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favourite queens in no specific order [1/?]: adore delano

“I do have really dirty tights. They smell like feet. I’m too punk to wash my tights.”

Jonsa classics #1 | “The wolf bit”

Welcome to Jonsa classics, the only series on the internet where I waste the freetime I don’t actually have with revisiting the best classical Jonsa moments from 7 seasons and 5 books. To start this of, I’ll be taking a closer look at the most plot-relevant scene to ever plot-relevant. 

Jon approaches his totally platonic hot sister and immediately notices that she wears a new dress. Girls like it if their boyfriends brothers are attentive like that. 

I also look at people’s breasts first. That’s completely normal. What are faces, anyway? But, Jonny is so smol we can’t really hold that against him. It’s not his fault that Sansa’s boobs are eye-level for him. I’m sure his look won’t linger for long…

I suppose … he’s looking at her dress

But it doesn’t matter either way, Sansa doesn’t seem to mind very much

Even if Jon noticing Sansa’s new dress had to be in there for some reason, was it really necessary for Sophie to do a beauty-shot? Slow blinking included? Here, have a another look at the last shot of Sansa, looking as radiant as possible in slow motion: 

Did we need that for a “sibling” bonding moment? A shot dedicated solely to illustrating that Sophie is in fact gorgeous as Sansa Stark? A shot with Jon looking her up and down as if she just walked down the stairs for their prom-date? 

Anyway, let’s look how Jonny reacts to “do you like it?”… or rather what he might be thinking…

This is of course only my interpretation. Just for good measure, once more in gif-format because Kit’s facial expressions are absolutely priceless:


Staring at his radiant sister’s wolf bits is the most targ Jon will ever get. 

Killian just casually using HIS magic like it’s no big deal…

I find it hilarious how casual the writers are being with this. It’s almost as if they don’t want you to notice.

And, honestly, it probably worked, because I don’t think a lot of people noticed.

Except for (probably) the people who follow my theories and know why it makes perfect sense that Killian has magic and why he’d be capable of using a dreamcatcher both ways. But for those who didn’t notice…

MAGIC is required to get memories INTO a dreamcatcher and OUT OF a dreamcatcher.

In fact, in S2, the way that Rumple proved to Emma that she had magic, and the way that Emma found out (with certainty) that she had magic, was he made her use her magic to activate a dreamcatcher and view the memory hidden in its web.

In this case, not only did Killian (very casually) view the memory hidden in the dreamcatcher, but he also took it out himself! BOTH sides of that equation REQUIRE MAGIC!!! So Killian not only needed magic to put it in, he also needed magic to see it. And lookee here, he’s just casually using the thing, and he’s just casually using his magic like it was no big deal. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say the dude already knows he has magic, the way he’s just using the thing so easily. Hell, Emma didn’t even blink at hubby’s use of her magical dreamcatcher. She just got straight into the issue and didn’t realize he was using magic.

Nice play, writers. Very nice play!

Now, I know that there are people who are gonna argue that the writers just fucked up in this scene, but did they really? Because it looks like a direct parallel to me. Emma first showed her magic (intentionally) when she used the dreamcatcher in S2. Now they have Killian using it, successfully completing every stage of the dreamcatcher’s use quickly, quietly and easily. For me, that’s not a coincidence. Or a fuckup. It’s an intentional parallel that they casually downplayed. So that kinda tells me that they might do the Sorcerer reveal this season (or, at the very least, the Killian-as-the-other-Savior reveal) because they just dropped a hint this big.

One can hope.

I miss the Sorcerer storyline. I want it to come back quicker.

But whatever. This was just a thing for the peeps who didn’t notice the big Killian-has-magic slap on the face. Even ya’ll can’t deny the direct parallel to S2 Emma.

Lydia Martin once had a boyfriend, who if she made upset, would abuse her and yell at her. And now Lydia Martin has a boyfriend, who if she makes upset, will give her a hug, buy her cotton candy, a teddy bear, with some really expensive perfume and take all responsibility and blame for their argument. I don’t know about you but knowing Lydia Martin is safe and secure like this helps me sleep at night.


You’re crying. I’m so sorry. 

No! That’s what I want! You yell at me because you love me!


Stiles freeing Derek ll Parallels

I like to believe that Stiles freed Derek not only with his intelligence and skills, but with the belief that Derek deserves better and deserves freedom from a life of torture and pain and hunters