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why weren't you fan of Barney x Robin, was it because you knew it will wrap up with Ted x Robin in the end or were there other reasons?

Yeah, it was mostly the execution that made me not like them. To me it was relatively clear from very early on that the reason Ted was telling his kids a story that was way more about him and Robin than about him and their mom was because Ted and Robin were the planned “endgame.” And that seemed all the more clear to me once they started dropping more obvious hints that the mom was dead.

So when they started doing the Barney and Robin thing there was a lot to like about it in terms of their dynamic and such, but it was also (IMO) very obviously doomed from the start because Robin and Ted. The way they dismounted was believable but very shoddily done in my opinion.

But really almost everything about season nine (aside from Lily constantly breaking her drink glasses) was a hot convoluted mess. I loved the idea of the compressed timeline, but I think in the end it didn’t really play as well as it could have. I do think Robin getting married to anybody was maybe always the plan in terms of Ted finally letting go of her so he could meet the mother, but I think using Barney for that was a poor choice ultimately because he was a character in his own right whose arc we were very much so invested in beyond him being used as a plot device for Ted to finally let go of Robin. (I think Don was probably a contender for that at one point just like Victoria was at one point the “back-up mother.”)


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  • [Jensen and Pritchard just had sex]
  • Pritchard:Okay, here's the deal, Jensen; the moment my feet touch the ground this never happened. [...] Now we go back to exactly the way things were before.
  • Jensen:Okay.
  • Pritchard:[whispering] Okay.
  • Jensen:All right... So, Francis?
  • Pritchard:Yes, Jensen?
  • Jensen:Guess who nailed Sarif's Industries hacker last night?
[Robin discovers why Ted threw three straight parties in as many nights]
Ted: Robin, look I didn’t invite you to this party to set you up with Carlos. Or the one before that. Or the one before that.[Robin smiles] I threw these parties because I wanted to see you.
Robin: Well, here I am.
Ted: There’s something here, look, unless I’m crazy.
Robin: You’re not crazy. I—I don’t know, Ted, I mean we barely know each other and you’re looking at me with that look and it’s like—
Ted: Like what?
Robin: Like—let’s fall in love, and get married and have kids and drive them to soccer practice.
Ted: I’m not gonna force sports on them unless they’re interested.
Robin: [laughs] It’s a great look. But you’re looking at the wrong girl.
Ted: No, I’m not.
Robin: Yes, you are. I don’t wanna get married right now, maybe ever and if we got together I’d feel like I’d either have to marry you or break your heart and—I just couldn’t do either of those things. Just like you can’t turn off the way you feel.
Ted: [reaches in jacket] Click. Off. Let’s make out.
Robin: [laughs] What?
Ted: What? That was the off switch! And I turned it off. I mean sure yes, I wanna fall in love get married blah, blah, blah, but—on the other hand - you, me, the roof.
Robin: There’s no off switch.
Ted: There is an off switch… and it’s off.
Robin: [smiling] no, it’s not.
Ted: [silence] yes, it is. [draws closer to Ted]
Robin: No …it’s—not.
Ted: Yes—it is [long kiss with Robin] No it’s not. You’re right, there’s no off switch. God I wish there was an off switch!
—  How I Met Your Mother: Ted Mosby and Robin Scherbatsky - 01x02 Purple Giraffe

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I heard season 9 is going to be very very good fashion wise and all of the queens are very shady and cutthroat so they are bringing it

I’m super excited!!! Do you already know the cast??? Has it been ruvealed?? Spill all the T to me squirrel friendl!!!