But yo, Dean has demon possession records from the Men of Letters and one is on Crane, Ichabod. Shoutout to SuperSleepy! Season 8 ep 22. I need this crossover, like Winchesters blow into Sleepy Hallow because some fellow hunter notices demon activity or Crane starts a blog and the Sleepy Crew try and reach out for more info online or those ghost fighting video-taping dudes from early Supernatural switch to demon possession and video tape or sumthin HALP

So I love Supernatural, BUT...

Did anyone else feel uncomfortable watching the scene with Metatron and Cas following the waitress/nephilim? (Did I spell that right, I don’t even know?)

Like, did anyone else see this as a couple of creepsters following a woman while she’s alone, in the dark? I mean, I was just watching this and thinking, “Okay, w2g Cas and Meta, you just became that scary feeling every woman gets when she has to walk by herself.”

And I was thinking that, and wondering why this was the route the writers chose when BAM. The creepsters following the woman suddenly become the victims.

I don’t see a strong woman standing up for herself in this scene because they straight up demonized her. They even used the same special effect/animation for the eyes (changed it from black to silver, but still) and I nearly lost it at my TV.

SPN writers, this is a legitimate fear women face every damn day. We shouldn’t have to, but fuck if we don’t, and I just really hate this scene. This shouldn’t have changed to Cas and Metatron suddenly defending themselves from a monster. They are the monsters in this moment.

Reading too much into this? Maybe. Did I legitimately feel this way while watching? Yes. I don’t know why this scene of all the scenes available in this show hit he like this, but it did. I’m a little disappoint, writers.

Blah! I don’t even know, but I needed to get this out so I can go on loving this addictive, feels-inducing, (occasionally problematic) show. You guys get it, right?

Nothing Says "I'm Sorry" Like Pie, Obviously

I thought that past times of intense coldness between Sam and Dean was hard to watch but Castiel and Dean not being the way they usually are just really hits hard. Like, seriously painful.

Also, Castiel doing the shopping? OMG. I just cannot deal with Cas sometimes. I just love him.

Dean breaking for Cas in the middle of the street

Homie was 50 feet away, driving down a dark road, surrounded by forest, going over the speed limit and just jumps out at a huddled body in the middle of the street like “CAS??!!!!”