myself.

It’s honestly felt like I’ve been at the very bottom of a pit –knowing I was in darkness, knowing I was being too hard on myself but letting myself stay there. A few hours ago, I finally looked my darkness in the face and stood up. 

My spirit is on fire.

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I’m not standing up because I’m sixteen now. But I’m standing up because I’ve decided that it’s a new year and all the strength I used to triumph in the past is available to me right now. I can do this. And to say that I can’t is a plain lie.

This post will not be in vain. I will do better because I know I can do better, and I have done better.

My name is Gloria and I can do this.

anonymous asked:

!!!! do you have any advice(or prompts) for how to start a story if you have the middle planned out?

//Sure thing!

I have two types of advice for you; rewriting the beginning several times to see which one you like best, and holding off on writing the beginning until you feel like it’s the right time to get started on it. 

Not all authors think of their titles right off the bat and certainly not all of them start at the beginning. Now that I think about it, it makes a lot of sense, because beginnings are where people have the most trouble (the endings coming in second, I’m sure, but that’s just what I happen to think).

If you don’t want to wait, I suggest figuring out what it is that’s causing you the most trouble. The setting? The starting sentence? Introducing your characters? When you can narrow down your problem and ask for help on those specific problems, it’ll give people an idea as to how to help you better!

I hope this helps in some way! 

For anyone who doesn’t work in a retail environment, let me just tell you;
This isn’t even the worst of it.
So, we back story:
I came into work today, literally first thing I had to do was clean the 20+ items out of the fitting room that some asshole left scattered on the floor in a giant pile.
And now, it’s near the end of my shift, i still have an entire Z rack FULL of clothing. That I have to put put away because customers are so careless. All of it was on the wrong racks, the floor, or thrown about on top of racks.
This was just the beginning.
Basically, fuck you if you think we’re your maids. I haven’t got shit done today because I keep having to run around putting stuff back together. And I’m the only person IN THE ENTIRE APPAREL SECTION.
Retail associates ARE. NOT. YOUR. MAIDS. throw away your trash. Clean up after yourself.
- sincerely, a very pissed off employee.

TalesFromRetail: A Kind Couple

LTL, FTP, mobile, etc. Now that’s that out of the way, on to the story!

This happened 4 or 5 years ago. I was a high schooler and worked at a popular sandwich shop in a small town. It was a relatively peaceful job, as in the customers never seemed to be on the offensive. Us employees and the customers got along surprisingly well now that I think back.

But, all must good things must come to an end, am I right?

I was working a late shift, and in comes three customers. One man by himself and a couple. I begin to help the first man and nothing I do pleases him, and he has no trouble showing it. While he never yelled, you could tell it in his stance and his voice that he was not happy with how I was serving him.

He huffed and puffed as I started serving the couple behind him, even though his sandwich was still warming up.

I finished his toppings, wrapped up his sandwich, rang him up, and told him to have a good night as I’m trying to retain my composure.

However, this story isn’t about this rage monster, but the couple behind him. They were the most amazing customers I have ever had the pleasure of serving.

As soon as the man left, the couple kept telling me I was doing a great job and to pay the man no mind. As I rung them up, I again was trying to keep myself together, but for a new reason.

However, that is not all. About 15 minutes later, the phone in the back rings and I answer it. It is the couple again, saying that the sandwich they got from me was awesome, and they thanked me again.

I simply thanked them for all their kindness and told them to have a nice night. They hung up, and before the phone was on the receiver I had tears running down my face.

To all of you who treat retail employees as regular human beings, I thank you. You are the reason we can stand these types of jobs.

TL;DR: Kind couple cheer me up after having to serve a jerk.

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hatterchan  asked:

Iida on drugs please

Oh my shit. Okay.

Iida, being a pure boy, thinks that even the sight of the marijuana leaves is terrifying, so he’s learned all the forms of drugs in order to stay away. Recreational drugs that is…

Laughing gas Iida, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

He loses any sense of responsibility and does ridiculously reckless things. Iida picks fights with Kacchan (ending up with him being punched into the wall because he’s too loopy, but according to Bakugou, he actually got better combat-wise) and runs around the campus half naked and yelling incoherent things until Aizawa needs to deactivate his quirk because he’s running too fast. He also just randomly begins to fly up in class. (it’s obvious at this point that he can’t handle laughing gas)

Kirishima and Mineta make sure to record everything so that they can prove to Iida that he did all these random things. Once Iida’s off his high, he refuses to believe that these things have happened. He still doesn’t have full control over his body, so the have to belt him down and play the videos of his ridiculous stunts. Iida turns bright red.

Also, he overreacts with the smallest problem: ie: cavities

“Iida-kun, you had a cavity and we had to take a tooth out”


(thanks y’all)

Also, Iida and his brother taking medicine instead of drugs because they have PTSD from what happened to them

LOTR/The Hobbit Fic Rec List

Okay so here is list number 2 of the Fic Rec Day. This Has many different pairings but they are all clearly labeled. Longest list by far and I may add a few more later :) one more to go after this.   


From One Age to Another by determamfidd
Words: 12,118
Upon their return to Eryn Lasgalen and Erebor respectively, Legolas and Gimli each have a new adornment. Their fathers would like an explanation.

Rec: Gimli and Legolas fall in love and to prove their commitment tattoo each others names over their hearts. Unapprovingly fathers run rampant but everything works out in the end. This story has great charterization of Gimli, Legolas, Thranduil and Gloin. It also does a wonderful job of showing the home life of both main characters.  

An Unlikely Bond by  Frodo_sHeart
Words: 26,540
This is the story of Legolas, an Elf who has never found his fated Guide, and who dares to go on a quest as an unbonded Sentinel with companions of three other races who don’t have Guides and Sentinels. Or do they? Legolas finds himself increasingly confused about his reactions to the proximity of one red-headed Dwarf.

Rec: A Sentinel AU going through the quest of the ring. This fic is a nice slow burn. They start out disliking each other, become friends, a guide sentinel pair, bond and then finally confess their love after a lot of misunderstanding. Even though it sticks right to the original plot it’s a new and interesting look at a well known story.

Minor Confusion by  Evandar
Words: 1,717
He had thought his dwarf was a male. Apparently he was wrong…

Rec: Short, sweet and funny. Legolas thinks Gimli is a man, Gimli thinks Legolas is a woman. The first time they see each other naked is eye opening. 


From A Single Spark by  @thorinsmut
Words: 15,525
Lindir accidentally sees two of the Dwarves having sex when they visit Rivendell.
Having only been exposed to gentle, affectionate sex before, he is unprepared for how rough it is, and how erotic he finds that.
Luckily, Istion is a bit of an expert at rough sex.

Rec: It might be the only story with this pairing but boy is it worth the read even if you don’t know the characters as well. Hot, fun and a look into eleven sexuality. Read it :) 


Hide Me! by  Drappersky
Words: 1,115
A late night visit leads to way more than Bard or even Thranduil expects.

Rec: Thranduil and Bard are friends after the BoFA. Bard runs away from his advisors hiding in Tharandul’s bedroom. Shenanigans go down and feelings are realized.

Forget Me Not by  LittleLynn
Words: 33,458
Bard had no idea if he was cursed or blessed. Maybe some strange mix of the two.
All he knew was that he remembered each life clear as day, and Thranduil did not.
He could count their lives like a broken-hearted girl with a flower might do; he loves me, he loves me not.
He loves me, then he loves me not.

Rec: Reincarnation AU. Bard can remember every life, Thranduil can’t. Sad, happy, conflict and always finding your love. It’ s a roller-coaster ride just hang on there’s a happy ending :)

A Thousand Ways To Fall In Love by  LittleLynn
Words: 266,651
Each chapter will be a stand alone story (they will vary in rating too, I will put it in the notes at the beginning of the chapter)

Rec: If you like Barduil then there is something in this compilation for you. This has anything you can thing of for Bard and Thranduil as a pairing and there all well written. Jump in the waters great :)

Thanks for the Memories Vol. I by bereniceofdale
Words: 2,764
Prompt: “Person B making a deal to save Person A’s life at the cost of all their memories together.”

Rec: Thranduil is going to die and Bard sacrifices their memories to keep him alive. Sad, rip your heart out sad, but there are two more chapters and one makes it better, the other stomps on you till you cry.

Soothsayer by Piyo13
Words: 31,483
Bard Bowman, single father of three and human (and secret soothsayer), needs a job. He applies for a position at Greenwood & Co., one he’s sure he won’t get—except then he does. Thranduil Oropherion, elven single father and CEO of Greenwood & Co., puts out a job ad that in all honesty can’t really be fulfilled. Except then the perfect candidate shows up, and Thranduil hires him without second thought.

Rec: WIP Science and technology are mixed with magic in this business AU. Set in the future elves, men and dwarves still exist pretty much separately but Bard finds a job working for Thranduil as his personal soothsayer. It is a very fun combination of future and past.


Morning Sickness by  smidget25
Words: 27,669
While on a diplomatic meeting in Erebor, the dwarves can tell something is off with Thranduil, he’s not the usual haughty jerk, instead he looks a bit worn and tired and just plain sad. Then, out of nowhere, Thranduil cries out in pain and collapses. He’s rushed to the healers where everyone is stunned to find out that the Elven King is in labour…

Rec: I find Thranduil and Thorin together a little odd but this story made it very believable. I think everyone is a little OOC but it is a great fic. Thranduil is vulnerable, Thorin is kind and Bard is a dick.


Unexpected by  theduskysky
Words: 88,347
Yavanna has laid her blessing on Bilbo. He’s unexpectedly expecting.

Rec: WIP but it’s fairly far along and updated regularly. Slow burn, everyone lives, Mpreg. Blibo is banished but ends up staying in Dale instead of going home, when he finds out he is pregnant. The dwarves find him and bring him back to the mountain. Apologizes are made, Bilbo and Thorin dance around there love for each other and a baby grows.

The Good Earth by The Feels Whale (miscellea)
Words: 28,790
Bilbo Baggins arrived home late one afternoon in the middle of the week and the entire west Farthing is still talking about it.
Poor Mister Baggins. He was doomed to be a nine-days wonder no matter what and is it any wonder after a year-long adventure? Even the Tooks haven’t the influence to hush that up, but Mad Baggins seems to have managed to silence every tongue in the Shire on that subject which would be awe-inspiring …if not for the way he decided to go about it.
OR: That one where Middle Earth seems to be unclear about where baby Hobbits come from.

Rec: Babies, so many missunderstandings and a loving dwarf family. Bilbo thinks Thorin is dead so he goes home and grows himself some baby dwarf/hobbits.


Touch by  @thorinsmut
Words: 74,778
Dwalin is a killer, the most feared guard in the refugee settlement of New Belegost.
Nori was taken from his family and raised to be a thief. He is rarely caught.
Torture is the standard criminal interrogation technique.
Only Dwalin knows how to make Nori talk, and it isn’t violence.
When they both join Thorin’s quest they find out more about themselves, about each other, and might just find what they need most.

Rec: Nori and Dwalin have an odd relationship before the quest and it only evolves as they get to know each other better. Touch starved Nori and gentle giant Dwalin.


In the Course of Time by  nanuk_dain
Words: 57,363
Take it Haldir did neither die nor get seriously injured in the Battle of Helm’s Deep and joined the Men of Rohan with his Elven archers for the battle for Gondor. In Éomer, he finds a leader equally strong headed as he is himself.

Rec: There are not enough stories with this pairing. I love them together they are both so strong and independent, yet end up complimenting each other so well. This is a great fic with a extra chapter illustrating their lives after the war ends.

Bond of Honor by  Meri
Words: 24,494
Haldir survives the battle at Helm’s Deep and is healed by a bond with Éomer

Rec: Fist story with this pairing I read. I know it’s been reced other places but there is a reason. Amazing read with a forced proximity bond. They clash, they fight and they fall in love.