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Ash, Do you think we'll get a Richonne wedding this season? If the 100th episode is like a callback to earlier seasons in a flash forward kind of way, I picture the first scene of the premiere to be a parallel to one of the first scenes in the show. The one with Rick and Shane talking in the cop car about relationships and Lori but instead its Rick talking to Daryl maybe Aaron about Michonne and what she means to him. Gimple asked Andy about his first scenes to shoot at the SDCC panel. Hmm...

I can’t really see that happening, tbh. I’m still not even clear on when and how Glenn and Maggie got married, and that was back when they had time to show stuff like that, lol. I think Rick and Michonne have essentially already said their vows (“We’re the ones who live”), and everyone calling 7x12 their honeymoon kind of solidified it for me. So I think any version of a traditional wedding on the show is pretty unlikely. It may be alluded to once we get to the time jump, but that’d probably be the extent of it.

But I would definitely like to see Rick talk to someone else about Michonne, how she’s the greatest love of his life and all that. (Makes me extra wish Glenn was still around. 😞) We’ve heard Andy say it, of course, but to hear Rick actually profess that in-universe? I would die.

Ninja Country Heritage

Based on their names, here-

Kai and Nya - Mexican-Japanese. The pure amount of fan art showing them as latino and their Japanese-sounding names and appearance are a start. Next, their parents-Ray and Maya. Maya can be used as a Spanish name (although it has other meanings that go well with her character), so she would most likely have Mexican Heritage. Ray will have Japanese because Maya’s already taken Mexico. But you may ask, why Mexico and not Spain, or Brazil? Well in the film, Micheal Peña voices Kai, who has Mexican immigrant heritage. He even says “F-F-FUEGO!” in the film, Spanish for Fire, which confirms that Kai has Spanish-speaking heritage.

Cole - Canadian. His name sounds American, but America is boring so I chose where Ninjago is made-Canada. But the best part about him is that I like to think he was born to a white father and a black mother, a wonderful pairing (I hope this keeps for S8!). Anyway, his father’s name is Lou, which has French origins, as does Canada, providing a little more evidence.

Jay - Scottish-American (Scottish-Pakistani in the film). Jay has many origins, but my favorite is America’s-swift, which is a lot like him. Now I say Scottish because of his red hair and freckles he never knew he had, and his birth surname Gorden, which has Scottish origins. Even his adopted surname Walker has Scottish origins! BA-BA-BAM! Anyway, his actor for the movie is Kumail Nanjiani, a Pakistani-American actor (God Bless Pakistan). Therefore, I decided to make him Scottish-Pakistani in the film.

Zane - French-Hebrew. Zane is a Hebrew name meaning “Gift from God” (he honestly is). I say French because his last name, Julien, is a French spelling for Julian, a Roman name. He also wouldn’t be too bad at looking French.

Lloyd - Japanese-Welsh. We know that his mother has Japanese heritage and his father does too, most likely (although from what his name means, it’s more likely Norse-Hebrew). Lloyd is a Welsh name for ‘gray’, and his middle name, Montgomery, also has Welsh origins. Lloyd has blonde hair, which isn’t a common natural thing in Japan as far as I’m concerned, and that would fit with his Welsh heritage. Misako would have a Japanese parent and a Welsh parent, making him only ¼ Welsh.

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Stargate SG-1
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Play the game to be the shield

Up until his conversation with Beric, Jon thought that he was just serving the North. But Beric made it clear that his fight was much larger than that - a fight against death. When the enemy is death and while the kingdom still has life, he will be the Protector of the Realm–in other words, a true king of Westeros. Jon repeats to himself, “I am the shield that guards the realms of men.” He had a look of clarity and certainty on his face. 

I think that is the moment when he realizes he needs to play the game to be the shield. He made the same realization when he helped the free folk pass through the Wall. He transformed the old, decaying institution of the NW into a shield to protect the realm. He broke social conventions and pissed people off, but he fulfilled the spirit of the NW oath, and he’s trying to do that again.

Consequently, I don’t think he (fake) bent the knee just because Darwinia told him she would fight for him. He’s didn’t call her “my queen” because he’s in love with her or because he “believes in her.” In fact, he’s not going to throw in with her on the mere basis of a “belief” (especially in a woman he barely knows)–no, he needs control. I think he realizes he can shield the realms of men, by getting her to do what he wants. Jon and Sansa are making parallel moves. 

Jon is also taking Tyrion’s advice: “People’s minds aren’t made for problems that large.” It may come to light in E7 that he and Darwinia have different ways of conceptualizing a “problem.” She would rather confront familiar monsters like slavers, disrespectful lords, and evil queens. Especially after the sudden death of her dragon, Jon could be worried that she’s still not comprehending the scope of the threat (I’m basing this on omitted S7 script outlines). He’s focused on dead vs. living. She’s focused on revenge and justice. He’s thinking in ultra HD widescreen. She’s thinking in AM radio.

He will try to use dragons as a shield, while she will continue to use them as executioners of justice. This is setting up their big conflict in S8 - however, once his heritage is revealed, he might realize he doesn’t even need Darwinia anymore. In the process, he may eventually have to shield the realm (and perhaps a sister or two?) from her now.

Shout out to @scullylikesscience who has really informed my thinking on this and who has made similar conclusions waaaay before everyone else!