s: alex x scott

Forever Wasn’t That Long

Alex Summers X Reader

Character(s): Alex Summers, Charles Xavier, Jubilation Lee, mentions of Scott Summers

Fandom: X-Men

Prompt/Plot: “Oh, so I guess it’s still you and I, forever?”

Warning(s): swearing

A/N: surprise surprise I’m not actually dead I just don’t have any inspiration. This is also a fucking short ass shitshow.

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Hale & McCall

A little something I wrote based off of the scene in Stiles’ bedroom in S1E9.

Summary: Alex is Scott’s twin sister, also a werewolf (bitten the same night as Scott), and an amazing hacker. So when Scott fails to get Allison’s necklace at school, Derek and Stiles decide to track the origin of the text and Stiles calls on the one person he knows can do it without fail, his best friend’s sister. She has no idea what they’ve been up to but hilarious banter ensues to keep Stiles from finding out about Alex and Derek’s relationship.

Characters: Stiles, Derek, Scott (mentioned), and Alex.

Pairings: Derek x Alex

A/N: God, I’m such Teen Wolf trash, it’s bad. But I hope you enjoy this. :)

I also want to make it clear that I don’t encourage underage relationships or drinking/smoking. So for this fanfic, I’ve made Stiles, Scott and Alex 20 years old. And instead of being trapped in the high school, they were trapped in a college. Alex hadn’t been arrested, she was in detention for hacking the school’s computers and changing Stiles’ grades for him…haha.

Warnings: Some swearing. But nothing else. Unless you’re extremely sappy like I am, then I guess fluffy fluff fluff at the end would be a warning, lol.

**Texts between Stiles and Alex in italics

Derek and Stiles

“Scott didn’t get the necklace?” Derek asked as Stiles sat down at his desk.

“No, he’s still working on it. But there’s something else we can try. The night we were trapped at the college, Scott sent a text to Allison asking her to meet him there.” Stiles replied.

“So?” Derek asked raising his eyebrows, not understanding where Stiles was going with this.

“So it wasn’t Scott.” Stiles said matter of factly.

“Well can you find out who sent it?”

“No, not me. But I think I know somebody who can.”

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