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Greatest love triangle of all time.

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I am totally fascinated with the Sam-Dean-Cas dynamic. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I, personally, view it very much as a love triangle, with Sam-Dean being platonic brotherly love, and Dean-Cas being romantic. It’s painful, it’s dramatic, and I LOVE IT. I know I’m in the minority (although @elizabethrobertajones​ and I had a lovely mutual venting session about some of these issues). I seriously see these three as one of the greatest fictional love triangles ever. 

For weeks I’ve been trying to find a way to explain the triangle, and I’m slowly realizing that I’m not going to be able to do it all in one sitting. I’ll just try to get it out one semi-cohesive section at a time. Today, I’m focusing on the way romance has been portrayed in the show thus far, along with the codependency in season 8. (Most of this section will focus on Sam and Dean.)

The entire Carver era finally shoved a spotlight on the codependency and showed it for what it was. Instead of just poking fun at it like the show has done before, the audience was shown just how isolating and destructive codependent relationships can be. Season 8 showed us the isolation brought on by the relationship itself, rather than outside forces. Seasons 9 and 10 showed us the destruction, and season 11 showed us the consequences and, finally, the realization that something has to change. (This is why I kinda love the Carver era, even with all of it’s plot holes and missteps.)

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So I just started S6 of Spn, and I have a question. I hear so much about Destiel being canon, and I'm trying so hard, but I just don't see it yet. I really love the idea, but I am having a hard time getting when it even started. Is this just a "You're still too far behind" problem? Is there more evidence as I continue through S6 and beyond? Maybe I'm spoiled by Sherlock because there are only 9 episodes, so it's pretty quick to spot Johnlock. I don't even know if this makes any sense. >.<

Well, if you just started s6, there isn’t any indication that it will go canon. Nonny, let me tell you about my personal Destiel shipping experience, and I think things will become clearer.

Before I started watching SPN, I knew Destiel was a thing and a big thing at that, but I figured that there probably wasn’t much narrative/structure/intent behind it, like most popular slash ships. So, when Castiel showed in s4, I was somewhat vindicated. Yes, Dean and Cas shared long stares and there was something interesting and dynamic about their relationship, but I thought a snowball had a better chance in hell than the story acknowledging their relationship, and acknowledging it seriously.

And the ‘seriously’ part matters! SPN throughout the Kripke and Gamble eras played homoerotic subtext as a joke. As you move through s6, you will see this crop up again and again where characters make references to the perceived homoeroticism of Dean and Castiel’s relationship, but they are mocking or part of jokes. So, as my boyfriend can attest, I joked about it, too, all throughout s6. I, like you, didn’t ship it and didn’t get why people shipped it, beyond hot dudes with sexual chemistry. Not to say that sexual chemistry’s not important, but if that’s all that’s the show is giving me, that’s not an indication that the show is going to do anything with their little slash ship, no matter how popular.

However, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked when I saw 6x20. I don’t want to spoil you, so I won’t give you any details, but 6x20, also known as The Man Who Would Be King or TMWWBK, was a game changer in terms of the narrative of the show and the myth arc of s6, the character arcs of s6. It also has some significant moments that made me rethink the way I was thinking about Destiel and the complex and intimate relationship between Dean and Cas.

Basically, you could run a poll asking Destiel shippers when they started shipping it, and I’m sure a majority would say 6x20. 

Now, just because TMWWBK made me start shipping it doesn’t mean that I thought at that point it would ever go canon. And that was very strange for me. My shipping history is almost exclusively canon pairings or had a very good chance of going canon but didn’t for whatever reason. But with Destiel, again, I didn’t think it would ever go canon even after I started shipping it. s6 and s7, the Gamble era, have boatloads of DeanCas subtext, but zero indication that Gamble had any plans for going canon with it. To understand Dean’s character arcs in s6 and s7, his relationship with Castiel and the state of that relationship is absolutely crucial, but most of the exploration of that impact is left to subtle parallels and subtext. The end of s7 is absolutely brutal in terms of their relationship (in my opinion); there’s a focus on their (lack of) communication and effects that has on their friendship, and that’s the only real textual acknowledgement of closeness and intimacy of their relationship.

But then came s8 and the Carver era. While I’ve seen many jump ship in the Carver era, I REALLY LOVE S8 AND S9. There are some issues with the Carver era, but it’s greatest strength is its clear and consistent structure. One of the great things about watching s9 has been seeing themes and ideas and arcs that were set up in s8 getting brought back and paid off in s9. So, it really wasn’t until about halfway through s8 that I even thought that romantic canon!Destiel could be a thing that’s in the cards. 

Finally, while romantic/sexual DeanCas is still mostly subtextual in the Carver era, there are a multitude of structural indications that we’re going to get canon Destiel. Instead of winks and nudges, like what we got in the Kripke and Gamble eras, the Carver era has given us parallel story arcs, making them true equals (or at least moving that way), and hints that they want to be together, though whether romantically or platonically is yet to be seen. When you get to s9, I recommend reading this by deathbycoldopen and this by thecaptainsoiree and just about any meta by crossroadscastiel and this meta by me, because they are all canon!Destiel positive, and the arguments rely on evidence from narrative structure. 

So, while you may not see Destiel now (and you might not even see it ever! and that’s ok!), there’s a good chance that you’ll see it soon. And while I’m pretty optimistic that something romantic is going to happen and DeanCas is endgame, I know there are some people who don’t agree. So, I recommend watching for yourself and reading as much meta as you can and making up your mind for yourself. And I hope that when you get caught up, you come back and talk to me about it! :)