s6 e11

Tourguide: No food.

Shawn: I don’t have any food.

Tourguide: I smell it *sniff sniff*

Gus: *sniff* cheetos!

Shawn: Alright fine, its just a snack and a bag of fruit punch. 

but don’t worry it won’t spill.

Tourguide: No food. Drinks. Smoking, *wink* flash pictures. 

Heeled shoes. Hand lotions. Offensive… colognes. 

Minnesotans. Tattoos with wolves! (Gus: *tch!*)

Exposed liposuction scars. Lap bands. *nods at Gus* 

Hair extensions, loud noises, surprising gestures bodily… 


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Doctor Who - Danny Mays introduces the next episode NIGHT TERRORS (S6 E9)