The ‘I deserved better’ squad
DErs: "Damon said it. He will always choose Elena."

For years and years, Damon never put anyone above Elena, including his own brother (ugh gross). This is true. Even in 6x22 on some small level I do think Damon saved Bonnie not just for Bonnie but because it was what Elena would want … but now? NOW? You still think of THIS Damon?


Damon made the conscious over and over again to save Bonnie over getting Elena back in S7-S8. It literally broke his heart seeing Bonnie die slowly in S7. He said he was okay with Bonnie with hating him “just as long as she lives”. He even called saving Bon SELFISH not because Elena wouldn’t forgive him, but because he DIDN’T WANT TO LOSE HIS BEST FRIEND. Even with supposedly any leftover resentment he had by 7x21, Damon's "I love you" speech to Bonnie made it perfectly clear how he truly feels.

I know Delena fans argue if Elena and Bonnie were both dying, he’d definitely choose Elena like Bonnie chose Enzo in 8x03 but like I don’t even believe that? Bonnie is Damon’s moral compass/humanity trigger, just like Elena. Damon goes to extremes to keep Bonnie alive even if that means her hating him, JUST LIKE WITH ELENA. Damon is terrified of failing Elena and BONNIE. Damon puts Bonnie on a level only Elena reaches (that part actually pisses me off a bit ‘cause Stefan but yeah). There is no “Damon will always chose Elena” anymore. Damon loves Bonnie now just as much as he loves Elena–and that is CANON.

I just can’t with the De shippers that still want Damon to always choose Elena. Damon’s obsession with Elena has led him to do some seriously fucked up shit to her, to himself, and to other people. It tears apart him and Stefan. Like why do people find this romantic?? Can’t he just genuinely care for another woman without it being about Elena? It’s like they don’t even want to share Damon with Bonnie even platonically. They’re only looking at Damon through their ship and don’t have any real respect for his character.

Damon’s relationship with Bonnie isn’t entirely healthy. It really is ridiculous how he constantly needs a woman to be the center of everything. If it’s not Katherine, it’s Elena and if it’s not Elena, it’s Bonnie when he has Stefan who would never choose anyone over his brother … but it’s healthier. Damon at least loves Bonnie in a less destructive way and proves he can make something not about Elena and THAT IS LIKE SO IMPORTANT.

I’ll let Damon finish for me:


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