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Downton Abbey | Unofficial Series 5 Trailer 

With the 6th and final series of Downton Abbey just around the corner, let us reflect on series 5, shall we?

Enjoy! And don’t forget to watch in HD (720p) (-:


Okay so here is my very rough Bates cottage layout/floorplan thing. With my diagram here, I want to implore that my scaling is… off… especially in terms of S3. I think that in S5, the cottage sitting room has expanded a bit in in size in order to fit the camera crew in there better. But also I am bad at perception, even though I can remember were things are lol. I also don’t have all the paintings marked, as I said, things changed between seasons (i mostly used S5 for the decor, as it’s most recent), and I think that the furniture gets pushed around a bit. And terms “dressers” and “tables” are in some cases interchangeable.They have more chairs that I assume are pushed in at the table, but they aren’t always visible in the shots we have. But anyway, this is a guide, but not like… 100%

Sorry for the super long post, but this was the best way of posting it.

Please click on the pictures for full view, and open the diagram in a new tab.

0. First and foremost, it should be pointed out that the exterior just…. doesn’t match the interior. The shape, the windows… none of it. The exterior is shot at Highclere and the interior is built and shot at Ealing and yeah. The cottages are also seen in S1E4 when Matthew is fixing them up, but I haven’t included them because I think it makes it more confusing.

1. Starting with this view, we can see some sort of see an entry way behind the sitting room door. O’Brien comes in from that way, so it seems to be the front door. In that entry way, we can see a mirror on the part of the wall that juts out, and a table to the right of it. In S5CS, the sitting room door is closed.

We can assume that the entry way’s hallway leads to the staircase, but I left it as unknown in the diagram.

2. Here we have where that wall connects to the corner with the china cabinet. In S5, the Bateses have a new bigger china cabinet.

3. That leads us to the table. The wood paneling was blue when they moved in, but they painted it. In S3, it doesn’t seem like the table is pushed all the way against the paneling, but it seems like it might be in the later seasons. Also in S3 we got a view of the that panel from the other side of the sofa.

4. From here we will slid over to the wall with the windows.

5. And then we go into that weird corner thing were there is a side door that’s only ever opened when they paint, and then a little closet thing to the left of the fireplace that is rarely visible.You can see it better in the episode stills. I also don’t really have the shape of this right in the diagram but please bear with.

6. Next the mantle and the fireplace.

7. And then the shelf and the little dresser that had Mary’s stuff in it. In this shot you can see the little closet thing’s door as well. This loops us back to Point 1.

So now when you look at the last collage there, from S5E6, you can see behind Bates’s chair curtains to the big window, the side door, and the closet door. When the camera angle changes, there’s the fireplace to his left. Anna, sitting on the sofa, has the table behind her. And then when the shot is from the wall with the windows, we can see the entry way door and the dresser next to it.

I hope that this all makes some sense (and I’m sure I have a mistake in here somewhere…)