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Ok but, hc that Grif has OCD but it's countered by his depression so he lives the way he does and hates every moment of it (based on the misremembered Grif in season 9 but,,, what if he just misremembered the part about the depression)

oh i didnt get a notif for this so idk how old it is im so sorry but i really like that!! my current theory w s9 was epsi knew grif had ocd but didnt remember the symptoms so it just defaulted to Stereotypical. anyWAY i like this i support it

What if the reason a demon’s real face and body is so distorted and deformed is because once they sell their soul, or become a demon, every scar they’ve ever received, physical or otherwise, reappeared permanently on their skin?

What if Dean’s new face is damn near unrecognizable because of all the crap he’s been through. Physical scars from hunts, and broken beer bottles, and misfired rifles, and countless fights, and John’s whiskey-breath punches. Emotional scars from Mary’s death, and all the people he let down or let die, and a hundred at least for dragging Sammy into all of this again, and another for every time John told him to protect Sammy, even if it meant getting hurt (or killed) in his place. Scars for breaking the first seal and the last, for the Apocalypse, for Lucifer, for the Leviathan, for Eve, for Abaddon. Scars he inflicted on himself for protection, now burning away because there isn’t anything left in him to protect. The Mark of Cain glows on his arm, standing out above all the rest. 

When Cas sees him next, he can’t even speak. He relies on the part of him that’s losing grace, that’s becoming human, to see that it’s still Dean. He’s always seen the scars and troubles in Dean’s past, but never at such a fullness, all at once. Never as a whole. It’s heartbreaking.

And then Dean sees Castiel. Not Cas, not the awkward angel who until recently (endearingly enough) never got his jokes, but Castiel, the angel with wings and glowing blue eyes that are brighter than the sun and a halo that shines. Dean can do nothing but be totally overwhelmed.

RPDR s9 Spolier Theory

Okay, so we saw the picture of Farrah holding the trophy and now there is an “after Valentina’s Elimination” pic floating around. So here are my thoughts:

The Roast is obviously gonna be hard for Farrah, she’s not a comedy queen. Sasha, Valentina and Nina could also all struggle, for different reasons. However I think Alexis may be too confident and bomb. Shea, Trinity and Peppermint will the tops this week, I’m predicting a Shea win or Peppermint finally winning, based on her “I need to win a challenge” promo. 

The video of Nina where she says “3rd time’s a charm, thats what I on Drag race before they kicked me off,” indicates she may lip-sync three times. So I think tonight it will be Farrah vs Alexis or Nina. Thus meaning next week, Valentina vs Nina or ??? and following that, Nina will be eliminated after falling in the bottom 3 times. 

So with that I think the next three elimination will be:

Farrah, Valentina (Miss C?) and Nina in that order. 

Shea is Top 3 for sure, I bet she pulls a Bob and has to LYFYL or a Bianca and never falls in the bottom. I def think she will win, her edit is too transparent not to be.  

Sasha is going to be the season 5 Alaska, making it to the end without LSFYL, but struggling sometimes. She could squeak out with a win, but Shea is putting up a huge fight. 

Trinity has the best odds to be the 3rd spot in Top 3, but might get 4th. She won’t win. She might be the Ginger of this season, winning and Lip Syncing her way to the end. 

Peppermint is the other contender for the final Top 3 spot. If she gets eliminated she is Miss C for sure. 

Alexis has the lowest chance of being Top 3. Even with her win in Snatch, it isn’t enough to get her in there. She will likely get 5th or surprise and get 4th. 


What if Ashildr gives the other kit to Clara either because she sees how much the Doctor needs her around, or because she’s angry that she lives forever and wants to hurt him by doing the same to Clara. Because surely there’s a reason he didn’t give it to Clara.

What if I’m still in denial that Jenna leaves the show and I’m thinking up crazy theories that won’t kill off my OTP?

Everything on this show is one goddamn causal loop

With a couple of smaller loops inside it.

Let me get this straight:

Eleven only changed his mind about destroying Gallifrey in Time of the Doctor because Clara told him to “be a doctor.”

In fact, the only reason the Doctor didn’t die before that point is because Clara scattered herself along his timeline and saved him.

But she only met the Doctor because Missy gave her his number.

Which Missy was only able to do because Gallifrey was saved  in Time of the Doctor. And only because the Time Lords sent her to bring the Doctor back to Gallifrey to be interrogated?. The Cybermen army bit was probably her own idea *.

Post-War Gallifrey also opened a big, password-protected crack on Trenzalore, which started a war there.

And while Clara, again, eventually closed the crack using the right words and gave us Twelve, the war caused the Papal Mainframe to split into factions.

The Kovarian Faction created River Song.

River (or the Silence? still can’t make sense of it) exploded the Tardis in The Pandorica Opens.

The exploding Tardis caused the cracks in the universe, which is how the Doctor met Amelia and Rory; River’s parents; his family. Who then get sent back in time by a Weeping Angel.

So that whole thing with the Cracks was the consequence of the Time Lords’ first attempt of coming back. It started (for us) with little Amelia and ended with Clara on Trenzalore.

The Ponds’ loss is what prompted the Doctor to go mourn on a cloud in the Victorian era, where he meets Oswin Oswald, who he realizes is the Soufflé girl from Asylum of the Daleks when he later sees her grave.

And then he receives a call from Clara Oswald about the internet being gone, and is intrigued. She becomes his companion and makes him save Gallifrey. And Gallifrey opens a big Crack. Which leads to a war. And, later, Twelve. Still, they decidethat the whole thing wasn’t such a good idea and to send someone out, instead. They send Missy.

Clara only had the number from Missy because Missy wanted to lure the Doctor to 3W to give him an army, because apparently she thought he’d need one. 

* Heaven Sent makes it reasonable to assume that she thought he’d need one because the Time Lords were worried that he might become the Hybrid and wanted a word with him. So they sent Missy to a) find out if the Doctor is the Hybrid, b) get the Doctor to Gallifrey if he isn’t or c) find out what side he’s on if he is. It might have just been to give Clara the Doctor’s phone number, but I think she’s a bit overqualified for that. Also she seemed really desperate to get him to come home with her.

Missy failed and went AWOL on Skaro. Mayor Me got him to Gallifrey but it got Clara killed. And the 2 billions years inside the confession dial took care of the question whose side the Doctor is on.

I am not at all convinced that the Doctor is the Hybrid, but I’m sure of one thing: The Time Lords trying to figure out who it is and trying to stop/manipulate it is what made its creation possible in the first place. That’s exactly why they have non-interference rules.

It’s just how prophecies work. It’s how this whole fucking show works.

It’s what’s giving me a headache.

Themes of Season 9

1.) The Doctor and Clara can’t bear to lose each other:

The Doctor’s reaction to losing Clara on Skaro.  Clara’s reaction to seeing the Doctor’s ghost.  The Doctor telling Clara what losing her will do to him.

2.) Moral choices with changing the past:

The Doctor’s dilemma on whether or not to save Davros, Clara’s desperation for the Doctor to break ‘the rules’ after seeing his ghost.  The Doctor deciding to save Ashildr, even though he isn’t supposed to.

3.) The hybrid:

Davros mentioned the prophecy regarding a hybrid.  Missy tells the Doctor that everyone’s a hybrid.  The Doctor says that Ashildr is a hybrid.