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OMG I was watching s6 ep9 and my friend who saw season 1 but then stopped watching came in and saw a big. We watched the scene before the battle where Jon goes "I won't ever let him touch you again" and Sansa says "no one can protect me" and they argue and my friend literally said "since when were they a couple?" And I was like they're not and they were like "but this is a romantic scene?? It's like they're a couple who are fighting are you sure they're Not in love" and I was just like

Listen,,,,,,,,,,, I’ve seen so many story’s like this over the last year which just proofs that we aren’t just delusional shippers like the directors and whole production team consciously choose to frame they’re scenes this way !!! It’s not only that, it’s the lighting, the positioning of both sansa and jon which closely mirrors what we saw with robb and talisa in season 2, the way sophie and kit play their scenes,,,,,,,,,like if the undercurrent of a take would have been to romantic for the director he just would have used one of the other 50 takes they shot but he didn’t!! Like no one can convince me this was accidental, they are building towards something!! Scenes like this don’t just happen

This episode had everything and more

-That beautiful moment from the comics where Jessie and family get devoured 

-That hand came off!!


-Father Gabriel and Eugene step the fuck up 

-Michonne in full mom mode! 

-Maggie and Glenn reunion!

-Carl’s eye got shot out


-(Happy!)Abraham and Sasha saving Glenn’s ass

-Carol killing that wolf 

-Aaron and Eric!

-Everyone kicking ass and taking down walkers as a family 

-Did I mention Carl lost his eye (so now that scene with Negan will happen)?!!??!

Thoughts on Sansa - GoT S6 Ep9 SPOILERS

Again i feel like people are blaming Sansa Stark unfairly. Just like in the 1st season people think Sansa caused Ned’s death by grassing on Ned (which I don’t think really happened considering Ned walked up to Cersei in the courtyard and completely implied that he knew Joffrey was not Robert Baratheons son), now they are saying Jon wouldn’t have lost so many men if Sansa had told him about Littlefinger’s army. Firstly, she didn’t actually know if Littlefinger was even going to come, secondly she didn’t tell Jon that Littlefinger might come both because she didn’t want to get people’s hopes up and because she knew that the element of surprise was a very important factor when fighting Ramsay, which she warned Jon about (saying that Jon shouldn’t act in the way Ramsay wants him to) and which Jon chose to ignore. This was made clear when despite Davos’ advice to be patient and wait for Ramsay to come to them, he was drawn in by Ramsay’s ploy with Rickon (which Sansa probably knew would happen) and went charging ahead. Lastly, i think it’s important to recognise that Sansa was thinking like Littlefinger would. She knew that something could go wrong because Jon didn’t know how Ramsay fought, and she knew Jon still hadn’t given up on Rickon which could and did cause him to make mistakes, so she calculated that instead of losing the Vale army to the potential of Jon’s mistakes (which, as we saw, would have happened, not that I’m blaming Jon, he just really didn’t know Ramsay like Sansa did), she instead used the element of surprise and won the battle as Littlefinger would have. I’d also like to add that Jon still really hasn’t seen as much of the world as Sansa has. He has been surrounded by honour and oath-keeping all his life, he still believes as Ned did that being honourable and good means the good will win despite all odds. Sansa, however, knows that the good don’t win by default, that no one can protect you and you must do what is necessary to survive. And as we saw, Jon would have died as Ned did, honourably, but still dead. Whereas Sansa has survived as Littlefinger has. It’s up to each individual to decide if dying with honour but staying true to yourself is better or worse than surviving by playing the game but as a result, losing bits of your integrity, as Sansa could be losing as seen by her smile at the end when the dogs tore up Ramsay, (which I think Arya would approve of, but Ned would probably have preferred to grimly take his head off without taking joy in his death as Sansa did). Sorry for the long essay, just watched the Ep and read reviews/comments and people are calling her an idiot unfairly, not even commenting on Jon’s actions (which are just as understandable as Sansa’s). Thanks for reading! :) also some bad grammar in my post but cbs correcting.