My thoughts on Charles’ identity.

Well, first of all I can’t say this is uniquely my theory because I have been seeing bits and pieces here and there, but this is definitely the stand I’m taking on who A is and why. This is also my first theory so I want to apologize for that and for my English, which is not my main language so, bear with me and enjoy the ride!


Mrs D. had an affair with Bethany’s dad and as many others have guessed, she’s the little girl wrapped in that yellow blanket from last night’s episode home video. I’m assuming that day was when Mrs D brought Bethany from the hospital to her real father and she did that with Jason’s company (the older from the two boys we saw). The other one is Bethany’s father older son, Wren, a.k.a, Charles. 

As Wren said earlier in the third season, his father was mentally unstable and locked up in some sanitarium, so I think that’s why Bethany inherited his condition and also ended up checked in Radley because Mrs D was on the board. 

 Byron said during Mike’s depression that his brother was mentally unstable and checked into a mental institution, and after seeing the deleted scene in which Aria was talking to Byron about Wren driving her home, I’d like to think that Byron’s brother and Wren’s dad are the same person, making Aria and Wren cousins, and giving him a motive to not treat Aria as harsh as he treats the other girls.

Continuing with the Radley theme, Mrs D wanted Bethany to call her auntie, gave her presents and took her to stables and who knows how many outside trips in order to keep an eye on her because she was her daughter and Wren would have been very jealous. Maybe as jealous as Bethany was from Alison because Mrs D appreciated Ali and didn’t check her out of Radley, or something.

This brings me to that night. Bethany escaped from Radley in order to kill Alison and be the only daughter her mother had. Mrs D told Wren her sister was loose, and he went to the DiLaurentises in order to find her. This is where it starts to get messy:

  • Bethany attacked Alison from behind and Mrs D buried Alison as she said “what have you done?” to Bethany who was still there and watching everything.
  • The Liars woke up, and found Bethany, all dressed up in yellow, wandering Alison and Spencer’s backyards and did something to her (I’m sure they are guilty of plenty that night and they are supressing some juicy memories here) and left her knocked out near the hole from which Ali had already been pulled out by Grunwald.
  • Melissa then pushed Bethany thinking it was Alison, trying to cover up for Spencer.
  • Wren, who was on the look out for her sister, saw everything that happened and started plotting his own revenge.

So, Wren befriended Melissa and got engaged to her. Then hooked up with Spencer to break his engagement and to get closer to at least one of the Liars. Later on when Mona was checked into Radley, he stole the game from her and meanwhile, he also tried to go after Hanna when she and Caleb were broken up.


I’m sure this has plenty of holes and that not all of this is my original idea so, let me know if you like it!

one of my favorite scenes of the office:
  • Michael:Did I ever tell you about the day that Steve Martin died?
  • Pam:Steve Martin's not dead.
  • Michael:I know, but I always thought that the day he died would be the worst day of my life, and I was wrong. It's this.
  • Pam:You wanna hear something sad?
  • Michael:I would love that.
  • Pam:So Jim and I are getting married, and the wedding's really expensive, so I tried to get a job on the weekends to earn extra money. I applied to Old Navy, Target, and Walmart. None of them called me back. Not even for an interview.
  • Ryan:I never went to Thailand.
  • Pam:Really?
  • Ryan:I went to Fort Lauderdale.
  • Michael:Was it nice?
  • Ryan:Yeah, it was amazing. (pause) There was a great pad thai place, though.
  • Michael:I love pad thai.
  • Ryan:You've never had pad thai.
  • Michael:No. (pause) There's a lot I haven't done.