s9: battle frontier


James is so beautiful in this episode 💙

I’d seen this one before (it’s one of the few I skipped ahead and watched ages ago) but I still couldn’t help but cry along with him 😢

I admit, after being so excited to meet chimecho, I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t have a more active role in the team. Although I’m totally in love with mime jr and I’m looking forward to seeing its friendship with James develop.

Now excuse me whilst I go cry some more 😢 I just wanna hug my sweet baby James 💙💙💙


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIX1GNLrJWI)

Piano arrangement of the theme of the Battle Pike from Pokemon Emerald!

Since it’s on my mind, I’m gonna just list off my HCs for the Frontier Brains’ ages because I can

Anabel: 12 in Emerald, became a Faller at ~14, is 25 in Sun/Moon

Brandon: 43 in Emerald

Greta: 14 in Emerald

Lucy: 19 in Emerald

Noland: 40 in Emerald

Spenser: Well past 100. Rumor is he’s discovered immortality.

Tucker: 31 in Emerald

Argenta: 46 in Generation IV

Caitlin: Canonically 14 in Gen IV and anywhere from 17-27 in BW and two years older in BW2; personally believe she’s closer to the lower end of that range, at 17 and 19 respectively

Dahlia: 22 in Gen IV

Darach: 16 in Gen IV

Palmer: 36 in Gen IV

Thorton: 13 in Gen IV

Scott: 39 in Emerald



Before I say “Sorry for the Anabel Spam”, I just want to take a good look at this picture and see what the artist did right. He/She added a Frontier Brain, which is dressed up like one of the Maison Leaders. I would have screamed if this was actually real, but sadly it isn’t and I don’t think Frontier Brains will exist in the 6th gen. Now, this is an option to add AT LEAST one of the Frontier Brains into the game.

Now, you know what Gamefreak could have done?

ADD THE ACTUAL BATTLE FRONTIER, INSTEAD OF GIVING US THE EXACT SAME BATTLE MAISON! (although, teaming up with Steven and Archie/Maxie was a good call, otherwise, that place would have no redeeming features.)